Galaxy Girl

Galaxy Girl appeared in "Am I Blue?" story arc. She was portrayed by Daisy Fuentes.

In the reality of the of the Ghostwriter show, she is portrayed by an actress named Rita Rivera. She is the title character of a comic book & popular TV show and Gaby's idol.

In the show and stories, Galaxy Girl is either a human or a humanoid alien from the planet Fluton. Before she went on her mission in outer space, the Universe was in peril. An evil race of blue aliens called Makvas plagued the planets in the universe. They sold all sorts of bombs and ray guns for the feuding planets to fight each other. Also for dessert they would eat Kijas. Then soon enough, she got aboard her spaceship the QTC-5000 (Cutesie) and begun her mission for peace in outer space. She helped free the Kijas and formed a team called the Hyperball team.

They came up with a more positive way for planets having disagreements with each other to work things out. She and her team invented a sport called Hyper Ball. It is like a game of Basketball, but it is played completely in Outer Space. the players must shoot a Kija through a hoop to score points (which isn't always such an easy thing to do as they move fast). If a player breaks a rule, then they must have a timeout/penalty inside the foul freeze box. The player must wait inside of it, until a Kija tags them to come back into the game.Then whatever side wins the hyperball game, wins their part of the argument or disagreement. Instead of going to war with each other.

She and her team made three positive rules to live by.

  1. Play fair, or be square!
  2. Winners never quit!
  3. Everyone deserves a second chance!

The Makvas didn't agree with these rules, let alone playing Hyperball. They preferred selling weapons and going to war. So they eventually became her and the hyperball team's arch enemies. Also eventually they killed off one of her team Captains, Captain Shavard. They blasted him with a Makva freezing ice ray and he was reduced to a pile of blue ice cubes.

In reality of the Ghostwriter show, Gaby met Rita Rivera live and in person at the Bodega after the team solved the case of the missing "Cutesie" and cleared Gaby of all charges. Gaby then gave her the idea for an episode based on her experience of being a nine-year-old kid being accused of committing a crime.