The Little Boy and the North Wind, was a story Rob Baker wrote. When he and Lisa Norburt were trapped at the end of a subway tunnel, he read this story to her. The story was so motivating and inspiring, that it encouraged Lisa to not give up and lose hope that somebody could rescue them.

Here is how the story went.

There once was a little boy in Alaska,
who rode off on his father's dog sled
with permission, and he got lost.
even the sled and the dogs
got away from him.
He was frightened,
and all alone
and the wind was blowing
In his mind's eye,
the boy could see his family
sitting around a warm fire.
Thinking, and worrying
about their missing son.
It made him feel less afraid.
He started to talk to them out loud,
as if they were there with him.
He told them how sorry he was,
and how much he missed them.
The howling North Wind
heard the boy's words,
and was moved by them.
She told him to keep talking
and promised to help him.
The North Wind carried the words
all the way back to the igloo,
and blew them into his father's ear.
As the night and the stars
began to fill the freezing sky,
the boy struggled to stay awake.
He kept talking through his chattering teeth.
All of a sudden, he heard his
father's voice calling.
Through the darkness,
he could almost see a figure
in a dog sled in the distance.
The North Wind had kept her promise,
and lead his father to him.
Without a word,
he lifted his son into the sled,
covered him with fur blankets
and headed for home.
The boy whispered thank you
to the North Wind.
Then closed his eyes,
and fell into a deep safe sleep.