Darryl Thomas appeared in the "Get the Message" Story arc. He was portrayed by the late Reggie Montgomery.

Darryl is the owner of the "Up Against the Wall" Art gallery and an expert on art. His gallery is the home to many

Darryl Thomas

valuable paintings, sculptures, statues and many other fine works of art.

During the events of the story arc, a thief named Daniel O'Connor stole a valuable painting from his gallery. The painting was the original work of art of for the Mighty Clean Laundry Detergent advertisement. The painting was done by the thieve's father famous artist Jarvis O'Connor and was worth $5000.

Right when it was stolen, he had his Security Guard Joseph chase after the thief. The thief chased him all the way down the street. Unfortunately, Joseph tripped and fell. So the thief got away with the painting.

A few days later, Darryl learned from Jamal Jenkins, that the thief ran from his security guard and accidentally caused Eduardo Fernandez to crash into all of Max Frazier instruments. Eventually, the Ghostwriter team and Lieutenant McQuade set up a trap to catch Daniel O'Connor with a fake flyer for selling another Jarvis O'Connor painting.

He was asked to appear at the scene of the arrest to explain to Max Frazier who the thief was and when it happened. After Daniel O'Connor fell for the trap he got arrested. Then Darryl told Max Frazier that Daniel O'Connor was the man who ran in front of Eduardo's truck and was the reason for making him accidentally crash into and destroy his instruments. He told him it was him, because the same day it happened, Daniel had just robbed his art gallery. And his security guard chased him all the way down the street, during the same time Max was loading up his instruments into his van. When Daniel was arrested and taken away, he gratefully thanked the Ghostwriter team for helping him get the painting back.