Fannie Mae Banner, appeared in the story arc "Over a Barrel". She was portrayed by Melinda Mullins.

Fannie Mae Banner is a popular, successful and proactive television news reporter. She helps people when they have serious problems such as a corrupt landlord, or a store that over charges it customers. The way she helps them is by gathering enough evidence and a witness to prove that somebody has done a scandal or something else illegal. Then she humiliates them by exposing their true colors by filming them on live television.

During the events of the "Over a Barrel" arc, the Fort Greene Community Garden had recently opened. The Ghostwriter Team and Sally Lewis soon discovered that there were partially emptied poisoned barrels buried in the ground. They wanted them removed as soon as possible, but nobody would listen.

Then soon enough, the team was watching her do a live news report about a corrupt and shady apartment landlord named Mr. Bennett. Mr. Bennett lied about making repairs and renovations on his building. So she exposed him on live television humiliating him to do the right thing at long last.

The Ghostwriter Team, felt that if she could embarrass John Miller on live television, the barrels would removed right away. His company was the one that illegally dumped the barrels into the garden. They gave her enough evidence and a witness, who was the manager of "French Garment Cleaners". This man thought John Miller was disposing of the barrels properly. So he decided to testify against him for the wrong doing.

Then on a Sunday afternoon, she and Officer Cole found John Miller. He was at Zora Neale Hurston Middle School, receiving a citizen of the year award for donated $1000 to a children's home. She came in with her camera crew exposing him and revealing to everyone what he had done. Although he tried denying it, with Officer Cole's help he confessed to dumping the barrels into the garden. Then she told him that the people of the community would go easier if he didn't want for the courts to make him. So feeling humiliated he agreed to have the barrels removed right away.

Then after John Miller was taken away, she asked the Ghostwriter Team to come up on stage with her. She wanted everybody to know who they were and to meet the group of people who brought the case to her attention. Then at the cue, they all said together "Caught You Mr. Miller!" making the front page of the paper.