Mr. Izzo appeared in the "Just in Time" story arc. He was portrayed by special guest star Charles Mann.

Mr. Izzo is a big tall and strong man. He worked for his family business "Izzo Brothers Coal and Ice" for many years.

"why would I suddenly start robbing houses?"

A company that routinely delivers coal and ice to the houses in the Brooklyn area.

In 1928 Frank Flynn was accused of stealing a valuable silver tea set from his foster family the Canellans. When Catherine Canellan asked their housekeeper Mrs. O'Boyle if anyone else was in the house, before the theft had happened. She told Catherine that he was. He had to come inside to get the key to the coal chute, because Frank had forgotten to unlock it for him. So Catherine found out that he was in the house before the theft happened. Also she found a coal dust footprint on the floor and traced it down.

So Catherine and Frank asked Ghostwriter to track down where he recently was parked. Ghostwriter informed him that he was at a house on Cobble Street and Grant Lane. So they headed over and spied on him from across the street, while hiding behind a parked vehicle. They saw him leaving a house, from the front door. This seemed odd to them, because the coal chute is at the back of the house. Also he was carrying an item in a sack with him.

So Frank and Catherine jumped into the back of his truck and followed him home. When they got there, they decided to wait until he went inside to see what was in the sack. Then just as they climbed out of the truck, he grabbed them both from behind. He demanded to know why they were both following him. Then Frank punched him on the mouth and he let them go when reacting to the pain. They accused him of stealing their tea set, along with a valuable silver bird cage from another house. He thought they were crazy and claimed his innocence by explaining that he has been delivering coal since before they were born. So why would he suddenly start robbing houses.

Then to prove he was innocent, he showed them what he had in the sack. It was nothing more then a huge and round loaf of bread. It was given to him by a family who was always thoughtful and considerate enough to give him a lunch. Also his footprint was far too big to match the one found in their house. So they apologized to him and forgave them. He just hoped that he could still chew now.


  • At the time, Charles Man was a famous and successful NFL football player.