Janice Hall

Janice Hall (portrayed by Danielle McGovern) is the villain is the story arc "Who is Max Mouse?". Janice is a brilliant but shy student at Hurston who nobody notices and bumps into people. One day she devised a way to get attention by becoming a hacker named "Max Mouse". At home and in school she spent her days creating fake messages, fooling with the fire alarms, changing other students' grades, making threats to her own school and getting some students including two Ghostwriter team members (Jamal & Lenni) in trouble. She even deleted Jamal's essay for the High School of Science, altered it and threatened to send it there. She said she would change it, to be filled full of spelling mistakes and foul language.

At the Fun House Bulletin Board in her Max Mouse cover, Janice chatted with her fellow students who had their own handles, the team's handle being "LJ Bad". She even challenged them to games on the bulletin board. Janice challenged Calvin (a.k.a. Red Parrot) to a game of Word War, which was played similarly to Boggle. Calvin ended up losing and the team realized that Janice knew that Calvin is Red Parrot. The team also realized that Janice knew they are LJ Bad, or at least Lenni & Jamal. Janice challenged them to a game of Ghost, but the team won when Janice added the last letter in the word "beautiful". Eventually they found out that Janice is Max Mouse and she went to jail.

Her stated motive for the crimes, which she admitted to Lenni and Jamal, along with the rest, was that "Nobody notices Janice, but you can't ignore Max Mouse, can you?", shocking the team.