Manfred "Manny" Gite (portrayed by Mike Jefferson) is the villain in the story arc "Into the Comics". Manny is a 1988 high school graduate of Mead High School (making him to be around 21 to 22 years old at the time, also he's very obnoxious and immature), a chess player and a professional cartoonist, albeit an unsuccessful one who uses Man-E for his signature (which is a rebus for his name). Prior to the contest, he submitted his comic book creation called "Stoopdude" to Cosmic Comics, but they turned his creation down.

Therefore, to get back at the comic book company, he illegally enters the Hoodman scavenger hunt contest as his comic book character hoping to make it into the comics this way. The main threat he posed was against the Ghostwriter Team, he knew where Lenni Frazier lived, because he frequently shopped in the Fernandez family's Bodega. The store is just below her apartment and he saw her heading upstairs. Therefore, he soon sent her a threatening cartoon of a frightening ghost closing in on the entire Ghostwriter Team. Then by habit, he signed it with his art signature Man-E, which was where he made his mistake.

This was became the Team team figured Man-E was a rebus for Manny and Ghostwriter read and reported that his sweatshirt said Manny, M.H.S. and all the right moves. Tina knew that M.H.S. meant Mead High School, where her brother attended and she got them a copy of the 1988 yearbook. In the yearbook Manny revealed he was a professional cartoonist and loved playing chess and was in the chess club and had all the right moves.

Next he lead the other teams into wrong directions, also he tied up a Cosmic Comics agent and impersonated him. Then he begun to hand out fake comic panels to all the other teams competing against him. The panels were so real and convincing, that the competition almost fell for them. A few things proved his panels were fakes such as 1. Hoodman wasn't wearing his special wrist watch. 2. Hoodman's hood was down. 3. The panel had no sky writing, just as all the other authentic panels did.

The team eventually, tracked down his aunt Wilhelmina Burns, who he lived with and where his mail was sent to. They reported to her what he had been doing and she helped them stop him and he lost because Lenni beat him to the finish line. He admitted to his aunt and the others, that he did it because he just wanted to be a cartoonist more than anything. Then as he left he looked to the kids and laughed a ha ha ha gotcha laugh.