Mrs. Estella Fernandez is Alex & Gaby's mother and co-owner of a corner store in Fort Greene (aka The Bodega) with her husband. She and her husband hail from El Salvador.

The Fernandez's store is under an apartment rented by the Fraziers (Max & Lenni).

At one time in the story arc "Into the Comics", a heated argument ensued with her husband Eduardo. This argument was about getting a new truck for the store. Mr. Fernandez wanted it, but Estella disapproves. The Fernandez siblings overheard their arguing and thought they were getting a divorce. So they cleaned up their room and help out more in the store in an attempt to save their marriage. The parents got wind of what the kids were up to after seeing them quietly walk into their room and told them that there is no divorce in the future and explained the real reason for the sudden argument as well as the true meaning of having an argument.

Estella was first portrayed by Cordelia González earlier in the series and then later in the series she was portrayed by Iliana Guibert.


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