Lucy Canellan

Lucy Canellan, appeared in the "Just in Time" Story arc. She was portrayed by Stephi Lineburg.

Lucy is Dr. Canellan's youngest child and Catherine's younger sister. She is an obnoxious and spoiled little girl. At a young age, her mother and father hired Mrs. Annie O'Boyle to work in their house as a housekeeper. Then some time later her mother passed away.  So she bonded with Mrs. O'Boyle and learned to love her almost like a mother surrogate.

Then in 1927, Frank Flynn who had been recently orphaned, broke in and robbed their house. Her father instead felt he needed guidance and help. So he was invited to move in and live with the family. Lucy developed immediate feelings or envy and animosity to him. Not just because he had tried to rob their house, but because she thought her sister liked him better and only wanted to play with him now. So she would stop at nothing to help get him kicked out.

Then in 1928, the valuable silver tea set that belonged to her late mother got stolen. She and Mrs. O'Boyle suspected and immediately accused Frank of stealing it. Also she showed her father that she found a copy of the police gazette magazine under his bed. This disgusted her father and Mrs. O'Boyle because it was full of stories about murder and robberies.

She soon became one of Catherine and Frank's suspect on who may have really stolen the tea set. They felt her reason was to frame him, so he would be kicked out. Also she is very nosy and a real snoop. Whenever Frank isn't around she would sneak down to the basement and read his private letters that were sent to him and his mom by his dad. This came in handy, when Frank ran away and Catherine needed to know where he may have gone to. Ghostwriter soon confined in her, and begged her to help her sister. Seeing Ghostwriter she thought it was incredible and she made up with her sister. Also Catherine promised her that she would begin playing with her again. So she forgive Catherine, and told her that Frank may have ran off to the Twentieth Century train station. So Lucy ran off to the train station to persuade him to come back home. Then she and Frank made amends and finally became friends too. It is unknown how long she lived for, and if she was still alive in 1993.