The Makva Overlord, appeared in Gaby's nightmares, during the events of the "Am I Blue?" story arc. He was portrayed by the late Mike Hodge.

During the events of the arc, Gaby stole money from her parents store the Bodega. This was so she could buy a Galaxy

"Because you're bad through and through!"

Girl costume to wear to a live show in Brooklyn at Hurston Middle School. She didn't confess to her friends and family that she stole the money herself and that Calvin Ferguson was innocent and didn't take it.

In her nightmares she was Galaxy Girl and eventually he invaded her spaceship. Whether or not he was a real Galaxy Girl character or a figment of her imagination is unknown. He was very intimidating, manipulative and scary. He had bound and gagged to a chair in blue cables.

Then he kept taunting her by reciting the threes rules of the Makva to her. Say yes, do no!, Choose to confuse and lie to get by. Gaby would try to fight him off, but he convinced her that she was bad by lying and not telling the truth. Eventually he got into her head and she gave up and turned completely blue. He seemed to succeed into turning her into a Makva and even offered her a Kija to eat.

He kept taunting her and manipulating her to eat the Kija, until the hyperball team arrived and convinced her that she wasn't bad. Instead she just made mistakes, and her turning blue was all in her head. Then finally when the hyperball reminded her that the third rule of hyperball was "Everyone deserves a second chance". He vanished and disappeared from just the disgust of hearing those words.