Over a Barrel
Season 1, Episode 27, 28, 29, 30
Over a Barrel
Air date Pt. 1, April 11, 1993
Pt. 2, April 18, 1993
Pt. 3 & 4, April 25, 1993
Written by Carin Greenberg Baxter
Kermit Frazier
Edward Gallardo
Teleplay by Edward Gallardo
Directed by Gregory Lehane
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While the Ghostwriter Team and most of the Fort Greene neighborhood residents are working in a community garden, Gaby suddenly collapses to the ground. Something is making her sick, and her illness only worsens after a while, but only for a short time. Numerous other people begin to fall ill, as well. Soon, animals that live in the garden begin to die, and a strange odor fills the community garden. It isn't until the Ghostwriter Team deepens their investigation that they discover wayward, orange barrels dumped underneath the garden.

Will Ghostwriter and the team find out who dumped the barrels in the garden before more people become sick?


Ghostwriter Team



Part 1


Today a bunch of children and teenagers, along Lenni, Rob and Gaby are helping Sally Lewis develop the Fort Greene Community Garden. Lenni offers to help her plant some marigolds, but Sally assures her she is still strong enough to do it herself, but she can help plant them.

Lenni applauds on her on the great job she has down developing the garden, because the lot used to be nothing but garbage and weeds. Sally thanks her stating that she couldn't have done it without everyone's help.

Then sally asks Lenni to excuse her for a moment, because she needs to speak to a man named Joe Roberts. She needs to speak with him about the free food program that they will be running. Lenni agrees to keep an eye on things, while she speaks to him.

Then just after Sally runs off to speak to Joe, Gaby suddenly stops digging. She gets disoriented and starts stammering asking for Rob's help. Then as Rob notices, she gets dizzy and faints and falls flat on the ground. Rob is alarmed and runs right over to her along with Sally and a bunch of other people.

They are all calling her name and asking her is she is all right. They they all check on her pulse and temperature and even Ghostwriter tries to read her vital signs.


The arc begins with Sally Lewis and a circle of people checking on Gaby. She slowly comes to as Sally, Grandma Jenkins, Rob, Lenni and another girl make sure that she is all right. Gaby asks them what happened. Rob explains to her that she fainted, because one minute she was fine and then suddenly she was not. Gaby is surprised to hear this. Then Sally decides to phone Gaby's parents and have her see a doctor.

Then Grandma Jenkins watches her as Sally goes off to phone the parents. Lenni goes to help Sally stating that she knows Gaby's phone number by heart. Gaby says she is all right, despite the fact she still feels dizzy and has an upset stomach. Grandma Jenkins insists she takes it easy and to just relax, and try not to worry about anything. Gaby asks Rob is she really fainted. He nods to her and she is shocked to hear it really happened.

Then later in the afternoon, Gaby is resting in her bed as Alex keeps an eye on her. She asks him why he is bothering her. He says it's because he is worried about her. Also because he's finished all of his homework for the weekend and there is currently nothing good on T.V. to watch. Alex is also beginning to get on her nerves, asking her over and over again if she is all right. When she keeps telling him that she is. Then to be nice, he asks her if he can do anything for her. Gaby asks him to get him some juice and to return some library books for her. Then later on to play a game of Clue or Scrabble with her. He nicely agrees to do all of this, and she is wondering if he isn't feeling okay either. This is because he is suddenly being so nice and helpful.

Then Jamal enters their bedroom with a surprise. He has happily brought with A thermos full of chicken vegetable soup, made entirely by his Grandma. He gives Gaby the thermos and a spoon and she happily takes it. Alex isn't sure she should eat it yet, because she felt nauseous earlier. Jamal says he got permission from their dad to give it to her. Then he claims it is 100% guaranteed to make her feel better. Gaby happily pour some into the cup and begins to eat it and asks him to thank his Grandma for her.

Then Jamal asks her what the doctor said. Alex speaks up for Gaby much to her annoyance. He tells Jamal that the doctor ran some tests and did not find anything wrong with her. All he said was Gaby just had to stay in bed for a while. Then he made an appointment for her to see specialist on Monday. Gaby enjoying the soupm then says that Alex covered everything and she will be fine. But she just wishes that Alex would stop bugging her about it.

Then over at Lenni's Loft Sally and Lenni are finishing lunch. Sally is most grateful and thanks her for a delicious lunch. Lenni tries not to make a big deal about it, since she just made them tuna fish sandwiches, but Sally appreciates the fact that she went to all the trouble to make them. Then Sally begins to organize their upcoming concert series. Sally mentions that since it was such a success the year before, that maybe they can expand it this year. Lenni then tells her she will ask her dad if he and his band can play. Also that her dad has a lot of other friends who are musicians.

Then suddenly Max Frazier comes in saying he heard his name mentioned. Then suddenly, Max and Sally gaze at each with admiration as they shake hands. Lenni introduces her to him as Sally Lewis the one who runs the community garden. Max claims he already knows her. He says she is Sally Lewis who also runs the free food program for the elderly. Also the poetry seminar at the youth center, and the big sister program. Sally and Max laugh as she says he makes her sound like such a do-gooder. Max says he means more like Superwoman, because Lenni told him so many good things about her that he beginning to wonder if she made her up. This slightly embarrasses Lenni.

Sally then mentions that she was wondering, if he and his band could play for free at her next concert. Max says he might be talked into doing it. Then he asks her what kind of sound she is looking for. He then sits down at his keyboard and plays a few different sounds. This which both amuses and impresses her. Lenni is annoyed because she thinks he is showing off for her. Max says he just wants her to know what he might be playing and she says she can handle it. Then Sally says goodbye to Max telling him it was a pleasure to meet him. She has to go because she has a youth center board meeting. She thanks Lenni for lunch and shows herself out of the front door.

Then over at The Bodega, Rob is talking to Eduardo as he is stocking shelves. Rob informs him that a woman named Mrs. Rodriguez's two sons Jorge and David have been sick also for a while. They've both had stomach aches and nausea, but the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with them either, just with like Gaby. Eduardo then suggests it may have been something they caught from their friends at school. Then Rob mentions that they don't go to Gaby's school, they both go to the same school as he does, Eduardo is surprised to hear this. Rob then asks permission to see Gaby, and Eduardo tells him she's in her bedroom with Alex and Jamal.

Then suddenly, Alex pops out of the door he asks for Papa to come quick. Inside the bedroom, we see Gaby has collapsed on the floor. Jamal offers to help her go back to her bed. Then Eduardo comes running to her side asking her what happened. Gaby explains that she just got up to play a game, and then she fell on the floor. Eduardo then picks her up and takes her to the hospital to see a specialist right away. Rob and Jamal express their feelings of being scared as they begin to pick the letter pieces from the scrabble game that Gaby dropped. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter appears and he rearranges letters to ask them "WHAT IS WRONG WITH GABY?". They can tell that he can sense that she is feeling bad again.

Therefore, Jamal writes to Ghostwriter. He tells him "She is sick. We don't know what is wrong". Ghostwriter then skims the message and flies all around the room borrowing letters from books, posters and other types of signage. He hangs them in a big flashing message in the air. He tells them "WE MUST FIND OUT" and they realize he is right.

Then the next day at the Fort Green Community Garden, Rob and Lenni are helping Sally again. Rob tells Sally that the specialist couldn't find anything wrong either. Lenni tells her that Gaby just has to rest in bed for a couple of days and take pills for nausea. Sally says that she is glad that it was not anything worse. Rob comments that there sure have been a lot of sick kids and older people recently. Sally then suggests it might be something in the air, which is why having more green plants will clear the air for them. Lenni mentions that when the garden used to be a vacant lot, it didn't smell nice at all it just reeked of garbage.

Then Sally politely asks Rob to go and feed the rabbits. He nicely agrees and goes over to feed them. Then suddenly, Rob calls out in panic for Sally and Lenni's help. He shows them the rabbits, and expresses concern thinking they might be dead! They are dead and now they are really upset. First sick people and now dead rabbits. They decide it's time to call a rally. Therefore Lenni picks up a stick and writes in the dirt "RALLY L".

Then over at Lenni's Loft, they discuss when has been happening. Rob claims that there must be a connection because it's coincidental with the kids getting sick and the rabbits in the garden dying. Alex backs Rob up stating that before the other day, Gaby never fainted before in her life. Rob mentions that although Gaby is getting better, the rabbits died. This worries Alex because he says that the rabbits died because they were only small creatures. Then he asks if it means that a person can die from it too.

Then Lenni calms him down saying that she doesn't think so. Then Alex tries to make a joke about it, he says it might be like the sci-fi mystery he read. A mystery where people were getting sick from a virus in outer space. So maybe some aliens are going to take over their neighborhood and then the whole world. Jamal then snaps him out of it, telling him that perhaps aliens have taken over his brain. Lenni then says that whatever it is, it's starting to make her feel sick too, because she has had a headache since the past Friday.

The team comes to the conclusion, that they need to find out what is making the people sick. So Jamal suggests they do a survey. They will go around asking people the same questions. Then they will review their answers, and see if there is any patterns or trends in the answers. Rob uses Lenni's computer and types up their survey.

  • Survey
  • Name:__________________
  1. Have you been sick lately?
  2. What were your symptoms?
  3. Where did you go before you became sick?
  4. What did you eat before you became sick?

They realized they have covered everything, and they all agree to interview five people. Then meet together and review their answers, and see if they can figure out what's going on. Alex decides to go and interview his sister right away.

Then back at The Jenkins' House, Jamal comes home to see that his Grandma has found his old rubber duck Melvin from under the sofa. He is happy to see it, wondering what had happened to him. Grandma Jenkins reveals that she has gotten fed up with how dirty their house is. So she has decided that the time has come for the family to do some spring cleaning. Jamal tries to convince his Grandma, that he needs to go and meet with his friends to do their survey. However she isn't convinced it's important enough.

Then he tries to tell her that it is to find out what is making everyone sick. He tries to talk her out of it, saying that he would love to help and clean. But their investigation is more important. Grandma CeCe tells him the only thing he will be investigating for the time being, is the dust in bedroom. Jamal reluctantly takes the mop and bucket and goes to clean his room.

Then over in the Fernandez children's bedroom, Alex interviews his sister. He asks her, "Have you been sick lately?" and she answers yes. Second he asks her "What were your symptoms?" she says she has a headache, a stomach ache she was dizzy and she fainted. Then third he asks her "Where did you go before you became sick?" she says she went to the garden and then came back home. Then he asks her "What did you eat before you became sick?" She says she had cereal a banana and the chicken vegetable soup Jamal's Grandma made for her. Although Gaby said the soup was good, Alex still decides to ask Jamal about it later.

The back at The Jenkins' House, Jamal has been cleaning his room. Then to let off some steam he does some ninja moves with the broomstick. His mom Doris comes in hoping he isn't fighting with his grandma. He claims that he wouldn't fight her with an entire ninja army. Then Grandma CeCe stops by and gives Doris some ironing to do. Then Jamal jokingly asks her if he wants to show her a karate move or two. Doris tells him to hush and Grandma CeCe tells him to karate himself back over to his dirty windows. Then Jamal and Doris both laugh about how she really got them stuck into doing the cleaning.

Then in The Bodega, Alex is at the cash register. He sells a man two bottles of seltzer medicine. Meanwhile Rob interviews a pretty teenage girl. He asks her "Have you been sick lately?" the teenage girl tells him she was sick on Friday. That is when she ran into her ex-boyfriend at the community garden. She thinks it was because she saw her ex-boyfriend with his new girlfriend, her ex-best friend Myrna. Tina interviews a woman named Mrs. Simpson. Mrs. Simpson said yes she was sick recently. Her symptoms were a headache and a stomach ache. Before she was sick, she took a walk in the community garden and she ate vegetable soup a salad before she got sick.

Then over at The Jenkins' House, Jamal seems to have gotten his room tidied. Then his mom comes in again, complaining that now she's been asked to clean the cobwebs out of the attic. This makes her just cringe because of the thought of the spiders. Then she asks Jamal if she can hide under his bed. Then it turns out she cannot because it is full of clutter. Then she asks Jamal what items he will be giving away to the good will. She is shocked to see one of them is his old teddy bear Bernard. She and his father got it for him when he was two-years-old.

This used to be his favorite teddy bear, and he took it with him everywhere he went even the bathroom. Then Jamal asks her, since she likes it so much if she wants it. She tells him she wants him to put it into storage and save it for his children. So she proceeds to put it into the closet. Then before he can warn her, she opens the closet door and toys and junk come crashing out. Then they just laugh it off about how bad they both are at spring cleaning.

Then finally, the team meets to review all their answers form the people they interviewed. One boy from Zora Neale Hurston Middle School named Mike, he went to three places. The Candy Store, Jackie's Taco Shack and Buddy Burger. He had eaten a cheeseburger, fries, salad, chocolate cake, milk, pizza, bacon and eggs, soda, chips, pie, popcorn and candy. Hearing this they figure it is no wonder that Mike got sick. Alex states that seeing him eat is a gross sight. Lenni is confused saying that she can see no connections.

Then Rob gets up ready to give up saying that maybe there aren't any. Then Tina decides to review the surveys papers again. Then she comes across a connection, all of the people they've interviewed either visited the garden or ate food grown from the garden. Then Alex reveals he found out that the vegetables Grandma CeCe made her soup with were also grown in the garden. Ghostwriter points out that the word Garden is mentioned in each survey. Then he raises the words five times in the air. Then he lights the word up five times. They all agree it must be the garden and they head over to check it out.

When the five of them arrive at the community garden, Ghostwriter searches around for another out of the ordinary. Then suddenly he changes the sign from sayings "Fort Greene Community Garden" to saying "WA_ _ING HAZA_DO_ _ _ _UBSTANCE. TETRACHLOROETHY". They are all confused, the only thing it sounds like to Lenni is a video game and Rob writes it down. Then more incomplete words appear below "ECO SA_ _ _ _ _ _ _ CALS CO. Robs writes it down also, then asks Ghostwriter where he says those words.

They follow Ghostwriter across the garden and he burrows into the ground. The place is the same spot that Gaby was digging at the other day. Then Alex suggests maybe Ghostwriter wants them to dig to see what is down there. Also whatever it is, it is beginning to give Lenni and Rob headaches. Then carefully they all dig until the came to a partially covered top. They carefully wipe the dirt off. There they can see that it is an old rusted chemical barrel, with the words with missing letters on it. There is no telling how many more of them there are. Also to figure out what is in the barrels, they need to figure out what the words with missing letters mean.

Then back at Lenni's Loft, they use the dictionary. They figure out that HAZA_DO _ _ _ must be HAZARDOUS, AND _UBSTANCE must be SUBSTANCE. So it must be "Hardous Substance". Thefore WA __ NING must be WARNING. Therefore it must really say "WARNING HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE" Alex mentions he sees these words all of the time. This is because in the bodega, those words are on the cans of bugs pray and rat poison that they sell. Tina panics to hear that the stuff in the barrels is poison, and no wonder so many kids are getting sick. The big question is, how did it get there in the first place?

Part 2


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, the Ghostwriter Team has been having lot's of fun, working in the new Fort Greene Community Garden. The Garden is a great place, that grows food and flowers for the neighborhood.

Then one day when Gaby was working, she suddenly took ill and fainted. It is scary, because nobody knows how Gaby got sick. Then things are getting even scarier, because other people in the neighborhood are getting sick too. Also, Rob discovered that the rabbits that have been living in the garden, have all suddenly died!

So then the team all got together and decided to organize a survey. This survey was to ask people in the area all of the same questions. Then they reviewed their answers to see if there was any type of connection. When the team compared their answers to each others, they find out something that all of the sick people had in common: The Garden. All of those people had either visited the garden or ate food grown from the garden.

Then when the team went back to investigate the garden, Ghostwriter had changed the garden sign to a suspicious message with missing letters. Intrigued by it, Ghostwriter showed the team where he saw it. Then he instructed them to start digging. When they finished digging, they came across one of many buried barrels. The barrel had the exact same suspicious message with missing letters on it. Then soon with help from the dictionary, they figured out what the message on the barrel meant. It is to inform people that it contains a poisonous and hazardous substance.

What are the weird barrels doing in the garden? What do they have to do with everybody getting sick?


The arc resumes with Lenni telling the team that they have to find where the poison came from. This is because it isn't just poisoning the garden, it's poisoning them too.

The next day, Sally Lewis and two other adults are working hard digging up barrels. Then Sally runs back to the Ghostwriter team and the other kids who have been standing by watching. The kids are all shocked to hear her say that the garden needs to be closed. Sally is very upset, as she informs them that they have already uncovered three barrels so far. Also it looks like there are many more and some of them are leaking.

Tina and Lenni both ask her how the barrels got there in the first place. Sally says that she has a feeling that the barrels have been dumped in it, long before the garden was created. Lenni asks why they were just dumped and Sally explains to them, that after some chemicals have served their purpose, they can become extremely dangerous to people. There are some chemicals that can be recycled and used again. However, that costs a lot of money, so some people would rather just dump them, to get them out of the way and save money.

Then afterwards, Sally orders everyone to clear out from the garden. Then suddenly, Ghostwriter comes flying by. Lenni points it out to Rob. Then they both run over to the barrels. Sally is concerned and calls to them to get away from them. Ghostwriter then skims over the three barrels, lighting up a word on each one. Rob gets ready to write them down. On one barrel, Ghostwriter illuminates the word: L_t_K25. Then on second barrel he illuminate the word: tK256, then on the third one he illuminates the word: L_ _K_25 and Rob writes them all down. Then Lenni, Alex and Tina run over to them. Sally nicely pleas for them to leave the barrels for their own safety and they do.

Then when they are clear from the barrels, Rob complains to her. He asks her why they can't just call somebody to get rid of the barrels. Sally explains that the government usually takes care of the disposal of toxic waste. Tina is shocked to hear her say it is toxic waste. Sally then tells them that she is going to phone the Parks' Department, as soon as she gets everyone else out of the garden. Rob tells Sally that they can do it for her. Then they all leave to do it.

Then over at Lenni's Loft, Rob has no luck when calling the Parks' Department. They told him that he should try calling the Department of Human Resources. Then over the course of a long period of time, Rob is told over and over again to either call different places, or he is put on hold when calling the places. Then finally, he is told to call the Environmental Protection Division (EPD for short). Rob calls the place, and he finally gets an answer. The person who answers is a young woman. She tells him her name is Officer Cole and asks him how she can help him.

Rob introduces himself, and he informs her that are barrels of poison in their community garden and they want them removed. Officer Cole asks him, if he knows what kind of poison it is. Rob says he isn't sure but the barrels says "WARNING HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE". Then he spells out the partial name to her letter by letter Tetrachloroethy-. Officer Cole tells him that it might by Tetrachloroethylene, which is a cleaning chemical. Then she tells him to hang on while she looks it up.

Then Sally comes over and Max tells her that the kids have it under control. Then Rob explains to Officer Cole, that the barrels are leaking, and it is an orange like color with a weird smell. Sally is most impressed with the team's hard work an determination. She tells Max that she was just eleven when she organized her first protest rally. When hearing this, Max is impressed realizing that is why Lenni likes her so much. Then Rob hangs up the phone with great news. The news is that the Environmental Protection Division will come over the next day to look at the barrels. When hearing this, everyone claps and rejoices. Rob then assures Sally that they will have their garden back in no time.

Then when Alex gets home, he enters their bedroom. He can hear Gaby crying and goes to check on her. He asks her what is wrong. She worryingly tells him that when Tina brought her homework over, she told her that the rabbits in the garden had died. Alex tell her the good news, about the government sending someone to the garden the next day. Gaby then asks Alex, if he thinks that it means she might died too, just like the rabbits did. Alex tells her to think positive, and that she is going to be fine. Then Gaby tells him that she is tired and he leaves her to rest for a while.

Then over at the Nguyen's house, Mrs. and Mrs. Nguyen, Tina and Linda are all impatiently waiting. Then we see the first born child Tuan comes home. Tuan is a bit rebellious with long hair tied back. Mr. Nguyen is mad asking him why he is late. Tuan says it because he was busy rehearsing with his band. His father looks down on his band "The Leaping Dogs. This is because he has received a note from Tuan's school. The note informs them that he has skipped school twelve times the past year to attend rehearsals. Tuan states that he needs the time to rehearse, because if he doesn't he can miss his chance.

Then Mr. Nguyen tells him that if doesn't go to school, he will miss all chances and won't get into college. Tuan snaps back at him that he isn't going to college, when he graduates he is staying with the band. Mr. Nguyen reminds him that he and his mother didn't leave everything behind. to come to the USA so he can throw his life away. Then Mrs. Nguyen speaks up. She makes it clear that they will all attend school everyday. Then after school, they will all come home. Then they will either do their homework, or help in the Tailor Shop. Tina complains that it's not fair to be punished for not doing anything. Then her mom reminds, her that she hasn't been helping enough in the tailor shop lately.

Then back in the Fernandez children bedroom, Alex is reading a book on "Environmental Science". He is looking up Tetrachloroethylene. He finds out it also goes by the name Perc. He finds out that it is a chemical used for dry cleaning, cleaning metal and machinery. Also if it gets into the water it can kill fish and plants. Alex is getting a bit worried now. Then he finds out that exposure to Perc, can dizziness, fainting spells, or an irregular heartbeat leading to death. Alex is really worried now, so he reads the prescription on the phial of Gaby's medicine. Then he decides to phone her Doctor, Dr. Singhla.

Then when he speaks to Dr. Singhla on the phone, she assures Alex that Gaby will make a full recovery and she doesn't have any traces of Perc in her body. Then Dr. Singhla tells Alex that a person would have to be around Perc for a very long time, for it cause harmful and fatal effects. Alex asks her if she thinks she should run more tests to make sure. Then Dr. Singhla ensures him that his sister is going to be just fine, and to make sure she stays away from the garden. Alex promises he will and thanks her for her time, and she thanks him for informing her about the Perc, because now she knows how Gaby got sick.

When hanging up, Alex expresses a big sigh of relief. He then writes to Ghostwriter, he tells him "I told the Doctor about the Perc. She says Gaby will be fine! Then Ghostwriter borrows some letters, and replies saying "Hooray! Great Work!".

Then over at the Garden, Officer Cole and some workers from EPD have arrived. The workers are wearing hazmat suits and they're digging up the barrels. Then Officer Cole comes over to speak with Sally and the kids. She tells them they have confirmed that the barrels do indeed contain Perc. Also removing them won't be so simple, they'll need to conducts tests on the ground and soil, and it can take up to six months before they can do them. Sally and the kids are all shocked to hear this. Officer Cole explains that they need to work on the most dangerous ones first.

Then Officer Cole informs them that for the meantime, they will secure the area and close it off to the public. Then Alex asks her if there is any way to get the barrels out sooner. She tells him that they only way, would be to find the person who dumped them in the first place. This is because since the person broke the law by by dumping them, the law requires the person to pay for removing them. Lenni is asked when can the find the person who did it, and Officer Cole says they will begin their investigation soon, but not soon enough.

Then over at Lenni's Loft, Jamal joins the four of them. They are all mad and frustrated to hear that it can take up to six months to clean up the garden. Sally suggests that they try and put pressure on the EPD, she says she has a friend on the city council. So she says that she will phone her, to see if she can help speed things up. Then suddenly, Rob notices a certain news host on T.V. The woman is Fannie Mae Banner. and she has just helped expose a corrupt landlord who lied about making repairs and renovations on his apartment building.

So the team suggests they call Fannie Mae Banner. She is a proactive news host, who people call when they are having problems. Problems such as a corrupt landlord, or a store that over charges it customers, they call her. She does a hidden camera show, to embarrass them on live television. This often make these people change their minds or their ways immediately. Therefore, maybe they can embarrass the EPD into cleaning out their garden sooner. Lenni decides to call the station right away. Then it turns out Fannie Mae Banner gets requests about the environment all of the time. Therefore, she will only do it for them, if there is a scandal involved. This is something such as someone important being involved in the crime. Sally encourages them not to give up, and Jamal inspires them to do their own investigation to find out who did it themselves.

Then the next day, we see Gaby is now well enough to leave the house. She is at the fence to the Fort Greene Community Garden. The fence is closed and locked down, and there is a sign on the fence from the EPD. The sign says "HAZARDOUS WASTE SITE. TETRACHLOROETHYLENE CONTAMINATION. NO TRESPASSING". Gaby is having a time reading the Complicated words. Then Ghostwriter appears and animates himself sludge on the words "HAZARDOUS WASTE". When seeing this, it helps Gaby realize it must mean poison.

Then Ghostwriter slides himself slowly to the grounds as a green sludge puddle. This helps Gaby understand part of the sign, but the rest of it is very hard. Especially for children around her age or even a bit older. Then suddenly, two teenagers run up to the fence. She tells them not to go into the garden, because it is dangerous but they ignore her. Also they can't understand the sign, so they just ignore it and hop the fence and enter the garden.

Then back at Lenni's Loft, Alex, Jamal, Rob & Lenni are trying to figure out how to find the person who dumped the barrels. Rob suggests that maybe there is something written on the barrels. Something that will tell them where they came from. They review what Ghostwriter had read off the barrels before. Then they try to figure out what "ECO SA_ _ _ _ _ _ _ CALS CO means. Lenni mentions that CO. means company. So they look through the phone book for a company. They find the address to one listed "ECO-SAFE CHEMICALS CO.". Then they decide to go over and pay the company a visit. Then just before they leave Gaby stops by. They are all thrilled to see her, and she panics telling her brother that they need to make a better sign. One that kids can understand to keep them out of the garden. They can tell by her energy and enthusiasm that she is back to her good ole self.

Then over at the Nguyen's house, the three children are all at home. Linda is reciting a Vietnamese lullaby, while Tuan is resting on the couch. Tina comes over to tell him that their parents are on their way home. Then she asks him to get his feet off the couch. He snaps at her to not tell him what to do. Also he wants to be called Tony instead. She snaps at him reminding him that it isn't his name.

Then just as she gets their tea ready, he expects her to just serve him. Then she reminds him that she isn't his maid and to drink it at the table. Also if he spills it on the couch, they will be in big trouble. He tells her that they are already in trouble, she reminds him that it was all his fault, and got their parents mad at all of them. He tells her that their parents are too obsessed with their own customs. He doesn't care about how children behave in Vietnam, because he is an American. She reminds him that their friends are too. They are also expected to obey their parents and go to school too.

He then complains that he can't even speak his mind. She tells him not to because, all it does is cause trouble. The more trouble, the harder it will be for her and Linda too. Then Tuan gets up and snaps at Linda to stop singing the lullaby. Then he complains because he was expecting Vietnamese tea. Instead she made American tea which upsets his stomach. Tina then teases him about why an American boy would want Vietnamese tea and Linda laughs at him.

Then we see that Lenni and Rob are visiting "ECO-SAFE CHEMICAL CO". They are now speaking to the companies CEO, Ralph Dugan. He informs them that whoever dumped the barrels of Perc did it illegally. However it wasn't their company, they produce lot's of chemicals, and they sell them to lot's of different companies. Then afterwards, they aren't responsible for what those companies do with them. Then Lenni asks Ralph if he can find out who they were sold to. He says that if they have the lot numbers he can. He explains that the lot numbers are used when they sell big amounts to other companies at a time. This helps them keep track of what they sold and to whom.

Then Rob remembers,, those three codes Ghostwriter pointed out on the barrels a few days ago. He asks Ralph if they could be lot numbers. He says although they're incomplete, he can check. He finds the only lot number beginning with 256 for a Perc order. The order was for a company called "French Garment Cleaners" they bought the barrels of Perc. Lenni is familiar with the company, it just happens to be right near the garden.

Then over in Jamal's bedroom, Gaby explains to Alex and Jamal that two young teenagers couldn't understand the sign that was there. So they just climbed over the fence and went into the garden. Also, she too had trouble understanding the sign. So they need to make a better sign, one that kids can have an easier time understanding. The important fact is to mention that the there is poison in the garden, and it can make them sick. Also to really catch their attention, they will start the sign with the word Danger with exclamation marks. Then Alex suggests making two signs. One sign in English and one sign in Spanish. This is because a lot of the people in their neighborhood, read Spanish better than English.

Then soon, Gaby and Alex have finished making the two signs. Gaby's English sign says "DANGER!!! POISON IN OUR GARDEN IS MAKING PEOPLE SICK. KEEP OUT! Alex's SPANISH sign says "¡¡¡PELIGRO!!! HAY VENENO EN NUSTRO JARDÍN. ESTA ENFERMANDO LA GENTE. ¡MANTÉNGASE AFUERA!". Then they go over to put them on the fence at the garden.

Then Lenni and Rob head over to "French Garment Cleaners". They meet with Momo who works their part-time now, Momo is rude and cold to them. They ask him if he can help them find out, how the business gets rid of it's Perc when it is used up. He rudely asks them why, and they explain to them that barrels of Perc were illegally dumped into the community garden, which made lot's of people sick. Now they just found out that the barrels came from this business. Momo explains to them that his boss has a private hauler, who takes the barrels away. When asked if he knows the name of the private hauler, Momo gets a bit nervous and runs off to do his delivery.

Then over at the Garden, they successfully attach their two signs to the fence. Then the same two teenagers from the other day stop by. This time they look at the new signs, and they now seem to understand the danger. Then they just leave without giving it a second thought.

Then back at the Nguyen's house, Linda is sitting beside her brother. She is singing the Vietnamese lullaby again while he plays guitar. Their parents arrive home and they watch them. Then after Linda finishes, Tuan signs it in English. The parents watch proudly, and when they finish Mr. Nguyen claps. Tuan is happy to hear that his father liked the song. Mr. Nguyen liked it because it reminded him of Vietnam and America at the same time. Tuan explains that is the reason why "The Leaping Dogs" want him in their band, because they enjoy his mixture.

Then Tuan apologizes to his father. He says that didn't mean it, when he said he wasn't going to college he was just angry. Mr Nguyen understands saying that he was angry too. Now he can understand that his son feels so strongly about his music. He agrees to let his him stay in the band, as long as he attends school everyday. Tuan promises that if he can stay in the band, he'll never skip school again. Then respectfully nod to each other and he thanks his father. Then Tina asks her mother if she can go out. Mrs. Nguyen has lightened up now, she promises that she can see her friends as long as she keeps helping in the shop.

Then back at Lenni's Loft, Gaby is relieved that their news signs are finally keeping the kids out. Then Lenni gets a phone call. The person is disguising their voice in a low whisper. She is told that if she wants more information on who dumped the barrels, then to meet him at Clinton and 4th, the next ten minutes. Lenni is confused asking who it is. The person does not say and tells her to just be there and then hangs up.

Part 3


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, there is trouble in the Fort Greene Community Garden. It is a cool place that grows flowers and food, and where a lot of people hang out. Gaby was working there, then one day she suddenly fainted.

Also, lot's of other people who hang out there have been getting sick too. So the Ghostwriter Team figured out that there is something dangerous going on with the garden. Then with Ghostwriter's help they made a creepy discovery: hidden barrels of poison.

The new facts from the previous part of the arc are: First, the Team has been trying to find out everything they can about the barrels. They soon found out they contain a poisonous cleaning chemical. The chemical is called Terachloroethylene also known as Perc. The chemical is used for dry cleaning, metal cleaning and for cleaning machinery. However if exposed to it, it can cause dizziness, fainting spells or an irregular heart leading to sudden death!

They also discovered that the barrels were dumped there illegally, and the team wants them removed right away. But getting rid of the can take up six months. So the only way to speed things up, is to find the person who dumped them in the first place. So the team decided to begin their own investigation and find the person themselves.

They soon found out, that the barrels were sold to a dry cleaning company. The company is "French Garment Cleaners", and it happens to be very close to the garden. Momo works their part-time now. and he told Lenni and Rob that his boss has a private hauler to dispose of their used barrels. So it is that companies job to dispose of them in a safe way.

Then something spooky happened. Lenni got a phone call from a mysterious person. This person told her to meet him privately in the next ten minutes for more information regarding the barrels. Can the Ghostwriter find out who is poisoning the garden? Also what is going to happen next?


The arc resumes with Rob and Alex asking Lenni who was on the phone. Lenni seems freaked out, saying she had troubling hearing him and he didn't say who he was. He only told her, to meet him at Clinton St. and 4TH in the next ten minutes, for more information on who dumped the barrels.

Alex is worried thinking it might be the same person who dumped the barrels, and is out to get her. Gaby advises her not to go, thinking it is too dangerous, but Lenni feels she has to take the chance. She feels this way because if the person really is honest and can help them, then it could be worth the risk. So the team comes up with a backup plan. Rob will go with her, and Alex, Gaby and Jamal will hide nearby to call for help if anything goes wrong.

When the team heads over to Clinton St. and 4th, Alex, Gaby and Jamal hide from across street to keep watch. Then Rob and Lenni walk o the street, unsure if the person will show up. Then suddenly a hand comes from the subways staircase and taps Lenni startling her. The person is Momo, they are relieved to see him. He tells them he was whispering so his boss wouldn't hear him. Momo tells them that his little sister was also sick the last weekend. Nobody knew why she was sick. Then he got curious and phoned home. Then he found out that before she got sick. she was also playing in the garden.

Therefore he is now more than willing, to help them find out who hauls away the Perc. He says he doesn't know yet, but he can check for information in his boss' office, when he is out the next day. He then tells them to meet him the next day around 3:30pm. He then says goodbye to the, they thank him and then they cheer. Then the three friends from come out from hiding and cheer too.

Lenni comes home, excited to tell her dad the good news. Then she is surprised to see Sally is there all nicely dressed. Sally is excited about hearing her dad and his band play for her concert on this night. Lenni mentions the band is really good. Then she tries to get Sally attention off of her dad. Shes mentions to her that the band's keyboard player Peter is a really cute blonde man. Sally asks her if she is okay with her being over so much. Lenni says it is okay, because her Dad and his band are playing for her concert.

Then Lenni tells Sally of the breakthrough they've gotten too. She explains that after they traced the barrels back to the "ECO-SAFE CHEMICALS CO.", they found the company sold the barrels to "French Garment Cleaners" dry cleaning company. Then the on the next day, they are going to find out who hauls their used up chemicals. Sally is very impressed with her.

Sally then explains that she has no luck. She has been trying to persuade the EPD to remove the barrels sooner. Also she asked their cities council representative to call them. Then they told her the same thing they tell everyone. It is about how there are so many other worse toxic wastes sites, they need to clean first. So they will have to wait their turn. Then Lenni is disappointed wondering what to do now. Sally tells her not give up because she knows an agency that helps community gardens and she will call them tomorrow.

Then her dad comes by all ready to go, Lenni can see that he is nicely dressed too and enthused to be going out with Sally. He tells Lenni he has a supper ready for her in the oven. Also Mrs. Fernandez knows she is home and to call her if she needs anything. Then she kisses her dad goodbye, after he leaves Lenni seems upset, that her dad now likes a new woman.

Then over in Jamal's bedroom, he is impatiently waiting for Rob to come over, so they can go to "French Garment Cleaners". To kill time, he reminisces with his two old childhood toys that his Grandma and Mom both saved for him. They are Melvin the Rubber Duck and Bernard the bear. He talks to the bear telling it that it must be nice to not have to worry about Perc. Then he hears Rob coming to his room, and hides the toys to avoid embarrassment. Then on their way out, Rob asks him who he was talking to about Perc. Then Jamal just defensively tells him to never mind.

The next afternoon, Lenni, Rob, Alex and Gaby walk by the garden. Lenni is still in a mood from the other night. Then suddenly they notice that the bottom of the fence has been ripped open! When they look inside, they see a homeless woman picking vegetables. They try warn her that the vegetable are poisoned and can make her sick, but she says she is so hungry that she doesn't care. Alex nicely offers her some free food from the Bodega. Then when they leave, the rest decide to call EPD to patch up the fence.

Then Rob and Lenni head over to "French Garment Cleaners" to meet with Momo. When they get there, it turns out Momo has found out nothing. His boss locked the office and took the key with him. He apologizes for letting them down and they thank him for trying. Then Momo leaves to answer the phone, and Lenni and Rob head over to the Fernandez's house.

Then inside the Fernandez children's bedroom, they explain things to Alex and Gaby. They explain they've learned that "French Garment Cleaners" has a private hauler to haul away their used chemicals. Also they can't get into Momo's Boss' office. Then suddenly the four of them all realize that they can ask Ghostwriter to do it. Rob writes to Ghostwriter, he asks him "Who is the hauler for "French Garment Cleaners"?". Ghostwriters flies over in a flash to the boss' office and checks the filing cabinet.

Then Ghostwriter comes back and gives the team three answers.

  1. Mash-the-Trash Hauling Co.
  2. Miller's Hauling Co.

They are now trying to figure out how to narrow it down, to which of three haulers it is. They decide to give Ghostwriter more words to look for. Alex realizes that many haulers won't touch toxic waste. Then they decide to ask Ghostwriter to check for which one hauled toxic waste, since they keep records. Rob asks Ghostwriter to also check for "Tetrachloroethylene", "Perc" and "Barrel". Then Ghostwriter skims them and goes back to check the boss' filing cabinet again.

Then when Ghostwriter comes back, he tells the team this message. "Miller's Hauling Co. Date: 6/7/88. Customer: French Garment Cleaners". Load: 12 Barrels perc." They find out that on June 7, 1988 Miller's Hauling Company was the company that took away "French Garment Cleaners" used Perc. Then to avoid looking suspicious only Tina and Alex decide to go over to speak to someone at the company. They will tell a white lie saying that they're from the school paper doing an article on neighborhood companies. Then before they go, Rob teases the two of them about going off together.

The over at Lenni's Loft, Max and Sally are really getting to know each. She explains to him that a few years ago she moved to the United States with her family. They came when her at the time husband Colin got a job transfer. Then when they got divorced, her ex-husband insisted on taking their children back home for the school year. She explains she has two children a son named Simon who is thirteen, and a daughter named Elisabeth who is eleven. Also that she won't be seeing them again until the summertime. She tells them how much she misses them and wishes that divorce was not so hard on children. Max tells her he is looking forward to meeting them.

Then when Lenni comes home, she is upset to see Sally there again. She is annoyed and rudely asks what's going on. Max tells her that Sally is joining them for dinner, and he making them his famous apple cinnamon waffles. Lenni rudely snaps about how waffles are for breakfast. Her dad reminds her that they have breakfast food for dinner quite often. Lenni rudely replies saying that she just doesn't want them for dinner today. Max tells her that if she feels that way, then she does not have to eat them. Then Lenni says that she will just starve. Then she sits down at the keyboard and pouts. Max insists that she apologize to Sally for being so rude. Lenni apologizes and then runs off to her bedroom. Sally can sense she is upset, she understands and she isn't mad.

Then over at "Miller's Hauling Co", Tina and Alex have come over to speak with the CEO John Miller. Then outside the office, they notice a wall fall of trophies and plaques. Also that this company has recently donated $1000 to help a Children's Home. This makes them think that they possibly may have the wrong guy, and he might not be so bad after all.

Then just as they show up to the office door, they can hear a man inside. The man is John Miller and he is furious and screaming his head off on the telephone. They can hear him telling someone that Officer Cole is already investigating him. Also that the shredder is coming on Saturday, and to just get the papers to him by then no matter how. Then when he comes out of the office, he assumes Tina and Alex have come from a school with their class to pose for pictures. The pictures are to for his contributions to the Children's Home. Also he mentions that on Sunday he is getting an award at Zora Neale Hurston Middle school for citizen of the year.

Mr. Miller asks them where the rest of the class is, and they lie saying they came early. They interview him asking questions. They first ask him what he does at the place, he tells them his company is a transfer station. The garbage is brought to it, then it is sorted and recycled. Then anything that cannot be recycled is sent to the landfill where it is buried. Then Alex asks him about the things that are too dangerous to buried, such as chemicals. Mr. Miller gets nervous wondering why he wants to know. The suddenly, the class of elementary school students have shown up for the pictures. Tina and Alex say they are camera shy and thank him for his time and run off quickly.

When they have gotten outside, they discuss what they overheard Mr. Miller talking about on the phone. About how Officer Cole is investigating him, and how he seemed nervous like he was afraid of being found out. Also how he is planning to shred the evidence in someone's paper shredder. The evidence that can prove he was the one who dumped the barrels in the garden. They realize if they can get a hold of the paper before he does, then they can prove that he did it.

Then Alex writes to Ghostwriter, he tells him "Please look for a shredder and a time or place". Then suddenly, Ghostwriter directs them to check some nearby garbage. They find a filthy note all covered with grease, ketchup and mustard. The message has some letter smeared out.

Then later on, in Lenni's Loft, Lenni is on her computer. She asks Ghostwriter if she can speak to him. Ghostwriter says hello and begins to converse with her. She explains to him that her dad is beginning to like Sally a whole lot. Ghostwriter tells her "That's good isn't it? She tells him that it is scaring her and she seems upset.

Then over at Tina's house, she and Alex decide to try and crack the gross filthy message. It seems to say "From the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _hn Miller. "Blow-up of $1_ _ _ check for Children's Home phot_ _ _ ssion. Mobile Shredding Corp. at 12pm Sat. Get French Garment invoic_ _. They figure out it must say "From the desk of John Miller". The first thing really says "Blow-up of $1000 dollar check for Children's home", they can't say anything wrong with this one. Then the second one is clear, it says that Mobile Shredding Corp is coming by at 12:00pm Saturday. Then third one really says to Get French Garment's invoices.

An invoice is like a bill. It tells a business, what the price they need to pay to have a service done for them will be. So therefore, every time Miller's Hauling Co. hauled the Perc, French Garment Cleaners were given an invoice. Mr. Miller is after these and wants to shred them. If not it will prove that his company was the one that dumped the barrels. Tina mentions that Mr. Miller was yelling to someone on the phone, to get him the papers anyone possible. This could mean, that Mr. Miller might even try and steal the invoices from "French Garment Cleaners"!

Then back at Lenni's Loft, Lenni has woken up late at night. She is starving and has a bowl of dry cereal. Her dad is surprised to see her up and asks her why she has been so upset. Max has guessed that is must have something to do with Sally. Lenni tells her that she is great and everything .but she is afraid that if they move om then they might forget about her mom. Max nicely tells his daughter that after her mom died, for years he just couldn't date again. He felt like it would be unfaithful to her. However he now he feels that beginning a new relationship doesn't mean forgetting about his old one. Therefore, he will never forget her mother no matter who he will meet in the future.

Then after hearing this, Lenni seems to understand. Then Max reminds her that she is also the most special person in his life too. Then they share a nice hug and make up. Then Max decides to cook Lenni some of his waffles much to her surprise and delight.

Then the next morning, Tina and Alex go over to speak with Momo. He ells him it's not a good time, because his boss is furious. The reason is because somebody broke in the previous night. Nothing was stolen, but the office was trashed and there are papers and invoices all over the floor. They tell them that they think the guy who trashed the office is, the same person who dumped the barrels into the garden. Then they ask Momo if perhaps they can speak to his boss. Momo looks down on them for being young children. Then he rudely tells them to come back when they have someone older to help them.

Tina and Alex realize that without the invoices, there will be no way to prove that Mr. Miller's company hauled the Perc, and dumped the barrels into the garden. Alex is trying to think of someway to stop Mr. Miller from shredding the invoices before tomorrow.

Part 4


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts: First the Ghostwriter team have been working in the Fort Greene Community Garden, a cool place that grows flowers and food for the entire neighborhood. However, there's trouble in the garden. Someone buried barrels of toxic waste called Perc, it's poisonous. The Perc made Gaby and other people in the garden really sick.

So the team are trying to find out who dumped the dangerous barrels in the first place, to make them clean it up. So far, they learned that the barrels were sold to the French Garment Cleaner, A dry cleaning store where their friend Momo works. He told them that the barrels are taken by a private hauling company, but he doesn't know the name of the company.

The new facts are: The team asked Ghostwriter to read the office files of the French Garment cleaners. With his help, the team finds out that the Perc was hauled by Miller's Hauling Company. So, Alex and Tina checked out Mr. Miller. When they saw his awards, they don't think Miller would cause trouble. But, after hearing his phone call involving a shredder machine and papers, they realize that he is up to no good. Alex and Tina believe the papers Miller is trying to shred are the invoices from French Garment cleaners, with proof that Miller hauled the Perc in their garden. But when get to the cleaners someone trashed Momo's boss' office and stole the invoice papers.

Can the team stop Miller before he shreds the evidence?


The arc resumes with Alex deciding that is is time to call a rally. So Alex writes on his hand with a pen, "RALLY A". Then Ghostwriter immediately skims the message, and flies off to send it to the rest of the team. Then over in Jamal's bedroom, Jamal is practicing his karate. He is doing some impressive kicks. Then he notices Ghostwriter has appeared. Ghostwriter borrows letter from the notes, " Jamal", "Don't fool with the cool!" and "Book report due" to say "RALLY A". When seeing this, Jamal bows respect and heads over to Fernandez house.

Then over at Lenni's Loft, Rob is helping Lenni carry a small blue cupboard inside. She found this old cupboard in the street, and has decided to take it home. Lenni plans to fix it up and use it in her bedroom. Then on the side of the cupboard, is a partially ripped off name sticker. The words say "Pery Ta Wallin, and Ghostwriter rearranges them to says "RALLY A". Rob points it out to Lenni and they figure that Alex and Tina must have some news. So they head downstairs to the Fernandez children's bedroom. Then in the bedroom, Gaby is reading a book when she suddenly, Ghostwriter pops the letter out from the page to tell her “RALLY A. When seeing this, Gaby puts her book down and heads to go out the door. When suddenly, she feels silly. She realizing the rally will be in their bedroom.

Then when the team is all together, Tina and Alex explain things to them. That first, they have reason to believe Mr. John Miller had the invoices stolen from "French Garment Cleaners". These invoices will proves that Mr. Miller's company hauled their Perc away. Also, the lot numbers on the invoices, will show that he was the one who dumped the barrels into the garden. Tina also shows them the gross and dirty note they found. The note reveals that Mr. Miller is planning to shred the evidence at noon tomorrow.

Jamal tries to think up a way, to get a hold of the evidence before Mr. Miller can destroy it. Lenni suggests calling Lieutenant McQuade, and he can arrest Mr. Miller before he can get the chance. Then Rob reminds her that he won't be able to do it without a search warrant. Also he can get one without any evidence. Then Jamal suggests that even if Mr. Miller does shred the evidence, then perhaps they can do something to catch him in the act. They all agree, and Tina mentions she already has her video camera checked out for a school project. Therefore, since she and Alex already know the layout of the warehouse, they can go back tomorrow and film him in the act. They all agree on this and Lenni reminds them to be very careful. When hearing this, they all take what she said into great consideration.

Then on the next day (Saturday), Alex and Tina show up at “Miller’s Hauling Company. They realize nobody else is around. Which was why Mr. Miller decided to have the shredder come on Saturday. This is because they’re closed on weekends, and nobody could see him do it. Then just as they try to look for a backdoor to go inside, the huge truck from “Mobile Shredding Corp” has arrived.

Then Tina and Alex hide in a corner close by. They realize it must be the shredder, and they set up the camera. Then John Miller comes out of the nearby door with huge piles of papers in his hands. Ghostwriter quickly checks them and reports it onto Alex's notebook. It reveals that they are the invoices. Also that Mr. Miller has had company hauled a lot of toxic waste, and he is desperately trying to get rid of the records. Tina is upset because they still can’t get the real invoices.

Then John Miller has the shredder started, Tina and Alex begin videotaping him and they realize they need to get a bit closer. They hide by a waste bin and get a close up of him trying to shred the papers up as fast as he can. They suddenly, Mr. Miller notices them. He is furious because he recognizes the and he demands to know why they are filming him. Then Alex and Tina begin to run off as Mr. Miller demands to be given the videotape.

Then suddenly, John Miller drops everything he is doing. Then he begins to run after them demanding to be given the videotape. Then Alex and Tina sneakily climb up into a garbage truck and duck down hiding among the garbage bags. Tina expresses her fear, she is worried that when he comes back he will check his truck and they will get caught. Alex tells her he is scared too, but he comforts her telling her, that nobody what happens at least they are together. Then suddenly the two of them have their first real kiss. They stare at each other with a little shock for a moment.

Then suddenly, John Miller's voice can be heard screaming nearby. Tina turns the camera back on, as it film him loudly telling someone they are the same two kids who were snooping around on Thursday. Then Mr. Miller approaches the front of the truck and throws in a huge bag of shredder papers. He says that whatever information they were looking for in that bag, is now shredded. When the coast is clear, Tina turns off the camera. Then as they leave, Tina suggests taking the bag with them. Tina thinks even though it is shredded, that they might be able to put it back together.

Then when the Team meets back at Lenni's Loft, they all watch Tina and Alex's video. Jamal comments about how close they were to getting caught. Then Gaby teases them saying she thought they might have topped for a ice cream on the way back. Alex tells her to stop joking around and to be serious. Rob informs that them the shredded papers are no good anymore, and will no longer help them. Then Tina suggests showing the tape to Officer Cole, but Jamal mentions that they cannot really see what Mr. Miller is shredding in the video.

Then Alex, Lenni and Tina moan, because of John Miller. They cannot believe that he is going to be named citizen of the year tomorrow at Hurston School. When they know what a criminal he really is and they feel it is such a scam. When hearing this, Rob says it is the perfect hook they have been looking for. Rob reminds them about Fannie Mae Banner. About how she would only cover their story, if there was as scandal which is exactly what they have found. Because Mr. Citizen of the year, is really public enemy number one. Lenni reminds them that they have to convince Fannie Mae Banner to cover their story.

Therefore, Gaby starts writing things down for their letter. The scandal part is about how John Miller tries so hard acting like citizen of the year, and how much of a criminal he really is. Also the mention of how many awards he has gotten is included. Then the dirt on him, is how they have proof that he has been poisoning their community garden. To make it sound interesting, Tina suggests they make their letter sound the way Fannie Mae Banner speaks. This is because Fannie Mae Banners uses a lot of strong details, and she really knows how to rile people up.

So Gaby starts the letter over, it says "There is a scandal in Fort Greene! John Miller "citizen of the year" gives money to the children's home. But that's not all he's done for us. He illegally dumped 12 barrels of poisonous perc in our community garden. Children got sick! Rabbits died! Homeless people went hungry! And the garden had to be closed down. We tried to get somebody to remove the barrels, but would anybody listen? NO!" Then Ghostwriter borrows so letters to suggests ending it with "THAT'S WHY WE'RE CALLING FANNIE MAE BANNER!. The team cheers on their job well done. Jamal offers to type it up to make it look nice, and Gaby will deliver to the station, which happens to be nearby. Tina also asks Gaby to give her the video that shows John Miller destroying evidence.

Then over in The Bodega, Lenni, Tina, Alex and Rob eagerly wait for Gaby to call them back. Then Alex answers the phone, and he tells Gaby he will let them know. He says nothing for a few moments, then he tells them that Fannie Mae loves their story and will do it. However, she needs one more solid piece of evidence such as a witness who saw him do it. This is because she is a responsible news journalist, and she doesn't make go around making false accusations. Lenni suggests Momo's boss from "French Garment Cleaners". He might not talk to a couple of kids, but he certainly may talk to Fannie Mae Banner. Lenni and Rob go off to see Momo saying they will check back with them later.

Then Tina feels she should get back home, because her mother has been on her back about helping more in the shop lately. Alex then mentions their kiss from earlier, he apologizes if he seemed too pushy. Tina says that he was not pushy at all, just she was a bit surprised. In fact she was glad that he did it and she forgives him. Then she gives him a peck on the cheek before leaving. Then after she leaves, Alex is all smitten and smiling.

Then over at "French Garment Cleaners" Momo is annoyed to see them again. He rudely comments about how they just do not give up. Rob and Lenni say they have help this time They ask him if his boss won't speak to them, if he would speak to Fannie Mae Banner. Momo is impressed to hear this, and thinks she is one cool lady. They just want Momo to ask his boss, if there are any records on Mr. Miller hauling away their Perc. Momo is not so sure his boss would want to get involved in the matter. But they convince him, that his boss already is. Because the barrels came from his business. Also his boss must be furious that Mr. Miller robbed hob recently and dumped the barrels. Momo decides to go to speak to his boss about it. Then a short time later, Momo comes back out and tells Rob and Lenni his boss will speak to them now.

Then back at Lenni's Loft, Rob and Lenni are impatiently waiting for their friends to arrive. They finally arrive and they tell them what they have learned. According to Momo, every time his boss paid Mr. Miller, he wrote down the prices he paid and the lot number from the barrels. Also, Momo's boss is willing to testify against Mr. Miller. Because he thought that the used up perc was going to be properly recycled. Also because they have Fannie Mae Banner to cover the scandal.

Gaby suggests to call Fannie Mae Banner and let her know. Tina also suggests calling Officer Cole to show her the videotape and "French Garment Cleaners" records. Lenni knows that the perfect place to find John Miller, will tomorrow (Sunday) at Hurston School when he receives his citizen of the year award. So Lenni picks up the phone and phones them. Then a short time later, Lenni hangs up. She tells that it is all setup. Fannie Mae Banner and Officer Cole are going to apprehend him on live T.V. Then everyone will see John Miller for who he really is.

The team cheers, then Jamal reminds them of something important. He tells that John Miller won't remove the barrels right away. This is because there has to be a trial first, and it could take months. The team is exasperated feeling they are back to where they started. Then Tina suggests that if they can make him realize and confess, then he will remove the barrels immediately. So the team starts making some protesting picket signs telling Mr. Miller what the barrels have done. This can make everyone else watching on T.V. realize and agree with them to have it done right away. Also Lenni agrees to ask Sally, to get her and people that she knows to make some signs too.

Then they make their signs, some say "Your barrels made kids sick!, "Your barrels killed our rabbits!", "Your barrels shut down our free food program" and "Your barrels poisoned the hungry. The most important one is "Mr. Citizen of the year, get your barrels out now!

Then on Sunday, Mr. Miller is at Zora Neale Hurston middle School accepting his reward. He finishes a speech as citizens are clapping for him. The team and Sally are sitting among the audience slipping around signs to put up at the right time. Then Alex and Tina are advised to stay out of sight, so Mr. Miller will not recognize them. Then as they hide, Officer Cole comes in. Jamal and Lenni go to speak with her, she informs them that she spoke with Momo's boss. The man gave her all of the records, so they now have all the evidence they need. Then it seems like Fannie Banner isn't going to show up. So now they are running out of time to arrest him on live television.

hen we see Mr. Miller is concluding his speech, thanking everyone for the great honor. Then just as they are about to go on without her, Fannie Mae Banner shows up with her camera crew. She and Officer Cole approach him, she tells him he has done a lot for his community. Things such as poisoning children and defenseless animals. Then as she puts the microphone to him he nervously denies it. She tells everyone that he may be citizen of the year, who gives money to the children's home. But that is not all he has done for his community. Then Fannie Mae tells the audience that she has proof that he had dumped barrels of toxic waste in his own neighborhood.

When hearing this, the audience is shocked and appalled. He denies it once again, saying that she is lying. Fannie Mae Banner asks if she is lying. Then Officer Cole approaches him, showing her his badge she tells him she has a warrant for his arrest. It it under section 27-14 of the environmental conservation law. Which is a class C felony, reckless endangerment of the public health, safety or environment. He tells her that she cannot prove anything, but she tells him that they have more than enough proof. Things such as a videotape of him destroying evidence and records from "French Garment Cleaners".

Mr. Miller then faces the audience, he tries to guilt trip them by reminding them about how much he has done for their community. Then suddenly, the team along with the entire audience put up their protesting picket signs. Also the crowds chants over and over again "Barrels out now!", which the T.V. man films. Officer Cole then tells him that the law requires for him to pay for the immediate removal of the barrels. Also Fannie Mae tells him that that the people of the community will go easier on him, if he doesn't wait for the courts to order him to remove the barrels. When taking a good look at everyone signs and hearing the protest, he confesses and agrees to remove them right away. Also as Officer Cole takes him away, he whines that the lot was not even a garden when he dumped the barrels and everyone boos him.

Then afterwards, Fannie Mae asks the team to come up on stage with her. She wants everybody to know who they are. She tells the audience that she wants everyone to meet the group who brought the case to her attention. With young people like them, the John Millers of the world don't stand a chance. Then at the cue, they all said together "Caught You Mr. Miller!" Then later on, we can see that they have made the front page of the paper.

  • Although this was Momo's last appearance in the entire show, he was mentioned but not seen in "Am I Blue?" story arc.