Who's Who
Season 1, Episode 23, 24, 25, 26
Who's Who 11
Air date Pt. 1, March 7, 1993
Pt. 2, March 14, 1993
Pt. 3, March 21, 1993
Pt. 4, March 28, 1993
Written by Carin Greenberg Baxter
Kermit Frazier
Fracaswell Hyman
Directed by Maureen Thorp
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"To the Light"
"Over a Barrel"
A famous 1940s actress, Lana Barnes, hires Tina as a junior secretary on the heels of her upcoming Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech.

Tina is psyched about the opportunity to work with famous film noir star. But early on, strange things begin to happen. Lana begins receiving cryptic messages that just happen to include the names of some of the films she has starred in. Also, someone keeps calling Lana's residence while Tina is present, not saying a word, and hanging up. Meanwhile, Jamal's grandmother falls ill and is taken to the hospital. Therefore, he must pull away from the team and the case until Grandma CeCe recovers.

In the meantime, who is it that's sending Lana Barnes these "cryptic messages" from the past? Who continues to call Tina on the job and hang up?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Star


Part 1


Inside a messy room, we hear a message being announced from the Television. Meanwhile a typewriter is hear in the background. The message states that long before Indiana Jones and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, another action adventure star ruled the movie screens of the 1940's.

This Superstar was Lana Barnes. Then the camera zooms in on the typewriter as the person pushes the bar back. The paper reads "Lana Barnes is a fake." while sinister music is heard. Then it stops as the announcer continues, he says that from hanging off the wings of airplanes or wrestling a giant octopus, Lana Barnes was the most athletic action star in the world.

Once again the camera zooms in on the typewriter, as more sinister music is heard. The user has now typed the words "But I know who you really are." The music slowly lingers on as the announcer continues. He next says that in two weeks, at the elegant Steadmore Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, Lana will receive a reward for all of the wonderful work she has done in her movies.

Then the camera zooms in on the typewriter once again. Now the user has typed the words "Do you remember me?" Also sinister music is heard once again. Then the music stops as the person quickly pulls the paper out from the typewriter and crumples it up. Then zooming over to the television, The announcer finishes as he begins to play Lana Barnes' first smash hit film "Wings of Glory" in black and white.

Then suddenly, the arm of the typewriter user has a temper and tosses an object to the wall. The object smashes against the classic movie poster of "Wings of Glory". Then once again, sinister music plays until the cut scene.


The arc begins with Tina and her mom visiting a big brownstone house. Tina reminds her mom, that the owner said that could just come on in. When entering, Tina calls out to a Ms. Barnes. She informs her that they are from the tailor shop and have come to pick up her dress. The woman calls out from the back, saying she'll be right out at the end of her workout. 

Tina gazes around the living room. She is amazed by all of the movie posters, awards and memorabilia, knowing it is from her movies. Mrs. Nguyen tells her to not touch the awards and Tina apologizes. Then finally at the ring of a bell, Ms. Barnes comes out catching her breath. She apologizes for keeping them waiting and tells them she was just shadow boxing, which is a passion she really enjoys because it is the work out of champions.

Then just before she can speak, Tina excitingly interrupts and reveals that she is Lana Barnes, the first female action hero in American movie history. Tina then happily tells her while shaking her hand, that she is her favorite star and she has seen all of her movies. Then her mom stops her and introduces them as Mrs. Nguyen and her daughter Tina. Lana smiles to them and tells them she is happy to meet the both of them. Mrs. Nguyen then points to a dress, asking her if it's the one. Lana happily says it is the one and only. She then asks Mrs. Nguyen to help her unzip the case, because she still has her boxing gloves on.

Lana begins to tell them that the dress was made for her forty years ago. Then once again Tina excitingly interrupts and finishes for her. Tina says that it is her famous red ruby gown. It was made by "Dorian Designer to the Stars". Also, that she wore that dress to the world premiere of her movie "Mobster in Mink". Then Lana tells them that she will be wearing it an awards ceremony. Tina finishes for her once again, saying the ceremony will be next week. The reward is for lifetime achievement at the Steadmore Hotel.

Lana is thrilled and very impressed by her. She states that she seems to know as much about her career as she does. Tina happily reveals, that she has seen all of her movies. The movies such as, "Wings of Glory", "Florence of Arabia", "All Around the World", "Dangerous Curves" but her mom makes her stop before she can list any more. Tina then nervously asks Lana for her autograph. But her mom does not want her to trouble her since she is so busy. Hearing this, Lana is thrilled. She says that it's not trouble at all, and she would be glad to do it.

Also, Lana says that Tina could be a really big help to her. Tina is amazed to hear this, and Lana explains that with all of the excitement of the award's ceremony, she's receiving much more fan mail. So now she is very busy with preparing her speech for the ceremony and getting new scripts, that she doesn't have time to answer all of the new fan mail. Therefore, she would like to hire her to be her "Girl Friday" which means a part-time secretary. The job is to answer fan mail and do errands. Lana then asks her to stop by the next day, and she'll give her an interview.

However, Mrs. Nguyen, isn't so sure about it at first. Her mom is worried that Tina might fall behind in her school work, and with helping around in their shop. Tina promises she will work hard and try to not fall behind, because she can't pass up such a great opportunity. So her mom gives her permission, and Tina excitingly cheers and Lana gives her an autographed picture. Then on their way out, Lana says that she'll see her the next day and tells her "ta ta pookie". Then on their way out, Tina is amazed that Lana Barnes called her pookie. Then she gazes at the autographed picture. The picture says "Tina, from one hero to another! Love and smooches. Lana Barnes xoxo.

Then over at the Jenkins' House, Jamal comes inside. He happily calls out to his grandma to show him a great new kick he just learned from karate class. When suddenly, much to his surprise his older sister Danitra comes downstairs. She calls him Jammy Jam asks him to sit down. He is worried, because she only calls him that when she's afraid, or if something is wrong.

They sit down, and Danitra has a very serious talk with him. She explains to him that the following morning, their mom called her at the dorm. She told her that their Grandma's cold had gotten much worse, and a doctor checked into a hosptial room for a few days. This is in case they needed to run some tests and if she needs a full-time nurse. Jamal is very upset and worried to hear this. Danitra tries to calm him down, assuring him that it's not that bad and she asks him to go to the hospital with her. When Jamal comes to the hospital room, his mom is the nurse inside caring for their grandma. He comes in very quietly, and can sees his grandma just sleeping. Now he is very quiet and upset and just stands by his mom's side moping. His mom tries her best to reassure him that Grandma CeCe will be all right.

The next day, Tina had gotten herself all prepared for her interview with Lana Barnes. Then before she knocks on the door to go in, Ghostwriter appears. He rearranges the words on her Social Studies Book to "Social Studies Book Tina Nguyen to "Good Luck Tina". When Tina sees this, she smiles and feels enthused. Tina then knocks on the door, and Lana politely invites her in. Lana tells her she is thrilled to have made it. Tina admires Lana's hat, and Lana explains she is trying to decide which one to wear, to which interview. She claims that it wasn't just her talent that made her a star, but also her keen interest for accessories. This because she claims that the right hat, can make the right impression.

Lana then leads her to sit at a fancy desk, Tina is amazed because she recognizes it from her movie "Career Girl: Adventures in the Concrete Jungle". Lana is most impressed with her knowledge, and lets her interview begin. She shows her a fan letter written to her be a person named Anne Ortega. What Lana wants her to do, is to reply to her sounding the exact way that she would as if she were the fabulous Lana Barnes. Then Lana leaves her to it, and instructs her to bang the gong when she's finished.

Tina replies to the letter, and then she bangs the gong and Lana comes over to see it. The reply says, "Dear Ms. Ortega, Thank you for writing. Here is an autographed picture. Sincerely Lana Barnes. Lana feels that it does sound very clear and precise, but it's too cold and unfriendly. Tina is a bit upset to hear this, so Lana explains that her fans are "The air I breathe, the songs I sing", and she treats her fans like their her best friends. So Lana gives Tina a second go telling her to think warm and friendly.

Then Tina writes another reply and bangs the gong to summon Lana. Tina reads it out loud, and the second reply says "Dearest friend, I am very happy that you wrote to me. Your letter warmed my heart. I signed this picture just for you. Your friend Lana Barnes. Lana feels that she was close, but not close enough. She wants her to make it sound just like her. Lana explains that she writes, just like how she speaks. Then she suggests for Tina to pretend that she is actually her, and talk like her, write like her and have fun like her.

Then Tina thinks long and hard, and then she starts walking around and begins to pretend that she really is the fabulous Lana Barnes and speaks just like her. Then finally, she knows exactly what to write. Then she bangs the gong to summon Lana to show it to her once again. This reply says "Sweetie Pie! Your friendly note warmed my heart. I chose this photo just for you, because my fans are the air I breathe, the songs I sing, and everything that means anything to me; Pookie. Love and smooches Lana x o x o x o x o x o!!

Lana is thrilled and places a tiara on Tina's head, she congratulates her telling that she has gotten the job. Tina is thrilled to hear this and smiles. Then Ghostwriter appears, he borrows the letters from the reply. Then floating them up in pink and mauve silk, he tells Tina "LOVE YOUR NOTE, POOKIE!" Tina smiles proudly and Lana is confused for a moment of what she was staring at. Then Lana and Tina shared a nice hug.

Then a little later, we seen Tina has been hard at work replying to many letter and sealing them in envelopes. When suddenly, she comes across this threatening letter. Tina finds this letter to be very weird. When she examines it, she finds out it has no return address and it was mailed from Hollywood, California. Tina is very confused by it, because she won't be able to send the person a picture. Also it doesn't say anything nice about Lana.

Tina considers banging the gong to speak with Lana, but first asks Ghostwriter for his opinion about the threatening letter. She asks him "Ghostwriter, Does this seem strange?? Ghostwriter skims the letter but only tells Tina "?" Tina can see that he isn't sure about it either. Then she bangs the gong and summons Lana. Lana addressing her as dew drop asks her what she wants.

Tina shows her the weird letter, explaining to her it came with no return address. Lana reads the letter carefully, although she seems concerned, she keeps up a positive attitude. She claims that it's just someone complimenting her on her paragraph in the book "Who's Who?". Lana explains that the most famous people in the world are in "Who's Who?" and her paragraph is even longer than the president of the United States. Lana gets the book off of her bookcase and shows her the page that she is on. Lana then explains that she needs to get back to working on speech, and she trusts her to be able to do her job by herself. Tina apologizes for disturbing her, promising it won't happen again.

Then over at the Jenkins' house, Jamal is spending some recreational time in his bedroom. He is shooting a small basketball into a hoop. The hoop is electronic and makes a cheering sound, everything a basket is dunked. Jamal is enjoying the game when he asks who is at his door. It is Alex and Gaby, and Alex steals the ball, pretending to be Michael Jordan and makes a slam dunk. They both laugh about it, but Gaby seems annoyed by it. Then Gaby asks Jamal how Grandma CeCe is feeling. Jamal tells that they she looked a lot better, the past afternoon.

Gaby then explains that she and Alex went to the Party Animal Store that day. They went there to find her a get well card, but they all had dumb jokes on them. Alex disagrees, saying that he thought they were funny and he and Jamal both snicker. Gaby points out that the humor on them only appeals to boys, stating that was what she meant. Then Gaby takes the ball and makes a slam dunk. Then she stands on Jamal's bed in victory. Then she bumps her head on his mobile plane suspended from the ceiling.

She says ouch and falls down onto the bed. Jamal asks her if she is okay. Gaby then states that she is brilliant and just came up with the best idea. The idea is to make Grandma Cece a get well mobile. Therefore, each of them can add their own piece to it, telling her to get better in their own way. Jamal and Alex thinks it's a wonderful idea, and Jamal says he will bring it to her when he visits her the next day. Then they all agree to get the team together to make the preparations to do it.

Then back at Lana Barnes' house, Tina is hard at work answering more fan mail. When Lana comes by to speak to Tina, she gives her an autographed picture to add to the get well mobile. Tina is thrilled saying that Grandma CeCe will love it and thanks her. Lana then tells Tina that she is riding her bicycle over to the tailor shop. Because her mom wants her to try on her gown. Then she waves goodbye to her saying "Ta ta Sweet Potato Pie". Tina replies back telling her "Ta ta Pepperoni Pizza", Lana laughs it off, smiles and heads off.

Then when Tina gets back to work, the phone rings. She answers the phone and gets no answer and the caller hangs up. Then suddenly, she comes across a weird postcard. She compares it to the threatening letter she found earlier. The she realizes it's another threatening message. Then suddenly, just as she is observing both of the messages, the phone rings again. She answers the phone and says hello several times, and once again there is no answer.

Thinking someone is out to get her or Lana, Tina gets very upset and scared and runs off to meet Jamal. Then just as she leaves Lana's house, Rob is passing by on his skateboard. He asks her what's wrong and to wait up, but she just keeps running ahead. Tina makes it to The Bodega, asking them if Jamal is still there. Jamal is thrilled that they all made it time, because visiting hours for the day were almost over.

Then everyone notices how upset Tina seems to be. Rob asks Tina if she's okay, almost crying Tina denies it and says she's fine. Gaby tells her that it looks like she had just seen a ghost. Tina still denies it, saying that she just didn't want to miss Jamal. Then she and everyone else give Jamal their pieces for the mobile. Jamal thanks them all, stating that his Grandma will just love it. Then he says he will see them all later and leaves.

Then after Jamal leaves, Alex asks Tina if she is sure that she's okay. Finally, Tina breaks down and cries. Then Lenni invites her upstairs to her place to talk. So she and Gaby escort her upstairs. Rob accompanies them, but Alex has to stay behind and watch the cash register, until his dad comes back. But he promises to come upstairs and join them as soon as he can.

Over at the hospital, Grandma CeCe just loves the mobile. She is so thrilled for it to even include an autographed picture of Lana Barnes. Then she jokes around saying that she feels like she has died and gone to heaven. This makes Grandma CeCe and Danitra laugh. Danitra jokes saying that she feels like she is at funeral parlor, for being around so many flowers, and they laugh about it again. However, Jamal takes it seriously asking them not to joke about things like that. Also he defensively tells them that he doesn't want to talk about funerals and death.

Grandma CeCe thinks positive, she says that she isn't going to die. Also, she tells him that everybody can see that she is getting stronger and more gorgeous everyday. Danitra mentions that she bets her boyfriend Mr. Bertrin Braithwaite must think she's getting more gorgeous too. Hearing this, Jamal gets annoyed. He states that Mr. Braithwaite is NOT her boyfriend, Grandma CeCe asks him who says he isn't. Jamal says that he does, and Danitra jokes saying that Jamal is jealous and they both laugh.

Danitra gives her a goodbye kiss, before heading back to college. Danitra leaves promising to write to her about her boyfriend, if Grandma CeCe will write to her about hers. Jamal jokingly tells her she's going to miss her bus if she doesn't hurry. Danitra runs over and says that she's not going to miss it, as much as she will miss him. Then she gives him a big kiss on the check and says goodbye to him in Swahili.

Then after Danitra leaves, Grandma CeCe jokingly says that if she knew she'd be treated like a queen, she would have gotten herself sick a long time ago. Jamal gives her an exasperated look, and she tells him that she was just kidding. Then she gives him a kiss and they both laugh it off.

In Lenni's Loft, Tina calms down after having a cup of tea. Tina explains to them that someone kept calling on the phone, and they kept hanging up when she answered it. Then Alex comes in asking if she's okay and what's going on. Rob asks her to explain what happened first. Tina explains to them that her job is to answer all of the fan mail. Then the other day, a threatening letter came.

Lenni reads the letter, and she doesn't get it at first. Tina then explains that Lana thought she was just making a big deal out of nothing. Then just the past day, a postcard came which she found to be very scary. Gaby reads it and to her, hearing the part of beware gives her the creeps. Rob asks who the mobster is. Tina explains that it's from the movie "Mobster in Mink", where Lana played a glamorous criminal. Alex points out that both messages includes titles of Lana's movies. Rob figures out that the person who wrote these messages, used these movie titles to threaten her.

Rob suggests for Tina to warn Lana, because she might be in danger. Tina is worried, thinking Lana might not believe her, therefore she may lose her job. Lenni believes that she can prove to Lana. She says that she can show her, how the person used the titles of her movies to threaten her. Also both messages have movies titles and underlined words in them. Tina is now sure enough that it is proof, that they were both written by the same person and she now has to warn Lana.

Lana calls her mom at their tailor shop, she receives the most distressing news. The news is that Lana never showed up at the tailor shop!

Part 2


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Tina just got this great after school job, working for a famous movie star named Lana Barnes. Tina has seen all of Lana's movies, like "Wings of Glory", "Florence of Arabia", "All Around the World" and "Dangerous Curves".

Then in just a few days, Lana is going to receive an award, for lifetime achievement in the movie industry. Also, Tina's job is to help answer all of Lana's fan mail. She's been having a great time, until some strange things started happening. Like Tina reads one Letter that was really weird. Ghostwriter thinks it was a strange letter too.

But that's not all, Someone keeps calling and hanging up when Tina answers. Then the next day, Tina found a really creepy postcard telling the reader to Beware!!! That does sound pretty threatening. Lana may not be too worried about it, but Tina is getting scared thinking that someone wants to hurt Lana.

So the Ghostwriter Team got together and she explained the whole thing to them. Then the team carefully read both the creepy letter and the creepy postcard. They made an important discovery, they were both written by the same person. Also the person used the names of Lana's movie to threaten her, now Tina knows they have to warn Lana.

Who would want to hurt Lana Barnes; and why? Can the Ghostwriter Team warn her in time?


The arc resumes with Tina expressing deep concern. She tells her friends that her mom said that Lana never showed up at the shop. Lenni tells her to stay calm and to try phoning Lana's house, because she may have come back home. Tina phones Lana's house, but there is no answer. Tina asks them what they will do, Lenni asks her how she was getting to the shop in the first place. Tina tells them, that she was going to it on her bike. Lenni suggests the she may be riding around the city, and Gaby suggests she might be at the park. The Tina goes over to Lana's house, in case she's come back. Meanwhile Lenni, Gaby, Alex and Rob will get on their bikes and skateboards and search the neighborhood.

Then Gaby and Alex search back and forth on their bikes, while Tina hurries over to Lana's house. Rob rides around on his skateboard and searches the park. Then Tina passes by Lana's garage, she can hear Lana's voice coming from inside rehearsing her speech. Tina asks Lana if she is okay. Lana tells her that she cannot get out because the latch is stuck. Tina can see that the latch is jammed with a stick! Tina vigorously pulls the stick out and opens the garage door.

Lana comes out and she is so grateful for her help, that she gives her a big hug. Tina asks her what happened, and Lana tells her that she went into her garage to get her bike. Then suddenly the door slammed down, and she could not get it opened. Tina tells her that she has a pretty good idea what happened. Tina shows Lana both the letter and the postcard. Lana reads the postcard and she seems to express concern. Tina then shows her that both the letter and the postcard contain movies title and underlined words. Tina then advises Lana to call the police, because whoever wrote them seems really mad.

Lana reminds her about what she said in the movie "Dangerous Curves", when she rode down the mountain and her breaks went out. Together they say "When fear stares you in the face, spit in it's eye!". Tina says that she isn't as brave as she is. But Lana tells her that bravery is just a state of mind. When she was locked in her garage, she didn't panic. Instead she just took a deep breath and worked on her speech. Lana practices her speech out loud, but she keeps forgetting some of the lines. She begins with "Friends, fans, pookies from around the world, when I made my first film--" Lana forget this line and Tina reminds her it was "Wings of Glory". Then Lana forgets who she co-starred with, and Tina reminds her it was with the actor Stone Harrison.

Tina suggests her to just read her speech at the ceremony, because lot's of people do that. Lana says she isn't "lot's of people" because she is a star. She feels that she can't just stand in front of all those people wearing her glasses while reading the speech. The people want to see her, the way they've seen her in all her wonderful movies, not the real her.

Tina tells her that she loves the real her, even more than the movie her. Then suddenly Lana gets emotional and says "Oh Janine, you're more precious than words". Tina is confused about who Janine is, Lana then apologizes to her. She says that she must just be tired, and it's time to call it a day. Tina says she understands, and informs her the she and her friends are really good detectives. Also that she just knows that they can solve the mystery. Hearing this, Lana tells her if they are determined as she is, then she would be happy to have them on the case. Then Lana says she can bring them over anytime.

Then over at the Jenkins' house, Jamal comes home. He sees Grandma CeCe is all better sitting on the couch. He gets so excited that he runs up to her. He asks her if she's all right and tells her that he missed her so much. Then he jumps onto the sofa to sit beside her and gives her a hug.

Then Jamal asks her what she's doing, Grandma CeCe asks him not to get all worked up, because she has decided it was time to write her will. She has decided to do it now, to make sure everything is in order for her heirs. She explains that his parents, him and his sister will be the one who will get her house and her things when she does die. Hearing her says this, he gets stressed and upset again, asking her not to say that word. She asks him to stop stressing her into an early grave, because she doesn't plan to die anytime soon. Then to just calm down and relax and he agrees.

In her will, she states that she will be leaving her house to her son Reginald Jenkins and his family. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter rearranges the words "Last Will and Testament of Cecilia Jenkins" to saying "Rally Lana" and makes it flash. Seeing this, Jamal gets exasperated and blurts out "Not now". Grandma CeCe is confused asking him what he means and he says never mind.

Then over at the Fernandezes house, Alex is doing push ups in their bedroom. He gets up to 24 when Gaby walks in and pretends he is over 224 to impress her. She isn't amused and tosses her books onto her bed. Then in cyan letters, Ghostwriter emerges from them. He spells in the air "Rally Lana". Gaby sees it, and tells her brother that Tina is calling a rally at Lana Barnes' house. Then the two of them head off to her house.

Then up in Lenni's Loft, Lenni and Rob have been doing homework together. She thanks him for helping her finish a map. She then says that she owes him one. Then he says it's no problem, and he's has to run because he and his dad are going to help Double-T find a place to live. Then on Lenni's map of South America, Ghostwriter appears. He rearranges some letters to say "RALLY LANA". Lenni sees it and tells Rob to look. Rob asks her what is he going to do, because Double-T is waiting for him. Lenni tells him to go on ahead, and she will phone him later that night to tell him what happened. He thanks her and goes off to meet him with his dad.

Then over at Lana's house, Tina and her friends are there. She explains to them why she called the rally, It was because she believes the person who wrote postcard and the note is in New York now. Also, he's probably the same person who locked Lana in her garage the other day. So Tina suggests they find out who has something against Lana. Tina asks Ghostwriter to please help them find Lana's enemies. Ghostwriter comes across "Evil Ed throws her into the snake pit". Tina knows that this is the enemy from Lana's movies not from real life. Therefore Ghostwriter doesn't know what to look for and they'll need a better plan.

Gaby starts a section of Lana Barnes in her casebook. They start with what they know so far. Lana was born in 1925, and she had four husbands. Gaby is shocked and slightly disgusted to hear this. Then Alex puts on a hat and does a Humphrey Bogart detective impression stating that he bets she has broken a lot of hearts. When suddenly, she enters the room from behind. She goes along with it asking him what he wants to know. Tina then informs her they are the friends she told her about. Gaby tells her that she found out she's had four husbands and asks her about them. Lana says that she did, she tells them that three of them were big mistakes, but one of them was really sweet. Then she gets really emotional and asks to be excused.

Then when Lana leaves, they realize they may have hit on something very important. They need to research on these ex-husbands especially the one who were big mistakes and then they decide to list them all as suspects. When reading through the book "Who's Who" to find her husbands.

  1. Alan Charles
  2. Carlo Peretti
  3. ChiChi Gazebo
  4. Sylvester Argyle Stylus III

When hearing Tina mention this last name, Alex says he just read something about him in a magazine. He reads out loud that Millionaire Sylvester Argyle Stylus III, husband of movie star Lana Barnes is dead. He fell out of his canoe during a safari. Then he was eaten by an alligator. Therefore, since he is deceased he is cleared from being a suspect.

Then over at the Jenkins' house, Jamal is practicing his karate while making battle shouts. The moves and shouting really scare his Grandma. Then finally, she begins to run out of the living room. Then Jamal runs after asking her, if she's okay and if he scared her. She tells him that usually when hearing people shout, it does scare her. Then she goes to lie down on the sofa. When Jamal tries to comfort her, she snaps at him telling him to let her do something for herself, and he is driving her crazy trying to take care of her all of the time. She then tells him to go to his room for a while so she can get some peace and relaxation.

Then back at Lana's house, Alex finds out more information. He reads out loud that Lana Barnes was shocked to find out her husband ChiChi Gazebo was a thief. While they were on vacation in Paris, France, ChiChi was caught red-handed trying to steal the Mona Lisa painting. ChiChi Gazebo is now serving a life sentence in a France prison. Now there are just two husbands to go. Then they mark ChiChi off the list of suspects because he's already locked up in prison.

Then Lenni finds out the information about Lana's first husband Alan Charles. She apparently dumped him, and Alan Charles and the fans were all shocked to hear that she filed for their divorce. Then in an imaginary black and white flashback, Alex plays Alan Charles. He comes into the room and gets down on his knees. Then he begs her not to divorce him, he tries convincing her that he loves her and made her a star. Therefore is she does, she will ruin him and he'll have nowhere to go and no money of his own. Lana is covered with a towel and he can't her mumbling.

Then suddenly a bodyguard (played by Jamal) comes in and throws him out. He begs her to call him off and tell him what she said. Then after he is kicked out Lana (played by Tina) takes the towel off her face. The pedicurist (played by Lenni) asks her what she said and Lana tells her "Pookie use the same color of nail polish on my toenails". Then after the flashback ends, Lenni reads out loud that Alan Charles then left town penniless and alone. They now know he has a good reason to be mad, he made her a star and then she dumped him. Therefore he is marked down as a major suspect. Now they have one more ex-husband to investigate, Carlo Peretti which they will do the next day.

Then back at The Jenkins' House, Grandma CeCe comes up to see Jamal. She tells him that dinner is almost ready, sitting on his bed upset, he says he isn't hungry. Then she tells him that she isn't hungry either, because she is too busy worrying about him worrying about her. Then with a feeling of reminiscing, she proudly tells him that she and his grandfather watched his father grow in the same bedroom. Now he is growing up in it, but she is watching it alone. When his grandfather died, people told her stay in the house and mourn for a while. Instead she says she knew better, because she trusts life. She learned this from her favorite writer James Baldwin, who also taught her the phrase "trust life, and it will teach you, in joy and sorrow, all you need to know".

This means no matter what happens, good or bad you learn from it also to keep moving on. Even when somebody we loves dies. Then she assures him that he won't have to worry about for a long time, because she is fine. Jamal finally smiles and says okay.Then he agrees to go with her to the doctor the next day. So if he can't convince him she will be fine, he can have his head examined while they are there. Then finally they both smile and laugh. Then Jamal apologizes to her for driving her crazy with his karate practice. Then she apologizes for getting angry with him, and then they make up and hug.

The next day, back at Lana's house Gaby is amazed to hear about all the incredible things Lana could do in her movies. Things such as out running a camel, catching bullets in her teeth and doing back flips on the wings of an airplane. Rob is with them now, and says that nobody can actually do those things. They use trick cameras and stunt doubles. Gaby is confused, and Rob explains that stunt doubles are usually men who do the most dangerous scenes. Hearing this, Gaby is a bit disappointed and says that Lana didn't have one. Rob says that yes she did, he shows her an old black and white picture of Lana about to enter an airplane. The picture is subtitled "Lana Barnes says goodbye to co-star Stone Harrison, while her stunt double stands by.

Tina looks at the picture and she is mad, telling him it doesn't prove that Lana didn't do her own stunts. Gaby backs her up saying that the pictures shows another woman, when he said the stunt doubles were men. Rob says it doesn't say who the stunt double was, but he is certain it was the man talking to the other woman.

Then Lana comes in and she is very happy, calling them detective pookies. She them tells them she went out to get the mail, when some sweet angelic person left her a box of flowers. Then as she opens the box, her happiness diminishes. She finds that she was given one beautiful live red rose, and one dead black rose. Tina asks to see the Card and Lana gets very tense and nervous and slowly hand it to her. The Card seems very threatening, and after reading it, Tina and her two friends are very worried.

Then Lana decides to just shake it off, by going for a two mile jog. Tina and Gaby express their concern and tell her that it's not safe for her to go out. Lana tells them she won't let a wilted flower and bad poetry prevent her from getting her exercise. Tina then asks her to at least call the police before going out. Gaby recommends she speak to Lieutenant McQuade, saying that he's their friend and guarantees he will help her. Lana then promises to jog by the police station to speak to him, and Tina goes with her.

Then after Tina and Lana leave, Gaby mentions how scary it is that someone is out to get Lana. Rob suggests looking for clues in the card. Reading the part of She NEVER would have made it on her own. It sounds to them like Alan Charles the first husband she dumped. Rob says that he probably feels like she owes him everything. Gaby is confused by what heir means and why it is spelled wrong. Rob says it's pronounced "air". He explains to her that an heir is a person that you will leave your money and possessions to when you die.

Then they check the "Who's Who" book to find out if Lana had any children. They check the book and find out that Lana had one child. She had a daughter named Janine Peretti. Then to speed things up, Rob asks Ghostwriter to find Janine Peretti in the book for them. Ghostwriter goes over to a bookcase and makes a certain book go flashing in pink. The book is a biography book called "Lana Barnes, Love, Laughter and the Movies".

Then they sit down to read the book, Gaby reads out loud. She reads that Janine Peretti was born to Carlo Peretti, her second husband. Carlo was the director for her movie "Florence of Arabia" and they remained friends after they divorced. Janine Peretti grew up on the movie sets, she always felt her mother was too busy to pay attention to her. Feeling unwanted and unloved, Janine Peretti has carried a life long grudge against her mother. They realize that she sure does have a good reason to be mad at her mother. Also it did say that Lana and Carlo are still friends. So they clear him from their list of suspects, because he's not a suspect anymore. However, they now have a new suspect, their daughter Janine because she's been carrying a grudge and she is the rightful heir.

Part 3


The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Tina has been working for Lana Barnes. She is a famous movie star, as well as the first female action star in American movie history. It has been Tina's job to answer all of Lana's fan mail for her.

Also, Lana has been getting tons of fan mail lately, because in just a few days, Lana will be receiving a big award for her movies. But the Ghostwriter Team has been scared that someone is out to get Lana, because a lot of creepy things have been happening. Things such as Lana receiving letters and postcards were the author used the names of her movies to threaten her. Also, someone keeps phoning Lana's house and hanging up when Tina answers.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: First, Tina found Lana locked inside her own garage. Then, someone mailed Lana a box of flowers. Whoever mailed it to her, sure wasn't a very nice person. The box contained two flowers, one dead and wilted rose and one fresh and live rose. Also, inside the flower box was a threatening card.

So now the Team has started a section in Gaby's casebook to keep track of the suspects. There first four suspects are Lana's ex-husbands. Then after doing some research, they learned that the fourth one (Sylvester Argyle Stylus III) is deceased. Also, that the third one (ChiChi Gazebo) is already serving a life sentence in prison for a previous offence. Then they found out that Lana and her second husband (Carlo Peretti) are still close friends. Then they found out that Lana dumped her first husband (Alan Charles). They believe that this gives him a very good reason for him to be mad at her.

Also there is Lana's daughter, Janine Peretti. When growing up, she felt her mother was always too busy to pay any attention to her. Therefore she has been holding a grudge which makes her a suspect.

Can the Ghostwriter Team figure out who the unfriendly fan is before the ceremony? Or is it curtains for Lana Barnes?


the arc resumes with Gaby and Rob coming to the decision, that they need to find out if Janine Peretti is currently in New York. Also if she really is trying to kill her own mother! Then suddenly, a loud noise scares the both of them. Then they realize it is only the doorbell. Rob thinks it might be Lenni and they answer they door. Then to their surprise, Lenni has brought Jamal over with her.

Jamal happily informs them, that the doctor has reassured him that his Grandma is going to be just fine. Also he is happy to help them with the case now. Gaby informs them that she and Rob believe that Lana's daughter could be trying to kill her own mother. Jamal is just shocked hear that Lana Barnes had even been married before. Gaby reads threatening card to him, the middle of it sounds the most threatening. Also she informs Jamal and Lenni that she and Rob found out that Janine Perretti is Lana Barnes' and Carlo Peretti's daughter and she'll inherit everything when her mother dies.

Also, Rob informs them that for many years now, Janine has been mad at her mom. The reason is for never having any time for her when she was growing up. This was because she was so busy making her movies. Gaby then shows them flowers that had been recently delivered. They were one live rose and one dead and wilted rose. Jamal asks them if they asked the delivery person if Janine had sent them. Gaby tells him that they don't know what shop they came from. Jamal shows them the back of the back. The back reveals that they came from a shop called "April Flowers". Lenni surprisingly mentions that it is near the Steadmore Hotel, and they all decide to go and check it out.

Then just on their way out, the four of them nearly bump into Lana and Tina, who have just come back. Tina is happy to see Jamal. informing Lana that he is one their best detectives. Hearing this, Lana tells him she's happy he's on the case. Then Tina asks them where they are all off to in such a hurry. Gaby tells her that they're off to the flower shop near the Steadmore Hotel. To find out who is trying to kill Lana. Lenni snaps at her for worrying Lana. Then Lana tells them that they better get them before they get her. Also Lana informs them, that many of the people who will be attending the awards ceremony are staying at the Steadmore Hotel. When hearing this, the four of them decide to try to get a copy of the guest list.

Lenni and Rob enter the lobby at the Steadmore Hotel. Then they ring the bell for service at the front desk, but the desk clerk ignores them. Then when ringing the bell repeatedly, the clerk reluctantly answers them. He is cold, impatient and a snob. They explain to him that they are friends of Lana Barnes, and would like to see a copy of the guest list for the awards ceremony. The clerk is rude, stating that he doesn't believe them, and that only Lana Barnes herself can see the guest list. Lenni is furious about the way he treated them, and Rob comes up with an idea. The idea is to call Tina and get her to ask Lana to call the hotel. That way they can prove to him they were telling the truth. Also that it can make him give them a copy of the guest list.

Meanwhile, Jamal and Gaby walk over to the flower shop "April Flowers". There they ate greeted by a blonde hippie woman who happens to be named April Flowers who seems spaced out or high on illegal substances. She asks them how she can be of service, and Jamal asks them about the flowers that were sent to Lana Barnes. April remembers it stating that she's been trying to get rid of the vibes from it sent the order came in.

They ask her who placed the order, and April reveals it was a young man who didn't leave his name and he paid with cash. April then shows them the receipt, and the paper he wrote the mailing address on. Jamal asks to have the paper and April gives it to him. She states that normally she wouldn't, but believes they have a positive aura around them so she trusts them. An aura that is almost like as ghostly presence (if she only knew how right she was). Jamal and Gaby become nervous and freaked out by her. Then they thank her for helping them and run over to his house.

Then we see Rob and Lenni have made their way over to a payphone. Lenni suggests Rob to tell Tina and Lana how mean the clerk was to them. Then as Rob speaks to Tina on the Phone, an actor walks by. Lenni approaches the actor asking him if he is none other than Stone Harrison. The actor who co-starred with Lana Barnes in "Wings of Glory". Stone happily states that he is and he gladly gives Lenni his autograph. The autograph says "To Lenni, with my deep gratitude! Always, Stone Harrison. Then Lenni happily thanks him and heads off.

Then just as Rob gets off the phone, he tells her that Lana is going to call the desk clerk. Rob is amazed to hear that Lenni just met Stone Harrison and got his autograph. Then when Rob and Lenni look at the autograph, Ghostwriter appears. Ghostwriter rearranges the words in the autograph to say, "Stone is angry with Lana, too. They realize that Ghostwriter must have read something about Stone Harrison and to asks Tina to check it out. Then they decide to go back to the lobby to see when they will get their copy of the guest list.

Then over in Jamal's room, Jamal and Gaby are reviewing the paper. Jamal points out that the paper the person wrote Lana's address on is a Steadmore Hotel stationary paper. This means it must have been written by someone staying at the hotel. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter appears and forms a color blot. This reveals some engraved words on the paper. The words are "Tory's copper bob". Then when Gaby lightly rubs a crayon on it, those word are engraved on the spot. This means that the person who wrote the address, had previously written something else on another piece of paper on top of it. Then as the person wrote it, the pressure from the pen engraved it through the page.

Then back at the lobby, Rob and Lenni both waiting to see the desk clerk receive his phone call. They both can't wait to see his expression, when he finds out they were telling the truth. They spy on the desk clerk from nearby, trying to avoid being caught

Then back at Jamal's room, he and Gaby are both confused about what "Tory's copper bob" could mean. Jamal suggests it could mean the type of metal. Also it could means copper wires, pennies or pots. Gaby then suggests that Tory's could be a place like a store. Jamal suggests that Tory could mean the last part of word. A word like victory or history. Gaby then points out that words are not capitalized in the middle, but only at the beginning of them. Then Jamal suggests the person may not be so good with grammar, because bob isn't capitalized and names usually are.

Then Gaby suggests that bob could also have another meaning. Then when checking the dictionary, the find out that bob is also a term for a short styled haircut. Then they realize that copper is also a reddish brown color. A color just like Lana's hair. Then Jamal has a hunch that "Tory's" is a place that has something to do with hair.

Then back at the hotel lobby, the desk clerk answers the phone. Then he introduces himself as Mr. Smarmworth, he doesn't seem to believe she's really Lana Barnes at first. Then when she calls him "Pookie" he realizes it really is her. Then he lightens up and decides to co-operate with the children. Mr. Smarmworth speaks to Rob and Lenni, he is so thrilled to have been called "Pookie" by her. Also that she has promised him an autographed picture. Then he happily provides them with a copy of the guest list.

Then back at Jamal's house, Jamal has finally found a place in the phone book. The place is listed as "Tory's House of Wigs". They come to the conclusion, that the person who wrote down Lana's address must be looking for a short red wig to look just like Lana. Then they mark this down as a big clue.

Then back at the lobby, Mr. Smarmworth happily gives them the copy of the guest list. We see that he has lightened up now, and he has promised them he will help them with anything else they will need from now on. They review the guest list, and they find out that Lana's first husband is here. Also Stone Harrison and her daughter Janine Perretti. Then Lenni comes up with a plan. Her plan is that they can track down the people on the guest list down. Then they can ask them for their autographs and ask them how they really feel about Lana. Then they plan to stake out the lobby the next day and track them down one by one.

Then over at Lana's house, Tina comes in to see Lana blankly staring out the window. Tina can tell Lana feels a bit upset and asks her what is wrong. Lana tells her that she is about to receive an award for life achievement, but suddenly she isn't so sure she really deserves it. She feels this way because she may have pretended to do so many wonderful thing in her movies. So now she feels that she hasn't done enough in her real life to really deserve it.

Tina then comforts her, she tells her that her movies inspire her to believe that girls can do anything, and lot's of other girls probably feel the same way too. Tina reminds her that it is important and she is too. Hearing this, Lana happily thanks her for making her feel proud of herself. Then Lana heads over to the tailor shop to pick up her ruby red gown (which is now ready).

Then Tina sits down to answer more fan mail, when once again the phone rings. She nervously answers it getting no answer and the caller hangs up. Tina is worried and scared and she writes on a piece of paper. She writes down "Are you here?" Ghostwriter answers her saying "I am with you, always".

Then the next day at the hotel, Lenni, Rob and Gaby have come to talk to the guests. Then they head to the front desk, and Lenni gives mr. Smarmworth the autographed picture Lana promised him. He is thrilled to receive it and Lenni asks him if any of the famous guests have been by recently. He then points out to her that Lana's daughter Janine Peretti is sitting in the other room.

Then the three of them head over to talk to her. Then suddenly, Rob opens his big mouth and rudely states that they heard that she and her mom aren't very close. So why she even would bother coming to see her get a reward. When hearing this, Janine is offended and furious. She states that it is none of their business and then leaves the room. Gaby and Lenni are annoyed because now they won't get any answers from her.

Then back at Lana's house, Tina has Ghostwriter scan the guest list. Then suddenly the phone rings again. Tina once again repeatedly says hello and gets very nervous when she gets no answer. Then the phone hangs up again, leaving Tina scared again.

Then back at the hotel, Mr. Smarmworth asks Lenni if she can help him get a ticket to the awards ceremony. He says he would most grateful if she could. Lenni promises that she will see what she can do. Then from a room upstairs, Mr. Smarmworth points out that the man coming downstairs, is none other than Lana's first husband Alan Charles. Then just as Alan Charles comes downstairs, Lenni called her two friends over. Then just before the girls can ask him any questions Rob opens his big mouth once again. Rob asks him why he of all people, would want to honor the woman who ruined his life. Alan Charles is offended telling him how dare you and leaves. The girls decide it's time to have a little talk to Rob about his big mouth.

Then back at Lana's house, Ghostwriter helps Tina. He finds out what jobs the people on the guest list do and how they are connected with lana. Then she asks him to find which book says Stone Harrison has been mad at Lana.

Then back at the Lobby, the girls are not too mad with Rob. They realize that they need to plan their questions more carefully before speaking with the people. Then Gaby decides to interview Alan Charles. She asks Alan Charles how it feels to be the man who helped Lana get her big start. Alan happily states he knew she was destined for greatness and she would have gotten there with or without him. Then Gaby asks him if he at least feels that he deserves a paragraph the book in "Who's Who?" for helping her.

Then to her surprise, he reveals that he is in the book. He is the American stock exchange section. This is because, if it weren't for Lana Barnes, he wouldn't be a millionaire today. Lana introduced him to his business partner and they made a fortune. Therefore he owes it all to her, also he confesses that he's still madly in love with her. Then Gaby reveals this to her friends. Then he is cleared from being a suspect.

Then back at Lana's house, Ghostwriter finds the section of the book where it reveals why Stone Harrison has been mad at Lana Barnes. The section reveals that Lana mistakenly told some reporters that his real name was Archie Bleach. The police then used this information to track him down. This revealed the criminal past, he had before becoming an actor. This blacklisted him and ruined his career and sent him to serve time in jail.

Then we see, an imaginative black and white flashback. Tina portrays Lana Barnes and Rob portrays Stone Harrison. She apologetically tells him that she didn't know he had been a criminal before. Then she begs him to let her help him. He states that he was just a con man and drifter before. She claims that she can help from going to jail. He tells her it's too late to help him now, because she already ratted him out. Also that the police are already on his tail, so he might as well just go to jail and do his time. Then just as she asks him to forgive him, a police officer (portrayed by Jamal) calls him Archie and tells him his time is up. Then he takes him away handcuffed, and she breaks down crying.

Then back to reality, Tina is shocked to hear that Lana ruined Stone's career. So that is why he is mad at her. Then suddenly, the telephone rings again. Tina answers it saying hello over and over again. Then finally we slowly see who the caller is. The caller is Alex who seems like he nervously wants to ask or tell her something.

Part 4


The show's narrator explains to the viewers, in case they have forgotten what has previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Tina has been working for a famous movie star. Her name is Lana Barnes, she is the first female action hero in movie history. Also, there is going to be an award ceremony in her honor at the Steadmore Hotel.

But the Ghostwriter Team is really scared, they think that Lana is going to hurt at the big event. This is because they think Lana has an enemy who is out to get her. A lot of creepy things have been happening. Things such as Lana receiving threatening messages from someone who really knows a lot about her movies. Also, someone keeps phoning Lana's house and then hanging up. Also, someone locked Lana in her garage, and then someone sent Lana flowers. The box contained just two flowers, one beautiful live red rose, and one dead black rose.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: First, the team figured out where the flowers came from. They came from a local shop called "April Flowers" which happens to be close by the Steadmore Hotel, where Lana's award ceremony is taking place at. Then Lenni suggests that they get a copy of the guest list of all of the people who will be attending the award ceremony. When they get their copy of it, they find out a few people such as Lana's first husband (Alan Charles) her daughter (Janine Peretti) and one of Lana's co-stars (Stone Harrion) will be attending it. Then Lenni, Gaby and Rob decided to ask these people for their autographs. Then to talk to them to find out how they really feel about Lana Barnes.

So first they spoke to Alan Charles, but they don't think he is guilty anymore, because he is still madly in love with Lana. However, Lana's daughter Janine Peretti looks suspicious and has been holding a grudge against her mother. Also as for Stone Harrison, who was one of Lana's co-stars, the team thinks he might be up to something too.

Then Ghostwriter sent the team a message. The message was "Tory's copper bob". Jamal and Gaby soon looked it up in the phone book. They figured out that the message must have something to do with hair wigs. from a shop called "Tory's House of Wigs". Therefore, the person who sent the message with the flowers, must be looking getting a short reddish colored wig. So that person can look like Lana Barnes.

The Ghostwriter Team is really getting somewhere, but they don't have much time. The award ceremony is just around the corner, and things are really heating up.


The arc resumes, with Alex nervously deciding to say one of three things from a piece of paper. The first choice is to tell her "Hello Tina I like you a lot. Then suddenly he thinks this choice is lame. The second choice is to say to her "Hola Tina. ¿Qué pasa?". Then he quickly remembers that she doesn't speak, nor understand Spanish. The third choice is just to say to her "Hey Tina! What's up?" Then he gets too discouraged, and hangs up the phone. Then he crumples up the paper and throws it into the garbage can.

Tina then hangs up the phone feeling upset and tense once again. Then Lana comes home all excited and full of enthusiasm. She compliments the great job Tina's mom did restoring her ruby red gown. Lana can see she isn't so excited and asks her what is wrong. Tina nervously tells Lana that someone has been repeatedly phoning the house and then hanging up when she answers. So she suspects it might be the same person who has sent the threatening messages.

Lana once again thinks positive, and just tries to calm her down. She tells her that it must just be fans who think they have the wrong number when they hear her voice. Tina then tells her that they keep calling over and over again. Lana then asks her not to ruin her good day, because her gown is ready, she finally has her speech memorized and she got herself home just in time to receive a telegram.

However, the telegram turns out not to be so nice after all. Lana seems nervous about it at first, then she shakes it off. Lana then asks Tina where her friends are, because she needs a small audience to rehearse her speech to. Tina tells her they will be over soon, because they have been going around all afternoon interviewing and questioning their suspects. Therefore, Lana decides to let Tina be the first person to hear her speech.

Then over at The Bodega, Alex is standing behind the cash register. He is distracted thinking of reasons and apologizes to tell Tina for calling and hanging up the phone so many times. He considers telling her that he just wants her to know how much her digs her. Then he reconsiders it, thinking it stinks. Then it he crumples it up to throw into the garbage can just as his Papa comes in.

Alex just misses his papa and apologizes. Then feeling embarrassed he runs over to pick it up. Eduardo bends over to pick it up at the same time and they both bonk heads. He apologizes to him and his Papa just laughs it off saying it's all right. Also that it reminds him of a certain Spanish comedian. Alex comments that the actor is pretty funny and his Papa tells him that he used to take all of his date to see those movies. Eduardo tells him, the reason he took his dates to those funny movies. The reason was because at the time girls made him nervous, but seeing those comedy movies made him relax and be himself.

Then Alex asks his Papa, if he took his Mama to see those comedy movies when they met. Eduardo then explains that when they met, they were already much older and more mature. However, he happily mentions that his mother used to love it when he would read poetry to her. Alex then asks his Papa if all women like poetry. Eduardo then reminds him that ALL women are different. Hearing this, Alex agrees stating that he is right. Alex then asks his Papa if he was ever shy. Then Eduardo says he was and it was the reason he took all his other dates to see those comedy movies. Eduardo then tells his son to use his imagination, and find out what they both like to do, and then go from there.

Then figuring out his son likes some girl, Eduardo asks him who. Alex nervously denies it and Eduardo just laughs saying to never mind. Then Eduardo reminds his son the he can always talk to him when he needs to. Hearing this, Alex gratefully thanks him. Then he spills the beans saying that he needs to go meet Tina now. When he meant to says he needs to go and meet the team now. Then he says the team is at Tina Barnes' house. When he meant to say at Lana Barnes' house. Alex embarrassingly laughs it off and heads off. Then Eduardo happily laughs it off feeling happy for his son.

Then over at Lana Barnes' house, the the five of them all meet with Tina. Gaby is worried sick, because the ceremony is tomorrow and they have not solved the case yet. Lenni then mentions they exonerated another suspect: Alan Charles. He doesn't have a grudge on Lana. In fact he is still madly in love with her. Rob then asks Tina if she found out why Ghostwriter warned them about Stone Harrison. Tina then explains it happened a long time ago. Lana mistakenly told reporters, that Stone Harrison's real name was Archie Bleach and ruined his career.

When Hearing this, Jamal is amused thinking it was over a silly name. Tina then explains that when the police heard about it, they discovered that he was a wanted criminal and then sent him to serve time in jail. When Gaby hears this she marks Stone down as a major suspect. Jamal then explains to his friends then he checked out "Tory's House of Wigs". There the manager Tory told him that she sold a copper bob wig to a woman staying at the Steadmore Hotel. But she was wearing a scarf and sunglasses and she didn't give her name.

Then Gaby assumes that it is Janine Peretti. After all she is Lana's daughter, and their only female suspect. Rob agrees that she must be the one, because she's been mad at her mother for never spending much time with her when she was a kid. Then suddenly, after ignoring her for mother for many year she just shows up for the ceremony. Alex then suspects that Stone Harrison may have sent a woman to get the wig. So he may be the one wearing the disguise and not just Janine.

Tina then informs her friends that Lana got another threat that day. She shows them the telegram. Tina reads it to her friends, and by the way it sounds Rob is convinced that Janine will strike the next day at the ceremony. Alex then reminds them that Stone Harrison is a criminal and he might be the one instead, and to keep an eye out for him too. Gaby then questions about how they can keep an eye on these people, since they can't go to the ceremony.

Then suddenly Lana happily enters the room and she informs them that can all attend the ceremony. As a token of her appreciation for all there hard work helping her, She has tickets for all of them. Also even two more tickets for two chaperones. The team all rejoices and cheers hearing this. Jamal decides to let his Grandma be one of the chaperones since she loves her movies so much. Lenni then suggests letting Mr. Smartworth be the other one, since he has been such a big help to them and Lana agrees.

Then on the night of the Award Ceremony, the Ghostwriter Team is all nicely dressed. Alex can see that Tina is nervous. Then he calms her down by informing her that Lieutenant McQuade is there too. Also he has the entire place crawling with undercover cops. When hearing this, she slowly calms down. Then when the team, Grandma CeCe and Mr. Smartworth are waiting to go inside, Lana Barnes slowly walks by as press photographers take pictures.

Then suddenly, Rob points out a very upset Janine Peretti, who is running out. They are confused because she isn't all dressed up and wearing the copper bob wig. Then Tina, Gaby and Rob decide to go and speak with her to find out what is wrong. They speak to her and Janine sound very upset, Tina asks her if she is all right. Janine calls her Pookie, sarcastically saying that she is just fabulous.

She then explains why she is leaving. Her reason is because, her mother the famous movie star, whom she hasn't seen in years is too busy working on her speech to speak to her. Also it's always the same thing, there is never any time for her. Then Tina informs her that Lana does love her. Janine asks her how she knows. Tina remembers the flashback when Lana mentioned how Janine was more precious than words to her. Tina then says she knows because she works with Lana and just knows she misses her. They nicely ask her to stay and Janine agrees to go back to the ceremony. But if she doesn't speak to her after it, then she is finished with her and won't speak to her ever again.

Then after Janine went back in, Rob says that Lana should have let her in, even if she is still working on her speech. Then feeling puzzled, Tina mentions that Lana already finished her speech and she knows it by heart. Then sensing that something is wrong, Tina borrows Gaby's casebook. She asks Ghostwriter "Please go to Lana's Dressing room. What is she writing? Then the three of them follow Ghostwriter to the upstairs in the hotel. They go right to the door of Lana's dressing room. Meanwhile, downstairs Jamal sees Janine going into the room for the ceremony. He informs the team he is going in to keep an eye on her.

Then suddenly Ghostwriter appears inside of Gaby's casebook. Tina looks at it and can see it's the speech. Tina reads over the speech out loud. Then she is just shocked because the speech if full of hate and anger. Not the way Lana speaks with warmth and friendliness and calling people sweet names. Then Tina has a hunch and phones Lana's house.

When she calls Lana's house, Lana has been gagged and tied to a chair. Lana wiggles around to knock the phone off the receiver to answer it mumbling for help. They all can tell she is danger, so a few of them hurry over there and Lenni phones Lieutenant McQuade. Then Lenni can see Stone Harrison entering the ballroom and she goes to keep an eye on him. Then Rob is confused, because if Lana is tied up at home, and Stone and Janine are in the ballroom. Then who is up in Lana's dressing room? Then inside Lana's dressing room we see the back of impostor sitting down at the makeup table and she is laughing like a maniac. Then Rob and Gaby realize that they must of have overlooked another person, since the culprit was in the dressing room posing as Lana and the real Lana is tied up in her apartment and both Stone and Janine are at the ceremony.

Then over at Lana Barnes' house Lieutenant McQuade, along with Tina and Alex enter her home. The place is a mess and Lana is mumbling for help and they untie her.

Then Rob and Gaby realize they don't have much time, so they need to quickly find out who this other person they overlooked is. They figure it is a person from Lana's past. This person is someone who has a vast knowledge of Lana Barnes' movies and must know her very well. Then they look over the guest list and Tina has listed each guest's job and profession.

Then They find out that a woman named Roberta Halton is listed as the stunt double. Then they review that black and white photo they saw the other day. Then they figure out the the other woman in the picture must have been Lana's stunt double. A person who can easily look just like Lana Barnes. The person who did all the incredibly dangerous scenes that Lana became famous for. Also someone with a vast knowledge about all of her movies. Therefore it must be Lana Barnes' stunt double Roberta Halton.

Then Rob decides to go to the dressing room to find out what's going. Then Gaby warns him not to because it's too dangerous. Then just as Rob quietly sneaks into the dressing room, Robert Halton is hiding in the corner. Roberta sneaks up behind him. Then she hits him on the top of the head with a vase knocking him out cold.

Then back at Lana's house, Lana sighs relief as she is un gagged. She informs to Lieutenant McQuade that her attacker was indeed Roberta Halton, her stunt double from all of her movies. Also that the whole thing was quite a shock. Roberta came over to see her and she was very nice and pleasant at first, and Lana was happy to see her. Then Roberta started getting angry and confessed that he locked her in the garage and sent her the messages. Then went ravaging on about how Lana stole her fame and glory. Also that she feels that she deserves a rewards too. Then she knocked her out, took her gown and tied her and gagged her. Then Lana asks Tina to go and get her costume from "Mobster in Mink". Then Lana changes into it and then hurry over to beat Roberta to the punch.

They hurry back to hotel, just as they can see Roberta Halton posing as Lana Barnes. She is just about to enter the ballroom. When she enters the announcer says Lana's name and everyone claps. Jamal and Lenni clap too, until they notice Gaby running upstairs from across the room. Then they follow her and Gaby finds Rob passed out gagging on his own tie. Rob warns her to be careful stating that Roberta is crazy and really strong.

The the impostor Lana Barnes faces the audience in the ballroom. She is very angry and full of rage. She fiercely reads her own speech to the audience word by word. Then in the lobby the team unites and they all quickly run into the ballroom to stop the impostor. They are quickly followed by Tina, Alex, Lana and Lieutenant McQuade.

They all enter the room, just as the impostor is getting really angry. She is repetitively stating that Lana Barnes is a fake and she stole her life and her career. The audience is just shocked hearing all of this. Then Lieutenant McQuade approaches the stage announcing her arrest. Roberta quickly tries to lunge at Lana, until Stone Harrison and Alan Charles help hold her in a restrain. Then Lieutenant McQuade handcuffs her. Roberta then shakes off her wig and states that it should be her night too. This is because she did all the work and it wouldn't be possible if not for her.

Lana then takes the stage. She tells everyone that they are honoring her tonight, because she was the first female action and adventure star on the silver screen. However, she never could have done it without the help of Roberta Halton, the first female stunt double in Hollywood. She then says that Roberta did most of the dangerous work and her talents must not be overlooked. Then everyone claps as Lieutenant McQuade takes her away. Then the entire Ghostwriter Team stands with Lana as the pictures are taken. Lana then gives a new speech from the top of her mind. It is a new speech to let everyone know how much their friendship and love really mean to her.

Then a couple days later, Tina is seen finishing more fan mail. Then we see that both Lana and her daughter Janine are dressed in matching outfits. Lana happily tells Tina that Alan Charles has invited the both of them to go horseback riding with him. Also that she thinks he wants to rekindle their romance. Then Lana can see that Tina feels down. Then she asks Janine to wait in the taxi for her, Janine (happier than a clam in mud) says yes mommy dearest and does it.

Then Lana asks her what is wrong. Tina says that with the award ceremony over, soon her job will be over and she'll never see her again. Lana then tells her not to fret, because she is sure she will get enough fan mail for her to work two or three days a week. Also even if she doesn't get anymore letters, she will always need a friend as true as her. She then waves goodbye saying "Ta ta Pookie".

Then on Lana's way out, Alex comes in to see Tina. Alex tells her that he has been writing a movie script, and since they both like movies, he wondering if she would want to read it with him. Tina agrees and they both sit down to read it. Alex plays Alfred and Tina plays Tisha. Tina reads "Hello Alfred, why do you look so sad?". Alex reads "I have a confession to make Tisha". Tina then reads "What is it Alfred?", then Alex read "Well Tisha, I've been trying to tell you how much I like you for a long time. Then whenever I call you up on the phone I freeze up.

Then suddenly Tina breaks character realizing it was him. Then she goes back to character asking "Was that you Alfred?". The Alex reads "Yes Tisha that was me, I'm sorry if I scared you. I was just too shy to come right out and ask you, if you wanted to go to the movies with me". Then Tina puts down her script and he asks her if anything is wrong. Then Tina makes up her own lines, she says "I'm sorry Alfred I can't go with you. I would rather go with my good friend Alex. Then they both hold hands and smile at each other as a heart closing the scene over them.

  • Part one of this arc was the last appearance of Danitra Jenkins.
  • Part two of this are arc Rob mentioned that he and his dad were going to help Double-T find a home, being the last mention of him in the series.
  • Also this was the last  time that Mr. Bertrin Braithwaite was ever mentioned again in the series.
  • Fracaswell Hyman, who happened to be one of the head writers of the show also portrayed by Smarmworth.
  • On the telegram that Lana received which had another threatening note, the address on it (66 Sunset Street) was sort of a play on the title of the classic detective show, which was 77 Sunset Strip.
  • The late Patricia Barry guest star as Lana Barnes. Her daughter, Miranda Barry served as producer of the Ghostwriter series.