The Kija appeared during the events of the "Am I Blue?" story arc. Robert Lydiard did the voice of it.

They are a type of small alien race, that are playful and not to mention edible. Makvas are known to enjoy eating

"Don't eat me!"

them for dessert. So they live in great fear of them. That is until Galaxy Girl came along and freed them, reduced their capture rate. And then talked feuding planets in the universe to play games of Hyperball to resolve their conflicts, deputes and disagreements. Instead of going off to war with one another with weapons and bombs purchased from the Makvas.

They play a very important part in a hyperball game. They are the ball that the beings and living creatures from planets must use to play their game of hyper ball with. Catching one of them to score a point with isn't always easy. They also decide when rule breakers of the games can leave the foul freeze box. They decide to let them out when they are ready to by tagging them.