Mr. Smarmworth, appeared in the story arc "Who's Who?", he was portrayed by Fracaswell Hyman.

Mr. Smarmworth is a desk clerk who works at the Steadmore Hotel. During the events of the episode, an award ceremony was taking place at the Steadmore Hotel. This ceremony was for the famous actress Lana Barnes. The award she getting was for lifetime achievement in her movies. Also in his hotel, was a list of other various famous relatives and actors and actresses who were going to be attending the ceremony.

Then soon, Rob and Lenni came over to speak to him. The reason was because they needed a copy of the award ceremony guest list. They needed to figure out who might have been threatening to harm Lana Barnes. He at first was rude, cold and a snob to them and he wasn't very helpful. He told them that only Lana Barnes herself could see a copy of the guest list. He also didn't believe them, when they told him they were friends of Lana Barnes.

Then soon, Rob and Lenni told Tina how rude and mean he had been to them and how he didn't believe them. Therefore Tina spoke to Lana Barnes and she phoned him personally. He didn't believe it was her at first until she called him "Pookie" as a term of endearment. He was then convinced it really was her. Then Lana promised him an autographed picture.

It turned out that he too was a lifetime fan of the famous Lana Barnes, and he was so thrilled and ecstatic to have been called "Pookie" by her and to be getting an autographed picture. He was so happy that he changed his way and became kind friendly and helpful to Lenni and Rob and the rest of their friends. He then got them a copy of the guest list, also he would let them know if anyone famous with a connection to Lana Barnes was going to be around or had passed by recently.

He became such a good help to the Ghostwriter team, that as reward he was given a ticket to go to Lana Barnes' award ceremony.


Fracaswell Hyman, who portrayed this character also happened to be one of the head writers of the show.