To the Light
Season 1, Episode 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Air date Pt. 1, January 24, 1992
Pt. 2, January 31, 1993
Pt. 3. February 7, 1993
Pt. 4, February 14, 1993
Pt. 5, February 21, 1993
Written by Carin Greenberg Baker
Kermit Frazier
Matthew Witten
Miranda Barry
Fracaswell Hyman
Teleplay by Pamela Douglas
Directed by Maureen Thorp
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Rob and Jamal are out walking one day and they come to the spot where Double-T (the poet Rob met in the previous arc) usually sets up his cart. The pair find most of Double-T's things either ripped up or broken in half. Rob is worried about the welfare of the man so Jamal suggests that both they and the team should make a case out of finding Double-T. Meanwhile, a girl named Lisa comes to New York to find her father, a man named Thomas Norburt. Something rings a bell in Rob's mind: That name is vaguely familiar for some reason...

Where is Double-T? Can Rob help both Lisa find her dad, and the team while they track down Double-T?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Star


Part 1


The arc begins with Rob and Jamal enjoying an afternoon off from school. Jamal is excited and wants Rob to come to the store "Different Spokes" with him to check out the new dirt bikes. Rob says that he can't because he's meeting up with Double-T, and he's going to show him some of his new stories. Jamal is aware that Double-T is the homeless man who writes and sells poetry, but he tries to convince Rob to go to the store with him to see the brand new sparkling dirt bikes thinking it will a lot more fun. Rob says he can't, because since he has the afternoon off school, he promised to meet with him and to show him his new stories.

Then just as they get to Double-T's corner, they got a shocking surprise. Double-T's corner is a mess! Double-T's corner has been trashed, there is spilled books and papers everywhere. Rob is shocked wanting to know where Double-T is and what happened. Jamal suggests he may have forgotten, but Rob says that he couldn't have, because he arranged their meeting for the day. Inside a nearby milk crate, Ghostwriter finds Double-T's personal poetry book, and just about all the pages are torn out. Then from predicting that Double-T is gone and that all is stuff is trashed and broken that maybe someone attacked him and he ran off.

Then Rob asks Mr. Meheran (the owner of the store in front the corner) where Double-T is and what happened to him. Mr. Meheran says he doesn't know, because the mess was there when he arrived there in the morning. However he mentions to them that Double-T's been very quiet lately. Also that he's been very nervous pacing back and forth like someone was planning to sneak up on him.

After Mr. Meheran returns to his shop, Rob expresses his concern suggesting someone could have attacked or mugged Double-T and he ran off. Jamal then invites him to his house, to figure things out. When they get to Jamal's house, Jamal suggests there may be a clue of what happened in his book. Rob is reluctant to look inside his friends personal poetry book, because he understands how private his personal stories and poems are. But Jamal persuades him to because there is no other way.

Rob opens the book, and finds out that there only three poems left. He reads an Untitled Poem out loud. The poem is serious and full of meaning. Rob says it's because Double-T places bits of himself into his work. Jamal suggests that from the last line "No I've got to flea" that maybe he's trying to run away from something. Jamal suggests they call a rally, and get the rest of the team to help. Rob isn't so sure they'd care about some homeless person and doubts that they would care. Jamal tries to convince him that they're all his friends, and are willing to help him in any way. Therefore, Rob calls a rally. However he does it on Jamal's behalf using Jamal's initial writing Rally J on a piece of paper.

Then in Lenni's Loft, we see Alex and Gaby are over visiting. The three of them are proudly looking at the cover of the new Hoodman comic book. Since they've won the contest in the previous arc, they appear in the issue as a super hero team called "Lenni the wise and her friends of five. Gaby thinks her mask looks the coolest. Alex agrees teasing her because it covers most of her face. Gaby taps him says very funny as Lenni laughs it off. The suddenly, Lenni notices the starburst on the cover spinning around. Then Ghostwriter rearranges the words to says Rally J, and three of them head over to Jamal's house.

Then over at Tina's house, she and her mom are excitingly reading out a grocery list. This is because, Tina is going to be having a Vietnamese Dinner party with all her friends and they'll be making it all from scratch. The last thing she suggest is to have sweet rice and black-eyed peas for dessert. Her mom happily says yes because it's her first dinner party. Then suddenly, the grocery list scrabbles up. Ghostwriter rearranges some of the words to say "Rally J". Tina then makes up an excuse, she tells her mom that she promised to meet her friends this afternoon. Her mom tells her that there won't be time, because they have a lot of shopping to do for the party. Therefore Tina agrees to tell her friends she won't be able to come.

Then soon, Lenni, Alex and Gaby all come over and sit down in Jamal's living room. Jamal explains that Rob was the one who called the rally. Alex cheers for Rob and Jamal explains that he needs their help. Rob isn't so sure, but Jamal encourages him to tell them. Rob explains his friend Tommy Truborn is Double-T and he thinks he's in some sort of trouble and had to run away. Lenni reminds them that Double-T is the homeless man who occupies the street corner. This is where he writes and sells poetry for a dollar a piece. Gaby remembers now and she prefers not to think about him, because some homeless people are scary and dangerous. Lenni tries to reassure her that some of them aren't. Because late thanksgiving, her dad and band played for the people at a homeless shelter, and served them the food. Also that some of the people were really nice.

Alex says that some of them are weird. Rob explains that he used to feel the same way, until he met Double-T. In a flashback it shows that Ms. Sally Lewis invited Double-T to a poetry workshop to share some of his poems. This was where they met, and how they bonded over their love for writing. Also that he gave Rob wonderful support and advice on how to tell his dad and make him understand how he really felt about writing. Lenni then backs Rob up saying that Ms. lewis wouldn't have invited him to the youth center, if he was dangerous. Hearing this Gaby agrees that she has a point. Jamal explains that being homeless can happen to anyone, a friend of his had the building to his apartment burn down. Since his family didn't have anyone to stay with in the city, they had to live at a shelter for six months. Gaby is confused that since he doesn't have a home, then how can he be homeless. Rob explains that corner is like his home and after he helped him make his dad understand him better they gradually became friends.

Then suddenly Rob gives up and asks them to leave it to him, because he's his friend not theirs. Jamal asks him to give them all a chance. Rob explains to them that they were supposed to meet today, but when they got there he was gone and he never breaks his word and all his stuff was broken and trashed. All they could find was his poetry book with three poems left inside of it. Jamal explains to them they think Double-T is in danger and that Rob needs their helps and asks them if they're in. Lenni and Jamal agree, but Gaby still isn't so sure, then after thinking about she reluctantly agrees. Seeing this Rob is happy that they do care after all.

To start, they review the three poems and Gaby makes copies of them in her casebook. Rob reads the poem Saigon out loud. The poem once again is very emotional and powerful. They state that it is almost as if they can actually see and feel what they were hearing. Gaby is confused on what the black rain drops meant. That is until Lenni helps her understand, that the bombs were falling out of the sky, like fat black raindrops. Still they are puzzled about what a "Saigon" is. So Jamal looks it up in the dictionary, and they find out that Saigon is the former name of the capitol city of Vietnam which is now known as Ho Chi Minh City.

Hearing this, Rob mentions that there was a war fought in Vietnam. He knows this, because he dad used to be a pilot. His father was in the air force and fought in Vietnam in the 1960's. Then he retired just before they moved to Brooklyn, and he now works for the Veterans Affairs office. Gaby reads and finds out that the Vietnam war went on from 1955 until 1975. The in 1965, the USA began to send their own soldiers to serve in it. Rob then reviews some lines from the Saigon poem. The lines are "My helmet falls, and the bombs pour hard", this hints them all to suggest that Double-T also served in the Vietnam war. To be sure, Rob decided to ask the Meheran, because sine he and Double-T talk all the time, he may know.

Then we see Grandma Jenkins is delivering mail. She comes by a house where new tenants have just moved in. She finds a small dog lives there now. She tries to speak nicely to the dog, but he viciously barks at her. She tells the dog that she's been delivering mail for years, and no dog has ever stopped her before. She then offers it a cookie, but doesn't seem interested. Then finally, she tosses it a bone and it runs off to catch it. This gives her enough time to enter the yard to deliver the mail. However, before she can it runs up to her and gnaws on her pant leg. She is very mad and upset and gives up for the day. She checks the name on the dish and finds out it's named "Winston". She then tells him that know she knows his name and says good bye to him and that he hasn't seen the last of her.

Then surely enough, Mr. Meheran reveals that Double-T did mention he was in the war. Also he tells Rob of a certain shelter house he sometimes sleep at. However, the shelter doesn't not open until 6:00pm. Rob thanks him and decides to check with his dad at the V.A. as well. Then next the Ghostwriter Team checks the poem To The Light, which is about Double-T's street corner. They ask Ghostwriter what "toward a light, at the long tunnel's end" means. Ghostwriter answers them saying it's a chance for hope. Almost like if you're lost in a long tunnel, you think you're never going to get out again. Then when you see light at the end of it, you know there is now a chance.

Now they are confused about what "Lay a flame nears sacred names" means. They then suggest it might mean lighting candles for someone sacred. Then Gaby mentions that sometimes at church she lights a candle for St. Anthony. Also Lenni mentions that every year on the anniversary of her mother's death, her father lights a candle for her. Then Lenni recalls there being a candle shop near Double-T's corner. So thinking he might have gone to buy candles, so lenni and Gaby head over to it to see if he's been there.

Then Rob goes over the V.A to see his dad. He mentions Double-T to his dad and his dad remembers he's the homeless man he mentioned. He then tells his dad that he thinks Double-T served in the Vietnam war and was wondering if his computer has any information about him. Colonel Baker says the computer should have information on all veterans, but unfortunately the information is confidential. The only people who can see it are the veterans themselves or members of their own family. Rob tries to convince him to, stating that it's important because he believe his friend is in trouble or hurt. His father still says no and tells him that he feels he shouldn't associate with him anyways, because a homeless person can be dangerous. Rob gets mad and says he isn't dangerous and he will find him whether he helps him or not and leaves.

Then back at Lenni's loft, Lenni and Gaby say they had no luck at the Candles shop because Double-T never came to it. They are both frustrated and wondering if lay a flame near sacred names doesn't mean candle;s then what else could it mean. They ask Ghostwriter on Lenni's computer, and all he can think of is Candles too. Also Ghostwriter tells them that a candle in the window will help you find your way home.

Then Rob goes over to the shelter, it's called Fort Greene's Men Shelter. Inside the building, a teenage girl is exasperated. She asks the Security Guard if a certain someone stays at the place sometimes. She then tells him she's looking for a man named Thomas Norburt, and she's been checking all the shelters around the city all day. The Security Guard doesn't answer her. He just keeps telling her she can't reveal confidential information to her. Then finally she gives up and leaves. Then next Rob asks the Security Guard and hints that he wears an army jacket with colored patches all over it. Then by guessing by his smirk, Rob guesses he does know Double-T. The Guard then reveals he does know Double-T, but he hasn't been over for a couple of nights now. The Guard then points to a man named Hush and suggests to ask him since they're friends. Rob goes over to Hush and asks him if he has seen Double-T. But Hush is quiet and just storms off and leaves into the sleeping area. The Guard laughs saying that's why they call him Hush, because he doesn't say very much.

When Rob leaves, he meets with the pretty blonde teenager. Rob tells her he's looking for his friend, and she tells him she's looking for her dad. He introduces himself as the girl introduce herself as Lisa. She says her dad has been gone for about a year. The only place where she could think to write letters to him was the V.A. However, the V.A. couldn't figure out where he was staying. Since he just came in person to pick them up. Therefore she was instructed just to check all the shelter houses. Then two months ago, he sent her a postcard so she started writing him three times a week. Lisa is upset because she only has two days left and she hasn't found him yet. Then she shows him a postcard he mailed her. Rob recognizes the poetry in the postcard and compares it with Double-T's poem. He then asks her what his name is. She tells him it's Thomas Norburt, Rob compares his last name to Double-T's last name and he comes up with a surprising suggestion. Rob suggests to her that her father and Double-t are the same person. Because they both use poetry, they are both Vietnam vets and Truborn is an Anagram for Norburt. Lisa isn't so sure, but rob is certain that Double-T is her dad!

Part 2


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: Rob has made this really cool new friend, a poet named Double-T, that is short for Tommy Truborn. Double-T is homeless and sells his poems on the street corner where he lives.

Rob is worried that something bad has happened to Double-T. That is because when he took Jamal to Double-T's corner, he was gone and his stuff was spilled and trashed. It looks as if Double-T has vanished into thin air, all they could find is Double-T's poetry book. Also the Ghostwriter Team is on the case. They've been searching for clues in the last three poems found in Double-t's book.

They read one called "Saigon" and figured out something important. What they figured out is Double-T served in the Vietnam War. Also another poem called "To the Light" had a lot of clues, but they still haven't figured out what they all mean yet.

Rob's dad works at the Veteran's Administration, a place where they have lot's of information on soldiers. Rob asked his dad for information about Double-T, but his dad couldn't tell him because it was confidential. So then Rob went over to a Men's Shelter house. This was where he heard Double-T sometimes sleeps, and went there to see if he could try and find him.

This was where he met a teenage girl named Lisa who was looking for someone too. The person was her father, Thomas Norburt. Then after reading a postcard Lisa's dad sent, he noticed the similarities in the poetry with Double-T's and how Double-T's last name is the same last name as Lisa's dad but just mixed up into an anagram.

Meanwhile, as the team has been working hard to find Double-T, Grandma Jenkins has been working hard. She's a letter carrier and she been caught in a snag dealing with a mean dog named Winston.

Can the team track down Double-T before something really bad happens? And what's going on with Lisa's dad?


The arc resumes with Lisa being shocked by Rob's theory. She claims that it's just too weird that they are both looking for the same man. Rob says he is serious and then suggests she come with him to speak with his dad who works at the V.A. office. He explains that his dad couldn't tell him anything, because he's not Double-T's immediate family. But since she is, they'll get the help they need. Lisa isn't so sure at first, but then she agrees and gives him the number from where she's staying. Then Rob tells her the location of her dad's corner and they agree to meet theere the next day after school.

Then the next after school, Alex and Gaby met up with Lenni at Jamal's house. They discuss what they've found out so far. Lenni reveals that they know now that Double-T didn't stop by the candle shop. Gaby tells the boys that they need to review the poem To the Light. Because, the phrase "Lay a flame near sacred names", may have another meaning. Alex then asks where Tina is, Gaby tells him in a teasing tone that she's busy helping her mom cook for the dinner party, and tells them not to be late for it. Jamal says he's never late for dinner and he's always ready to party and they all laugh.

Then Rob comes by telling them he can't stay for long. He tells them all, that the other day he went over to the shelter house where Double-T sometimes stays but he wasn't there. However, he met Double-T's daughter Lisa, they are all surprised to hear he has a daughter. Rob confirms it and says he can't stay because he's heading off to meet her in a few minutes. Jamal suggests that he bring Lisa over and they can all help find Double-T together. Rob is against the idea, because it would pretty awkward explaining Ghostwriter to her. Gaby says that they won't have to, because Lisa won't be able to see him. The rest of the team all back Gaby up and try to persuade him to let them help. Rob then explains that Lisa is having a tough time and it's very personal. Therefore he feels it should just be between the two of them because Double-T really means something to the two of them. So Rob tells them all he feels that he should just help Lisa himself. He feels sure about it, because Lisa may not understand why so many people need to get involved, and will let them know how things turn out.

Then after Rob leaves, the four of them all feel disappointed. Jamal and Lenni still want to help Rob, because they feel it's for a good cause, but Alex and Gaby don't want to, so they all decide to vote. Jamal and Lenni vote yes to keep helping Rob. But Alex is mad and votes no because Rob say that he wanted no help and the same goes for Gaby. Then to break the tie, Jamal asks Ghostwriter. Jamal writes on a piece of paper, "Should we help Rob find Double-T? Ghostwriter replies telling them "Friends Must help". When seeing this, Alex and Gaby realize he's absolutely right. So they both change their vote and now the four of them all agree to continue helping Rob.

Over at Tina's house, she's climbs up her bookcase to reach a ceramic plate. When she reaches it, she mistakenly knocks it over. Then it falls to the floor breaking into pieces. Hearing the noise, her mom rushes over in a panic asking if she's okay. Tina says she's okay and her mom gets very emotional when she sees it was her favorite plate. They sit at the table and her mom knows she didn't mean to break it, it's just the plate was very special to her, the red plate had a painting of the white long Vietnamese Mai flowers on it. Her mom brought it with her all the way from Vietnam. Her mom explains that In Vietnam, the flowers are used for the Vietnamese New Years Celebration. Because when everyone is forgiven, they'd put the flowers on their window sills to keep the bad spirits away. Her mom then gets very emotional explaining that Mai was her favorite flowers as a child. Also that she would do anything to see real ones again.

Then over at Double-T's corner, Lisa is furious wanting to know why her dad would waste his life hanging around there. Rob tries to back him up saying, he writes and sells poetry and helps people. He then explains to her how he helped explain to his own dad how he really felt about his writing, and how it was better to give him a written note with all his feeling and reasons worked out. Then soon his dad became more understanding and stopped hassling him so much with trying out for a sport's team. Hearing this, Lisa is glad her father helped him, but very upset that he never has time for her. Rob tries to assure her that he doesn't mean to, but she just wants to go to the V.A. and speak with Rob's dad.

Then over in Jamal's bedroom, Jamal tells them that Ghostwriter is searching for Double-T. Gaby asks why Ghostwriter cares so much about him. Lenni remind them that when they first met Ghostwriter, he was feeling sad, lonely and lost. Double-T's poem To the light describe him to be that way too. Alex isn't so sure the poem seems sad enough to him. Instead it sounds more like he's trying trying to hide, like a place to stop feeling lonely. Gaby suggests it may be a real tunnel, like a subway tunnel that you just need to pay the fare to go through. Then Jamal gets an idea, he asks for Gaby to get off of his bed. Then they help him pull off a big long sheet. It is painted like a map of the city and subways. Jamal explains his dad works for the Subway and friend of his made it. They lay it down on the floor. They all joke around like they're giants stomping on all the big locations. But Gaby doesn't want them to step on the Statue of Liberty. Because she and Tina went on a field trip to it, a week prior. Hearing this, they all get together and tease her coming towards it.

Then we see Tina stops by to visit an elderly Vietnamese man. The old man recognizes her as the girl who's always making movies. So thinking she's making another, he happily volunteers to star in her movie. Tina explains that a woman at a restaurant told her that he grows Mai flowers. The old man is disappointed that she's not there to ask him to be in a movie. He responds telling her that he used to grow the biggest ones in his village, but in New York you can only buy plastic ones. Then he asks her why it's so important, Tina explains that she accidentally broke her mom's favorite plate. The plate she brought with her all the way from Vietnam and it has Mai flowers painted on it. the old man then hints to her that he is the man who grows the flowers. He agrees to give her some if she'll let him be in her next movie.

Then we see Grandma Jenkins is still having trouble with Winston the Dog. She stands outside the fence and tries throwing him a bone, but he doesn't move. She tells him she's been delivering mail since before he was born. So nothing, not even a small little dog is going to prevent her from doing her job. Winston viciously barks at her, so she tells him he wins for now. Also she needs to go home and make lunch for her family. Then suddenly Winston whimpers and sucks up to her. She is most surprised and pets him and when he is distracted, she takes her chance to run into the front yard and deliver the mail. However when she gets back, she catches Winston breaking into her groceries with the stalk of celery in his mouth and she is just fed up.

Then over at the V. A., Rob introduces Lisa to his dad. He explains her father is also the same person he's looking for. Also he didn't get the last name right, but it's the same name spelled with the same letters. Lisa describes how to spell it and shows him her I.D. card. Her father says she is certainly family and asks her why she's here from Connecticut. She explains her mom is divorced from her dad, and she knows she's here and staying with a friend. Colonel Baker looks up Double-t's file and it reveals he was a private who served in the Vietnam war from 1971 until 1973.

Also that he hasn't been coming by the V.A. office in Connecticut to receive his disability benefits. Hearing this Lisa is skeptical, stating that her father isn't missing a limb. Colonel Baker explains Double-T was in a counseling program. This is because sometimes soldiers suffer from emotional pain on the inside, they have recurring painful memories of things that happened either them or their friends from the war. Sometimes this can prevent them from being stable enough to keep a steady job, or showing how they feel to even their families. Lisa mentions that her father did seem to be like that at time. Also there is nothing on record of an old address in New York City. Colonel Baker apologizes for not being more helpful, but Lisa nicely thanks him for helping her, Also for learning to understand her dad a little better now.

Then over at Tina's house, her family and friends are all waiting for Tina. Her mom is worried, but Mr. Nguyen assures her she'll be home soon. Mr. Nguyen is about to have the team all sit down and begin without her. Lenni compliments their incense, and how nice it smells. Mr. Nguyen says that they light some everyday to honor their ancestors and people they respect. Suddenly Lenni gets an epiphany and she tells Gaby that Vietnamese people light incense and explains why. Therefore "Lay a flame near sacred names" must mean incense.

Then finally, Tina comes in and she has something hidden behind her back. She apologizes for being late, but her mom is mad saying there was no excuse for being late. Then Tina gives her mom the bouquet of gorgeous Mai flowers, this sentiment touches her mom's heart. Her mom is so thrilled to see some, she lets Tina off the hook and they all sit down and everyone is pleased with Tina's thoughtful gift.

Then later at the Fort Greene Men's Shelter, Rob and Lisa try to follow Hush. The Guard stops them and tells them they have no permission to go into the sleeping area. They feel Hush knows something, but they can't talk to him. Instead Rob suggests writing him a note. They write to him "Dear Hush, Please help us. We need to find Double-T. We want to help him. Sincerely, Rob and Lisa". Then they ask the Security Guard to bend the rules and give him the note. The Security Guard is fed up with them and says no. Until they explain that she is Double-T's daughter and they need help finding him.

That night, in their bedroom the Fernandez children reflect on how much they enjoyed Tina's dinner party. Gaby tells Alex that she and Lenni found a new clue, that hints what "Lay a flame, near sacred names means. Also they're going to check it out the next day. Then their Papa comes in as Gaby asks Alex if he even a little bit scared of Double-T. Their Papa curiously asks them who Double-T is. They explain to him that he's a friend of Rob Baker who is missing and are trying to help find him. Gaby also explains that he's a homeless man, who sells poems by Mr. Meheran's store. From the description, their Papa knows who they mean and wants to know how Rob knows him. They explain that Ms. Lewis invited him to the youth center to read his poems. Then they became friends bonding over their interests in writing and poetry.

Gaby explains she's hasn't been so sure about it, because she finds homeless people to be scary. Their Papa explains that Ms. Lewis wouldn't him invited him over he weren't an okay person. Gaby agrees when hearing, then their Papa gives them a safety discussion. He tells that if you ever need help or directions it's better to ask a person nearby who has a reason to be where they are, such as a store clerk or a bus driver instead of a complete stranger. Then he explains that some homeless people can be very nice, and then there are some are very troubled. Also to always be very careful when speaking to strangers. They both understand and promise to be careful. Then he tucks them both into their beds and wishes them a good night.

Then they next day, Lenni, Tina, Gaby and Alex all meet with Jamal in his bedroom. Lenni and Gaby explain that they spoke with the man who sells incense. They told them that Double-T bought some a few days ago and he looked very nervous. Also he told them that Double-T left, he went off into the direction to the subway. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter sends them a message on the computer. It seems Double-T is writing his daughter a note. The note says "Dear Lisa, how can I tell what is--" Then Ghostwriter picks up what it says nearby, he next tells them "Turn to clear vision". "Quarters only". Tina knows she's seen it somewhere before, so she begins talking to Ghostwriter. Tina asks him what else it says and Ghostwriter replies with "Staten Island" "Statue of Liberty" "Ellis Island" and "New Jersey", Tina is onto something now.

Then once again, they take the subway sheet off of Jamal's bed. Tina points to the Statue of Liberty, remembering it from she and Gaby's school field trip because there are telescopes. They clear vision when turned and take only quarters. Now they think Double-T's must be at the Statue of Liberty near the telescopes. Then Tina figures that if he was, the Statue of Liberty wouldn't be one of the listed places to see, so he must be somewhere else. Then Jamal figures that he must be at the South Ferry. Because if standing at the telescopes at the South Ferry, you can see all four of those listed places. Also a subway tunnel leads to the the South Ferry which could very well be the long tunnel's end.

Part 3


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First Rob has a really good friend named Double-T. whom he met at the youth center. Double-T is a homeless poet, and it now he seems to be missing. All of his stuff was wrecked, hinting to the possibility that he may be in danger.

So Rob and the team have been trying to find him, by looking for clues in the poems he wrote in his poetry book. When they read one of them, they figured out Double-T was a soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. Then in another poem, it says he wants to Lay a flame near sacred names and find a light at the long tunnel's end. The teams has no idea what these clues mean. Also, Rob met someone else who's also looking for Double-T, it was his daughter Lisa.

Here are some new facts the last part of the arc: First Rob thinks that he and Lisa should look for Double-T alone, without the team's help. So Rob and Lisa went over to the shelter where Double-T sometimes stays, and wrote a letter to Double-T's friend Hush asking him to help them find him.

Also the team decided to keep searching for Double-T on their own. They figured out that Lay a flame near sacred names means incense. Because they asked the man at the store and he told the girls that he sold some to Double-T a few days before and then saw him take off in the direction to the subway.

Also Ghostwriter sent the team a message. The message was a letter Double-T was writing to his daughter. GFrom reading words off of telescopes this hinted he might be somewhere around the South Ferry. Also Grandma Jenkins has had more problems of her own. When delivering the mail to where Winston the Dog lives, Winston continues to gives her a rough time, but she hasn't given up yet.

Will the Ghostwriter Team put all the clues together and find Double-T?


The arc resumes with the five of them all agreeing that Double-T must be at the South Ferry looking through the telescopes. Alex then suggests that if they all leave now, they might still find him there, and they all agree to go. Jamal excitingly goes downstairs to ask his Grandma for permission to go. His Grandma is on her way to have her hair down, and she says yes. But she says he has to be back home for lunch and has chores to do in the afternoon. Jamal thanks her, and then shouts upstairs for his friends to come downstairs to phone home. His shouting bothers his Grandma hurting her ears and he apologizes.

Then over at Fort Greene Men's Shelter, Rob and Lisa have return early in the morning. There they find the Security Guard asleep in his chair. They wish him a good morning, asking him if Hush answered their letter. The Guard exasperatedly gives them their crumpled up paper. They are frustrated to see that Hush didn't answer their letter, so they wake up the Guard asking him if Hush has woken up or left yet. The Guard tells them he isn't awake yet and they're not allowed to enter the sleeping area.

Then Rob suggests writing a better note, explaining who they are and why they care. Rob gets another piece of paper and suggests Lisa write it to sound like it's from her. They decide to refer to him as a Mister to be more respectful and explain that she is Double-t's daughter Lisa. Also that he's Double-T's friend Rob who writes poems and stories. Then to convince him, they tell him if he's really cares about her dad, then to try and help them. The new letter says, "Dear Mr. Hush, I am Double-T's daughter. My name is Lisa. Rob is Double-T's friend who writes poems and stories. We have to find him. We're afraid he's in danger. If you care at all about Double-T, help us find him please! Now all they need to do is persuade the Guard to give Hush the note.

Then we see that Jamal, Lenni, Tina, Alex and Gaby have all arrived to the South Ferry. Tina points out the telescopes and they all go over to look at them. Surely enough they have the exact four location on them that Ghostwriter told them about. However, Double-T is nowhere to be seen.

Then back over at the Men's Shelter, Hush comes out reading the note. He is impatient and annoyed and coldly tells them he doesn't know where Double-T is. Then when they ask him desperately for where he's think he might be, he lightens up a little bit. Hush then explains to them that he and Double-T used to have their own secret hiding place. They would sleep in old subway tunnel that was no longer being used. He then explains the city closed off the tunnel to do some construction. Also a week ago he found a new entrance to it, but hasn't told Double-T yet.

Then thinking her dad may have found it himself, they ask him where the entrance is. Hush explains it's at the old Brooklyn Dodger's Stadium (Ebbets Field). Rob is shocked to hear they used played in Brooklyn. Hush explains they did years ago, but eventually moved over to Los Angeles. The field was torn down, and a big apartment building was built in it's place. Lisa then asks him where the entrance is, Hush tells them it's in the field near the corner by a plaque of old the Dodger's Stadium. He then instructs them to enter the tunnel, and then walk up until they see a sign saying "S32" and then to crawl through the crawlspace until they're in an open room (which was their sleeping room). Hush then tells them to be careful, and leaves. When they leave, Hush watches them with concern.

Then outside, Lisa asks him where Ebbets Field is. Rob tells her that he has a book on New York history at home. Lisa is eager and ready to go, but Rob tries to convince her that they shouldn't go down in it. Because a closed down subway tunnel can be dangerous. Lisa is convinced it's safe, because Hush says the area is clear of tracks. Rob tries to make her understand that they can never be too sure. Also Rob suggests calling the police or a social worker to help find him. But Lisa tells him that it took two days to find out their information from the Men's Shelter and now she's has to leave tomorrow and she's running out of time. Lisa makes it clear that she just has to go down there because she needs to find her dad. Rob reluctantly agrees to go with her, because he just can't let her go alone. So they get some lanterns and flashlights and agree to turn back immediately if it looks dangerous.

They carefully walk through the dimly light tunnel. Meanwhile, at the South Ferry, Ghostwriter finds a paper and brings it to their attention. The paper is the incomplete letter Double-T wrote to Lisa. The same one Ghostwriter mentions to them the other day. This gives them hope that Double-T is still nearby. Finally Rob and Lisa find "S32" they struggle crawling through the long crawlspace. Then in the process, Rob loses his Ghostwriter pen! When they enter the room, Lisa calls out to her dad, buts gets no answer realizing he's not there. Then suddenly, the tunnel in the crawlspace collapses and they're trapped! They both scream frantically for help. But nobody else knows where they are and nobody can hear them!

Then over by the South Ferry, the Ghostwriter Team is tired and ans is resting by a monument. Tina and Gaby suggest going home for lunch and coming back later. Lenni hasn't given up yet, and tells them to think about how Double-T feels being lost and without a home. Gaby snaps at her saying she can't think about him because she doesn't know him like she and Rob do. Lenni says that she does care about him more, because she knows him and has listened to his poetry before. Then in a flashback, it shows Lenni riding by on her bike and stopping to listen to Double-T. Double-T performed a really nice poem for her. Lenni really enjoyed the poem, she told him felt like poetry and music at the same time. He was so glad she enjoyed his poem, he gave it to her for free.

After hearing this, Gaby and Tina Change their minds and stay. So now they know that Double-T was here, and they need to figure where he went next. They look for clues in the poem To the Light and Jamal tells them they need to figure out which place "Lay a flame, near sacred names" is referring to. Alex still thinks it might be a church. Tina thinks it could be a cemetery, because the names of the dead are sacred to some people. Therefore, Jamal, Lenni and Gaby decide to go check the nearby cemetery and Alex and Tina decide to go check the nearby church. Before the go, they agree to send a rally message if they find Double-T. If not they will all meet at his place around noon.

Then on her way home from the hair saloon, Grandma Jenkins is walking by Winston's house. She sees a man outside watering his lawn and he's reading something. Then she nicely calls out to the man asking if he's Mr. Braithwaite. The suddenly without thinking, he screams Hallelujah! and mistakenly sprays her. Then afterwards, she is so offended that she whines to him saying she's fed up with his mangy dog interfering with her job and him trying to re-baptize her. Then she tells him she won't deliver anymore mail until he installs a mailbox outside the fence. Then she heads for home upset and disgusted. Then the man talks to Winston, he tells him they have some apologizing to do.

Then we see, Tina and Alex are back at the telescopes by the South Ferry. When they went to the church, they were burning incense, but still Double-t wasn't there. They hope the others have better luck than they did checking the cemetery. Then Alex mentions to her that she seemed really scared about going to the cemetery. But not to worry as long as she's with him.

Then back in the tunnel, Lisa is struggling to move the heavy stones to clear the path to the crawlspace. She is really upset, blaming everything on herself and apologizing to him for getting him involved. Rob tells her that he got involved because he wanted to help her. Then he remembers his pen, and excitingly tells her there might be a way for them to get out. Then he's shocked to discover he lost his pen. When hearing this, Lisa can't believe what she's hearing. Rob tells her it's very important and it can help them get out. Lisa thinks he's going nuts and claims she trapped with a boy who believes in Super Pen and she makes wisecracks asking if he wears a cape and can fly.

Then at the Jenkin's house, Grandma CeCe answers the doorbell. Then Winston and his owner let themselves in (much to her chagrin). The man tells her he's very sorry, he explains that he was watering his lawn and reading a telegram. He doesn't have a phone yet, so when he got this telegram the news was so exciting that he reacted without paying attention to what he was doing. The telegram told him that the night before, his daughter in Trinidad gave birth to twins. Now he's a grandfather for the first time, he's so thrilled that he reacts with enthusiasm and offers to pay for ruining her hairdo. Grandma CeCe is so happy for him, she let's it go, and offers to start over with him. She introduces herself to him and he introduces himself as Mr. Bertrin Braithwaite saying he's happy to meet her and kisses her hand. It can be seen that there is an immediate spark of romance between the two of them. She then nicely offers to let him use their phone to call his daughter.

Then back in the tunnel room, Lisa notices an opening grate at the ceiling. She suggests they climb up the support beams and try to climb through it. Rob thinks the supports won't be strong enough and they might just end up getting hurt. Lisa then criticizes him for spelling out "HELP" in stones when he says that he's trying to send off "Rescue Vibes". She patronizes him again asking him if it will summon Super Pen to their rescue, then she apologizes for it. Then back at Jamal's house, he tells them he'll see them after lunch. Then his Grandma calls out in a happy tone to get washed up for lunch and they have company. Hearing this, Lenni, Alex, Tina and Gaby all agree to go over to her house. When hearing a dog bark, he's confused by what she means by having "company" over.

Then back in the tunnel room, Lisa is now trying to lasso the top of the ceiling with a rope. She's tries with all her might, but it's not working. She then lectures Rob for not helping her, and he says the rope isn't long enough. She then asks him if he has a better idea. He mocks her suggesting they ask Fred Flintstone to come over from the quarry with his dinosaur and big pile of boulders to help them climb on out. Hearing this, she laughs it off and he tells her he owed her for her wisecrack. She says she'll believe in the Flintstones before believing in Super Pen.

Then in Lenni's Kitchen, Alex and Tina mention they had no luck at the church. Lenni and Gaby also mention that they also had no luck in the cemetery, because everyone buried in it was old enough to be a pilgrim. Double-t couldn't have known any of them. Then they once again review the to the light poem. They try to find more clues before going to the ferry again. When reviewing the poem, Ghostwriter has rearranged it to say this "March 20, 1968 Dear Mom, I'd give just about anything for a hot bath, some clean clothes, and a cold drink of good old New York City water". Lenni writes it down in her case book. Then and after reading this, they think Double-T is writing a letter to his mom, because he's homeless and he wants a bath and some clean clothes. Then Tina mentions it said he wanted a drink of New York City war, suggesting he must have left town.

Then suddenly, Ghostwriter rearranges some of the letters and adds another paragraphs to the message. This one says "Love Ray Sgt. Raymond Wahl Americal Div. Chu Lai. Then after Lenni adds it to her case book, Tina checks looks at it. She knows what Chu Lai is, it's a place in Vietnam and she has an aunt who lives there. Alex recognizes Sgt as the abbreviation for sergeant. They figure it must me a letter written by a comrade of Double-T that he's carrying with him. Gaby thinks that's what lonely letter by the sea must mean. Tina then points out Vietnam on Lenni's globe and mentions there is a sea all around it. Tina thinks that where he must meant by lonely letters by the sea. Also he was a solider in Vietnam and mentions Vietnam in some of his poems. Also the letter was from a soldier in Vietnam. They now think Vietnam is connected to where he went and why.

Then back in the tunnel room, Rob has completed the word HELP and Ghostwriter skims over it and fly away. Lisa is sitting down sulking and Rob asks her if she's okay. She tells him despite the fact she's never going to see her parents again and starve to death, she's just fine. Rob thinks positive telling her he knows they will get out somehow.

Part 4


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First Rob's good friend Double-T is in danger! Double-T is a poet who's also homeless. Rob met him at the youth center. Now Rob is looking everywhere for Double-T, and he's not alone. Double-T's daughter Lisa is helping him find him.

Also, although Rob told his friends he'd prefer to find Double-T himself, they haven't given up yet. The team is still on the case searching for Double-T as well. Here is what they've found out so far. Double-T was a soldier in the Vietnam War. He's looking for a light at the long tunnel's end. Also he's looking to lay a flame, near sacred names, and he bought some incense and headed for the subway.

Here are the new facts from the previous part of the arc: The Ghostwriter Team searched for Double-T at the South Ferry. This is the place at the end of the subway tunnel, but he wasn't there. Also, Rob and Lisa spoke to a friend of Double-T's named Hush. Hush told them about a subway tunnel, that he and Double-T used to sleep in at night. Rob didn't think going into it was a good idea, because it sounded dangerous. However, Lisa persuaded him to go with him her and surely he was right. First he lost his Ghostwriter Pen and then the crawlspace tunnel caved in and collapsed trapping them inside the room.

Then the team get another message from Ghostwriter. The message was a letter written in 1968 by an American soldier serving Vietnam named Raymond Wahl. So now the team thinks that Vietnam is connected to where Double-T must gone to and why he went there.

Can the Ghostwriter Team figure out the clues and track down Double-T? What about Rob and Lisa? Rob is trying to spell out words to Ghostwriter in stones, but will Ghostwriter be able to read the message?


The arc resumes down in the room at the end of the subway tunnel. Ghostwriter has arrived and skims overs Rob's message. Then he flies out from the grate on the ceiling without being noticed. Then back at Lenni's loft, she is clueless about how a letter from a Vietnam veteran will help them find where Double-T is now. Then suddenly, Lenni notices Ghostwriter sending the message "HELP" onto her computer screen. She, Tina, Alex and Gaby are all skeptical wondering who needs it.

Lenni sits down at her computer and asks Ghostwriter who needs help. Ghostwriter tells them it's Rob. Alex complains, because they don't even know where Rob is. Lenni then mentions that if Ghostwriter can read what is Rob nearby. then it can give them a clue. Lenni then asks Ghostwriter and he replies that the words "S32" are near Rob. Now they are all confused by what it mean, and Gaby writes it down in her casebook. Alex expresses his concern that Rob is now in trouble. Then Tina suggests he may be with Double-T. Then Alex reminds her that if he was, then Ghostwriter would have read the letter that Double-T was carrying with him.

Alex then comes to the conclusion that Rob must have fallen into some trouble trying to find him. Now Lenni suggests that the best thing to do, is to find Double-T. She thinks he can tell them where Rob may have gone to look for him. Lenni then asks Ghostwriter to read what is near Double-T. Then Ghostwriter first replies with the message "March 18, 1968 Dear Tom, No Heroes like on T.V.". They find it confusing and Lenni writes it down. Then Alex notices something really strange and brings it their attention. Over at Lenni's globe, Ghostwriter is sending them tons of messages from using letters on the globe (literally letters from all over the world).

The many messages slowly float and then vanish, some of the messages says things such "December 8, 1971 Dear Soldier Friend". Then suddenly, Gaby notices another one which she quickly writes down. This one said, "One thing I don't do is worry. It doesn't pay - Johnny". The four of them are all shocked from the sight of some many letters floating around and vanishing. Lenni asks Ghostwriter why he is going so fast. He replies that it's because they are so many letter to read. Then they figure out that Double-T must be a place full of letters. Also they are letters written by soldiers, or to soldiers. Tina and Lenni noticed how long ago the letters they wrote down were written. Then Gaby reminds then that the Vietnam War was still going on between those years. Alex suggests they may have been fellow soldiers who served in the war with Double-T.

Then Lenni suggests they check Alex's New York City history book. Therefore they can find out if there is anything involving Vietnam near the South Ferry. Then Gaby checks the index section and she finds out there is a Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. She looks up the page and reads it out loud. The pages explains that near the South Ferry is a big huge wall covered with letters written by Vietnam veterans or to Vietnam veterans. The letters are engraved in green glass. This brings them to conclusion, that Double-T must be down at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial paying his respects. Then the four of them all head over to it as fast as they can.

Then over at the Jenkins' house, Jamal comes downstairs to see his father. Jamal's dad is frustrated and annoyed. Then he snaps at Jamal for leaving the house before doing his chores, and not to leave again until they are finished. Then Grandma CeCe comes in all happy while singing away. She tells them that lunch will be served in the dinning room. Then in an annoyed tone, his dad remarks that it is, only if they can still afford to eat. Because that man! (Mr. Braithewaite) has been on long distance for nearly an hour. Grandma CeCe says she is just helping a new friend. Then Grandma CeCe goes back in and they can hear them laughing their heads off much to his dad's chagrin.

Meanwhile, down in the end of the subway tunnel Rob is still extending his message with stones. Lisa is agitated while pacing back and forth. She then complains stating that she should never have come to New York and how stupid the idea was. The reason she came in the first place, was because soon she will be graduating from High School with honors. All she wanted to do was to find her dad more than anything. Therefore he could attend her graduation ceremony. Lisa now believes she'll never get the chance and sits down to sulk. Rob encourages her not to give up, because they need to keep believing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Lisa complains reminding him that the tunnel caved in on them, but Rob hasn't given up yet. He continues to expand his message in stones.

Then over at The Bodega, Alex and Gaby quickly pop in speak to their Papa. They ask him if they can go the Vietnam Veteran Memorial, explaining to him that Rob's homeless friend Double-T may be there. Then just as they are about to leave, their Papa stops them. He tells then that he needs their help in the store today and promises that if they do a good job, then they all go tomorrow. Alex and Gaby fret because they can never get out of working, unless it's for something educational.

Then they come up with a great plan to convince their Papa that it's educational. They both explain to him what they've already learned about the Vietnam War, and what they already know about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Then they explain that today may their only chance to see if Double-T is there. Also, with all their friends going too, they will be safe together as a group. Then to top it all off, the both promise to thoroughly clean the store the next day. Their Papa admires their educational interest, feeling it could be beneficial for them to learn more and takes them up and their offer and allows them to go.

They over at the Jenkins' house lunch is now over. Jamal and his dad watch with annoyance as Grandma CeCe and Mr. Braithewaite joke around and laugh. When Mr. Braithewaite leaves he offers to pay for the long distant charges, but she considers it a present and is just happy he got to speak with his daughter. Then after tying Winston to his lead, he politely shakes hands with Reggie. Reggie is cold when doing so and Jamal just gives him a nodding gesture and says nothing. Then Mr. Braithewaite offers to go dancing with her until sunrise which she humbly accepts. Then as he leaves they are both ecstatic (it's obvious that they are both in love).

Then Reggie is frustrated and mad, (possibly out of resentment for memory of his father and jealousy of a new man in her life) He rudely demands to know who the man was, and what she really knows about him. Also the fact that he's now going to be spending all of her time. He even goes far enough to tell her that he won't let her see this man. Grandma CeCe is shocked that he would ever have the nerve to speak that way. She explains that he is one of the most nicest and charming men she has meet in a long time. Also, if he ever thinks about doing it again, he'd better make sure he is talking to a kid not a full grown adult.

Then she reminds him that she has been his mother all his life, and a Grandma since the days that Danitra and Jamal were both born. Most of all she has always been a human being and has ever right to choose who her friends can be. Reggie realizes she is right and apologizes for being out of line. She then mentions they were both rude to him, how they just rushed through lunch and left the table. Then hearing this, Jamal apologizes as well. Then she tells them that if they both go over to apologize to Mr. Braithewaite. Then everything will be okay with her and they agree to do it.

Then we see Lenni, Tina, Alex and Gaby have just arrived at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. They are astounded by it, because it's like a giant wall full of letters. When looking through them, Tina comes across the first letter that Ghostwriter sent them the other day from Raymond Wahl. When wondering around, Alex enters an open doorway and to his surprise he finds Double-T sitting down. Alex is shocked and shouts out his name, then the others all come over. They tell him they've found him, and ask him why he is here and why he disappeared and where Rob could be. Hearing all of this, Double-t is utterly confused and has no clue what is going on.

Meanwhile, down in the end of the subway tunnel, Lisa is venting her frustration. She reveals that she didn't tell anyone what was happening. She didn't even tell her friend Stacy, the person that she's been staying with. Therefore, she could have at least imagined Stacy could be looking for her. Also Rob is now sulking and he regrets the fact that he refused the of his friends. He explains to her he has friends who were really trying to help him. Then he just turned his back on them. Rob feels it because, when his dad was still active in the Air force, they moved around so much. Therefore he never got much of a chance to really get to know anybody before.

Then back over at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, they fill Double-T in on what has been happening. Double-T is shocked when hearing all of this. But he seems nervous and tells them just to let Rob know he is all right. Then they inform him, Rob is out there looking for him with Lisa. He then gets really upset and claims that is what he was afraid of. This is because the night he heard she was coming. he got really upset and lost his temper. Then he trashed all of his stuff and ran away. Then Double-T asks them to just move along and tell his daughter he is sorry. Then they explain that they can't because Rob and Lisa left early in the morning to find him, AND they haven't been back since. Now they think they're in trouble. Then LennI asks him where they might go to find him.

The down in the end of the tunnel, Rob has finally finished another word to say tunnel. Lisa begins nagging and whining because it's getting hot and the air is poor. Rob tries to get her to calm down, but she won't thinking they don't have a chance. Ghostwriter skims over it and sends it to the others. Then on the wall behind Double-T, Ghostwriter rearranges a word to say tunnel. When seeing this, they all agree and ask Double-T if they could be looking for him in a tunnel. Double-T is confused asking why they would be looking down there. Alex makes up a white lie, saying Rob mentioned a tunnel before leaving.

Then when writing it down, Gaby remembers "S32" and she asks him if it means anything. Double-T vaguely remembers it. Then he explains that he and a man named Hush used to sleep in a tunnel and "S32" was the number on the wall outside of it. The team is ready to go and off to find it, but Double-T he explains that the entrance was closed nine months ago when the city begun some construction. Lenni then suggests that there might be another way in and suggests phoning Jamal because his dad works for the subway. Alex and Lenni go over to use a nearby payphone, while Gaby and Tina wait with Double-t.

Then down in the end of the tunnel, Lisa is really upset now. She snaps at Rob who is still extending his message. She asks him to just give it up, because there sure has been no "rescue vibes". Rob then decides to read her a story he wrote to help her calm down. The story is very motivating and encouraging and Lisa really appreciated hearing it. She thanks him and is surprised to find out he wrote it himself, and she compliments him on being a really good writer.

Then back at the Jenkins' house, Reggie is relaxing and enjoying a sport's game on T.V. then his son comes in to speak with him. Jamal explained he was just on the phone with Lenni and Alex. Reggie is really enjoying the sports game, when Jamal finally gets his attention. Jamal explains to him that he and his friends are worried think someone is trapped in a subway tunnel. Reggies says that isn't very likely, but Jamal tell him they believe it's the new kid Rob, whom he hasn't met yet. Jamal asks his dad if he has a map of the subway tunnels, Reggie says that tunnels run all throughout the city, and it could be nearly impossible to find someone. Then Jamal asks him if "S32" could mean anything, and his dad says that "S32" would be the general area, and asks how he knew. Jamal tells a white lie, saying that Rob mentioned it before leaving. Then Reggie says in a serious tone that if somebody is trapped down there, that he hopes that they just stay in one place. This is because it'll be hard enough to find them even if they don't. Then Reggie goes to find his maps.

Then over at the memorial, Double-T looks at Tina (recognizing her heritage) and asks her if she is from Vietnam. Tina says yes and explains that her parents are, and she was the first person in her family to be born in the USA. Gaby then asks Double-T why he is homeless. Double-T explains that it just happened. When he came back from the war, he just felt so out of place, that he didn't know anybody anymore. Not even his own family. Then eventually over time he just had to get away.

Then Alex and Lenni have run over to them. They explain they've come up with a plan and they need to meet at Jamal's house. Lenni explains Jamal's dad is going to help them find Rob and Lisa and asks them to come. Tina hurries along, while Gaby has finally come around to Double-, and gives him her hand. Double-T holds onto her as they all run over to the Jenkins' house.

Part 5


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Rob's friend Double-T is in danger, and so is Rob! Double-T is a poet who is homeless and Rob met him at the Youth Center. Then one day, Double-T just disappeared and Rob thinks he's big in trouble. Now the Ghostwriter Team is trying to find him. Also so Rob has been too, along with Double-T's daughter Lisa.

Then, Rob and Lisa went searching through an old subway tunnel, this was one of the places where her dad used to sleep in. The tunnel suddenly collapsed, trapping them inside the room at the end. Rob lost his Ghostwriter Pen in the process, but was able to slowly send Ghostwriter a message made with stones. So now the Ghostwriter Team has two big tasks to do, One find Double-T, and Two find Rob and Lisa.

Here the new facts from the recent part of the arc: Ghostwriter is helping the team, by sending them messages and letters that are around Double-T. In this case. it was a plethora of letters written at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. But when they found Double-T, he had no clue what was going on or even knew where Rob was.

Then Ghostwriter sent the team another message from Rob. This message hinted to them he was in a tunnel, which they guessed must be tunnel "S32". Double-T was familiar with that tunnel, remembering it to be a certain tunnel where he and a fellow homeless friend of his named Hush used to sleep in. Also, Jamal's dad works for the subway, and he has maps of the tunnels and is going to help find them. Also Double-T is going to join the others to help find them too.

But are they in time?


The arc resumes, with Rob and Lisa nearly passed out from the lack of air in the tunnel's end. Rob keeps having flashbacks to before they went into the tunnel. The flashbacks are shown of him saying that they shouldn't go into the tunnel and Lisa insisting they go into it and how they can just turn back immediately if it looks dangerous. Then repetitively, flashbacks are shown of Rob saying he could have said no but he chose to go with her. and Lisa saying it was a stupid idea. Also that they're never going to get out and they're doomed. Finally, the flashback of him dropping his Ghostwriter Pen, the tunnel caving in and the both of them screaming for help is shown.

Then in Jamal's bedroom, he is frustrated sitting down at his computer. He is trying to come up with the best words to tell Rob and Lisa that they're coming to help them. He writes to Ghostwriter to Please tell Rob and Lisa but he can't think of what to say next. He comes up with "Don't Move", "Don't go anywhere" and "We're coming to help you". Then he tells Ghostwriter "help is on the way. Stay where you are". Then Ghostwriter flies away, giving Jamal a feeling of satisfaction.

Down in the end of the tunnel, Rob's Story, has really boosted Lisa's confidence and self esteem. She now believes that perhaps a North Wind can send the "Rescue Vibes". So she helps Rob expand his message to finish it faster. Rob will write the word Dodger and she will write the word Stadium, Lisa is motivated and starts helping him. Now Rob's Message says "HELP, TUNNEL OLD", and Ghostwriter skims over it and flies away.

Ghostwriter then returns into Jamal's computer, but he has bad news. The bad news is that Rob's message doesn't have enough letters in it, to rearrange it to says Jamal's message. So Jamal works painstakingly hard to find a shorter message to send. All he has to work with is, "HELP, TUNNEL OLD "S32". First he thinks the words "Sending Help" will do, but there is no I an N or a G. Then next he thinks "Sent Help" can work or better yet "Help Sent". Then he realizes it's perfect and types it to Ghostwriter. Then a moment later, Ghostwriter tells him the message has been sent and he is happy.

Then down in the tunnel's end, Rob looks up just as Ghostwriter arrives. He watches as Ghostwriter rearranges the stones from his message to read "HELP SENT". When seeing this, Rob is rejoiced, and tells Lisa that help is on the way and they will be fine, and that the rescue vibes or north wind have come through. Lisa thinks he's going crazy or delusional. then snap at him that he doesn't know for sure. Then she bends down onto his lap and begins to cry while he comforts her.

Then we see Double-T, Tina and Gaby all running over to the Jenkins' house. When they arrive, Double-T works with Reggie. Reggie shows him the area of the map, where he has narrowed it down the possible area they may be in. Jamal comes in. He says he hasn't gotten through to Rob's parents on the phone yet. But left them a message and will try again in a few minutes.

Reggie then warns all of them that the subway tunnels are really dangerous. When going down into them, it's like getting lost inside a maze, Double-T agree with him. Reggie makes the children all promise never to go into them and they all promise not to. Jamal says that all they want, is for them to get out of it. Reggie shows a map of the "S32" area, which is met with a square of streets that meet at the corners. Double-T shows Reggie the area he used to enter, and informs him that it's now been closed off. Then Reggie tries to figure out another way to get in.

Then suddenly, in a puff of smoke Ghostwriter appears. He tells the team "Old Dodger Stadi" they are confused by it. Reggie asks them what they're looking at and Jamal fibs saying it's nothing. Gaby writes it down, and the five of them all go over to the corner and huddle together in private. Jamal suggests that Rob is trying to send them more clues. Tina agrees, but can't make heads or tails about what a "stadi" is. Then Alex jokes around that a Stadi might a giant slimy rat that Rob encountered down in the tunnel. When hearing this, the girls are all grossed out and Gaby stops him asking him why Rob wouldn't have just told them it was a rat.

Jamal then looks up in the index, S T A D I, the closest he can find is two definitions. One of them means to measure the distance in a telescope. The other one is the plural for the word "Stadium" as in a Sport's Stadium. Tina then suggests that perhaps Rob was writing stadium, but hasn't finished it yet. Therefore, he could be meaning to tell them the words "Old Dodger Stadium". Hearing this, Alex gets smart and mocks them on their knowledge of sports. He tells them that The Dodgers team are from Los Angeles, and why would Rob be all the way in Los Angeles. Then Gaby reminds him that the message said OLD Dodger Stadium, so perhaps there was a first stadium.

Jamal then asks his dad, if there used to be an Old Dodger Stadium. His dad tells him that there isn't anymore, but there was years ago. Back when the Dodgers used to be a New York baseball team. Alex is shocked to hear this, and then Gaby now asks him if really knows anything about sports and the rest of them all laugh. Double-T and Reggie reminisce about the old stadium. Reggie informs them that the stadium was over at Ebbets Field, Double-T remarked on how they were once called "The Brooklyn Bums". When hearing him say Brooklyn, they all get excited and ask them if they can see what else is on the map. Reggie calms them down, and explains that when the stadium was torn down the Ebbets Field apartments were built over it.

Then Reggie notices a tunnel entrance on the target area on the map. The team rejoices to find out where the tunnel entrance is. Reggie then prepares to phone somebody from his company, to get the flashlights and the supplies he will need, also a first aid kid.

Meanwhile, down in the tunnel's end, Lisa has gotten over her crying and feels better now. She says that it had been a long time since she last cried. Rob tells her it has also been a long time, since he felt good for telling another person one of his stories. Also it was one of the stories he was going to tell her father. Still feeling despair, she says that he would have really liked it. Rob is still positive telling her that he will enjoy it, because he knows that help is on the way and they are getting out.

Then over in the Jenkins' house, Reggie is lecturing the kids because they all want to enter the tunnel now. He keeps trying to convince them that it's too dangerous, and that the answer is no. Then he tells them all to just stay home and wait and keep trying to get through to Rob's parents. Reggie also tries to forbid Double-T from going into it as well. Double-T convinces him to let him come, because he knows the tunnel and it's his daughter down there. Hearing this, Reggie bends the rules and gets him the proper personal protective equipment. Then in the tunnel, Double-T finds "S32" and they notice the gap has been closed off by a cave in. Knowing that they are inside, they scream to them but get no answers. Reggie then asks him if he knows another entrance. Double-T remembers a whole in the top where he could see the light. Then suddenly Double-T remembers where it is and runs to find it.

Then back at the Jenkins' house Jamal finds Lenni who is really worried about Rob. She is worried becayse they've been gone for so long now. Then in Jamal's room they all relax and eat potato chips. Then try to figure out just what to tell Colonel Baker when he calls back. They figure that, despite how mad he'll be they need tell him the simple truth. Lenni can't blame him for being mad, since Rob and Lisa did such a stupid thing, entering an abandoned subway tunnel. Alex states that he would do the exact same thing if their papa was in trouble. Jamal feels bad that Rob didn't just ask him. Because he knows his dad works for the subway. Tina says it's because Rob is just too shy to ask for anyone's help.

Then Lenni mentions all the many dangers that could have awaited them, such as rats, weirdos, cave ins and electrified train tracks. Then Jamal answers the phone, and nervously listens to Colonel Baker's response. Jamal nervously answers him saying his dad has gone down to find him, but there has been no answer yet.

Then down at the end of the tunnel, Rob and Lisa have both fallen asleep. Then suddenly they hear people coming. They are both ecstatic, Lisa is so thrilled saying his "Rescue Vibes" worked and kisses him on the cheek. Then we see Double-T is shining down a flashlight, and Lisa is thrilled to see him. She asks him to shine the light onto his face. Double-T calls out to Reggie and his partner that he's found them. Then they come over to help pull them out.

Then back at the Jenkins' house, Colonel Baker is furious! he is pacing back and forth. He is snapping about why his son would be stupid enough to enter an abandoned tunnel. Also how his son is going to get a huge lecture from him. Then Colonel Baker decides to phone the police, when just as he dials Robs comes inside. Everybody is thrilled to see him back safe and sound. His father is just so happy to see him safe, he gives him a big hug asking him if he's okay. Rob says that he is, and his dad begs him never to do it again.

Then Lisa and Double-T enter the house, Jamal happily mentions that she must be Lisa. Then she happily states they must be Rob's friends. Lisa is most grateful and thanks them for all of their help. Double-T reunites with his daughter. She mentions that he's been gone for over a year now. Then asks him why he never came back home. He then apologizes to her, explaining to her that he still loves her and he always will. He explains that during the Vietnam War, he spent a lot of time underground in dark tunnels.

This was where he saw the most horrible things happen. Therefore after the war ended, the world just seemed to bright and harsh. He felt like a complete stranger that couldn't do anything right anymore, even for his own family. Hearing this, Lisa seems understanding and apologizes for what he had to go through. But he apologizes to her, saying that he just felt that she was better off without him. Lisa says that she'll always need him and invites him to attend her high school graduation.

Then Rob apologizes to his dad, for nearly worrying him to death. Colonel Baker reminds him that it's okay to try and help a friend, but one must think more carefully before putting themselves into dangerous situations. Rob tells his dad that he now understands and promises never to do it again. Colonel Baker then apologizes for not being more helpful to Double-T. Then Rob mentions he still has a chance. Colonel Baker speaks with Double-T, he promises him that he will see to it that the V.A. will do everything to help him pull himself back together. Then he and Double-T head over to the V.A. to get the paperwork started.

Lisa thanks Rob for all of his help, and gives him a nice hug. Double-T gratefully thanks Rob and gives him a hug too. Double-T promises Rob that he will still be happy to hear his poetry and stories anytime. Then he and Lisa head off. Colonel Baker informs him that the work at the V.A. will take a while, and Rob informs him that Mr. Jenkins will see to it he gets back home.

Rob then apologizes to his friends for turning his back on them earlier. He explains that he just felt he needed to do it all himself, and didn't think anybody else cared. But now he feels he owes everything to them, he means it stating them to be the best friends that he has ever had. Jamal shakes his hand reminding him that they're all in it together, because they're a team. Rob then shakes hands with all of them, and informs them that he lost his Ghostwriter Pen. Alex informs him that even without it, Ghostwriter still knows that he is all right. With permission he borrows Gaby's pen and book and writes to Ghostwriter. Lenni tells him they'll get him a new pen soon, and Gaby asks him what he wrote.

Rob says he wrote "Dear Ghostwriter, thanks for being my light at the long tunnels end". Then Ghostwriter responds with a big flashing starburst in the air. The starburst says "FRIENDS LIGHT THE WAY!", Reggie comes in confused about what they're staring at. They all say it is some shinning light and he doesn't believe them. When Reggie leaves, he closes the door behind him and they all laugh.

  • This was the last five part story arc, as this arc and "Ghost Story", were the only arcs produced with five episodes, as all the others were four-parters.
  • This was also the first of several story arcs where Dean Irby played Jamal's father Reggie. That part was previously played by Samuel L. Jackson.