Don't Stop the Music
Season 2, Episode 55, 56, 57, 58
YBG Lenni 1
Air date Pt. 1 & 2, January 23, 1994
Pt. 3, February 6, 1994
Pt. 4, February 13, 1994
Written by Carin Greenberg Baxter & Kermit Frazier
Directed by Susan Dansby
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Lenni has been invited by Smash Records CEO Jade Morgan to film a music video based on one her of songs, called "You Gotta Believe." The whole team is just as psyched about the new gig as Lenni is. But from the moment the video begins shooting, it becomes increasingly apparent that someone is not as equally enthusiastic. A series of strange accidents begin to set the team and the Smash crew back in their filming schedule. Someone is leaving Jade ominous notes around the studio and to complicate matters, Jamal's cousin Casey comes to visit.

Can the Ghostwriter Team who is responsible for all of the incidents taking place at Smash? And will they be able to do it with Casey hanging around?


Ghostwriter Team


Special Guest Stars

  • Salt-n-Pepa
  • Doctor Dré
  • Ed Lover


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Part 4


The show's narrator explains to the viewers in case they have forgotten what previously happened in the arc. The facts are: First, Lenni and the team are making a music video for MTV with Jade Morgan, who is the president of Smash Records. Lots of accidents are happening during the video shoots. Studio lights started to go out and team's feet get glued to the floor. Plus, the lighting board explodes because someone cut the wires and somebody is leaves to mysterious notes for Jade. Then the music tape is ruined and so is the other copy of the tape. Also, Lenni receives flowers from Marlon Campbell, who is the president of In Your Face Records. He is Jade's competitor and wants to steal Lenni away from her.

The team believes that whoever is responsible for the incidents, must working on the video since no one is allowed in the studio. The team has three suspects on who might be responsible for the accidents and writing notes to Jade. First, there's Leif Shaunessy, the lighting man in the studio. He used to be a music star and Jade managed him. When his songs didn't sell, she dumped him and he blames her for him not being an star anymore. Second, there's David Keeler, the director of the video. Ghostwriter found an note in David's pocket from In Your Face Records president, Marlon Campbell. However, David told Lenni that he doesn't know him. Last, there's Avatar, make-up artist to the stars. He was the one who is leave Jade the mysterious notes to her.

Elsewhere, Ghostwriter writes to Casey Austin, Jamal's visiting cousin. But she doesn't who or what he is.

Back to the case, Lenni receives more evidence against David. She read that Marlon delivered flowers to her in an white limo, the same limo David took to the studio. But when Marlon tells Lenni that he doesn't know David, she thinks they are both lying to her about know each other. Later, during the video shoot, a spotlight falls and nearly crushes Lenni and Gaby, but Leif saves them. Then, they find another strange note inside the spotlight.

Who would want to stop Lenni's video from being made and why?


The arc resumes with Jade reading the threatening note from the spotlight that nearly crushed Lenni and Gaby. Fearful for Lenni's safety, as well as her friends, Max considers calling off the deal. But Lenni doesn't care if it's dangerous, she begs her father to continue with the shoot. Even though Jade completely understands if Max wants to call off the video, she promises him that he let the video shoot continue, she will post extra security guards all over the studio and will not let someone destroy her business. With Lenni pleading him to continue and Jade's promise, Max agrees to let the shoot go on with three conditions: First, he wants the studios check top to bottom to make sure it's safe, second, he also wants the security guard in place before Lenni and her friends enter the studio, and third, if another bad thing happened again, Max will call off the video shoot for good. With that, Jade promises him that she will get extra security up immediately. Suddenly, David returned excitedly with the new tape he got, but with everyone so quiet, he questions on what happened.

Lenni's video shoot resumes with extra guards posted in the studio. On a five-minute break, the team knows that since the shot the video for two hours, nothing bad has happened. Hector complimented that with the guards around, nothing can go wrong. Gabi checks out her casebook, since Leif saved her and Lenni, she crosses him off the suspect list. Which leaves both David and Avatar, as Jamal said that they are look more guilty. The not on the spotlight was almost the same as the other notes. When Lenni questions on Avatar's location. Hector said that he left after the light fell. Lenni finds it weird that Avatar left after the light incident.

Then Gaby compares two of Avatar's notes to the note found in the light, she noticed that the first two notes had rhymes and the third one didn't. Lenni noticed that two of the first notes sounded like Avatar knew Jade from a long time ago and the third note doesn't have anything to do with the past and there is no rhyming in it. Jamal still believed that Avatar wrote the third note because all the notes sounded threatening. Plus, David wasn't there when the spotlight fell, but Gaby thinks David could have cut the wire earlier today or last night. But Lenni wonders what is the connection between David and Marlon Campbell. Hector realized that it was Jade, as she used to work with Marlon at In Your Face Records. Lenni thinks that Jade left because she and Marlon didn't get along and the team thinks Marlon is involved in this. But Marlon wasn't in the studio. Lenni theorizes that both Marlon and David are working together secretly, which is the reason why they said that they didn't know each other. But Hector wonders if David would follow Marlon's instructions to commit a crime. But David approaches the kids, telling them it's back to work.

Finally, Lenni's video is finished, but Lenni is worried that somebody is after Jade. She enters Jade's office and is excited to see her tape cover. Lenni begs both Jade and Sonya to let her see it, but Sonya is on her way to drop the video at MTV. But she promises her that she get her own copy when she gets back. As Sonya leave, she reminds Lenni about the publicity photo shoot at 11:00. After Sonya leave, Jade gives Lenni a CD with her on the cover. She loves it. Jade wanted it to be extra special to make everything up to her for what happened. Lenni goes right in detective mode and questions Jade about the accidents. First she questions about her leaving In Your Face Records. Jade tells her that both she and Marlon have very different taste in music, and she wanted to make her own decisions.

She recalled that he wasn't angry about her departure and doesn't think that he would be involved in trying to destroy Jade's business. But Lenni doesn't know for sure, when she asked about Avatar's departure. Jade told her that he received a last-minute call form his best friend, Bella Donna who was in town for a fashion shoot and wanted him to do her hair and make-up. Lenni tells Jade that Avatar was the one who left a weird note on her car. Which is what Hector told her earlier and Jade couldn't image why Avatar would leave her notes.

Then Lenni asks if she can take a look at them. Jade shows her the notes, the one part that Jade understood was the victory dance, which happened in her junior year of high school when her school's football team beat Central. However, Jade doesn't remember Avatar attending her high school. When Lenni read the first line of the note "TIMES HAVE CHANGED AND SO HAVE I" and the fourth line in the second note that had the word "DISGUISE", she questions Jade if he looked like someone she knew in high school. But Jade doesn't know.

At the publicity photo shoot, Jade is horrified to see Sonya looking like a wreck. Sonya revealed that she was mugged on her way to MTV. The mugger took everything in Sonya's bag, including Lenni's video tape. Jamal asked if Sonya knew what the mugger looked like, but he jumped her from behind and dragged her into an dark alley where she couldn't see anything. Hector thinks that it was someone trying to get the video, not a real mugger. Sonya agrees with Hector since the whole thing was too coincidental. Jade asked if Sonya went to police. Sonya said that she did, but since she didn't get a good look at the guy due to being in a dark alley, the police weren't helpful on retrieving her things back.

Then Jade promises Lenni that they will get another copy by calling the editor at the production house and have her make them another copy. But Sonya tells Jade that she already talk to her and said that all of the other tapes have been erased accidentally and didn't know how it happened. With everything gone, there are no other copies. Sonya finds the whole thing bogus. Jade apologizes to Lenni for what's going on, she tells her that she has tried everything to get the video done, but she is out of options. She understands Lenni is disappointed, as she started her company from nothing and somebody is trying to destroy everything she work hard for. It seemed like she and Lenni are on the same boat. But Sonya tells her that they are still going to promote her song, but reminds her that without the video, it'll be a tough sell.

Jamal agrees with Sonya about the situation being totally bogus and Hector wants to find the guy who stole the tape and rip him apart. But it's not enough to cheer Lenni up. Then Gaby believes that they can find the guy who stole the tape. She thinks by asking Ghostwriter to find the writing on the tape, they can find the person who stole the tape. Lenni thinks Ghostwriter may not find the tape as she thinks that it was destroyed. But Jamal tells her not to give up. Ghostwriter reads the message and will be back in an jumping jack flash. As the ghost leaving to find the tape, Lenni hoped that he finds it in one piece.

Back in Jamal's room, Jamal wonders where was Ghostwriter since it's been an hour since he went to find the tape. Lenni thinks the tape was destroyed. As Jamal comforts her, Ghostwriter returns. On paper it's revealed to be an check for 5000 dollars to David Keeler from Marlon Campbell. Since Marlon gave David a check for that amount of money, it's proof that they know each other. Plus if Ghostwriter read the check near the tape, it meant that David was the one who mugged Sonya and stole the tape and that the tape is still there. They realize that Marlon paid David to mess things up at Smash Records, which is proof that he is responsible for trying to destroy Jade. They cannot let them get away with messing with Jade and must get Lenni's tape back. Lenni suggested that they should call their ally, Lieutenant McQuade and ask him to search David's house. But Jamal stops her by reminding to her that as a police officer, McQuade cannot search someone's house without an warrant and without solid proof, he cannot get a warrant also. Which means that Ghostwriter's own messages aren't solid enough, but Lenni is desperate to get her tape and wonders how they were going to do it. Jamal decides to bring in reinforcements. She he rallies the team.

Downstairs, Casey meets Tina, Hector, and the Fernandez siblings at the door, as they all head to Jamal's room, Casey wonders what was going on inside. Back in Jamal's room, he asked if anyone had any ideas on how to get Lenni's tape. Tina suggested that come right out and ask David for the tape, or they will go to the police if he doesn't. But Alex doesn't know and if he was in David's place, he'll deny everything and destroy the tape. But Lenni doesn't want that to happen and wants the tape back in one piece and it their only copy. Jamal bets that David give up the tape if Marlon asks for it.

Then Gaby comes up with an idea to write a letter to David, by pretending to be Marlon, asking to bring the tape to somewhere and when David shows up, they got him. Tina tells the team that to pull it off, they have to write like Marlon so that David will believe it. Lenni knows how Marlon talks by shorting people's names like calling David, Dave and Lenni, Len. First, they have to figure out what to say in the note. Lenni believes that David won't bring the tape unless Marlon pays him. Then, they should tell David to bring the tape and meet them at a public place, like a parking garage near Huston Middle School, which is sneaky like Marlon himself, at 4:00PM. Tina reminds the team to make sure the note doesn't sound like David can't tell Marlon about the tape, otherwise they'll give everything away, Gaby added.

Downstairs, Casey is checking the mail, until one of them catches her attention. She drops the rest of the mail and goes upstairs, smiling. Back in Jamal's room, he prints out the note to give to David. It said: "Dear David, I'll pay you five thousand dollars for the videotape. Bring it to Dot's Parking Garage today at 4 o'clock. Don't call me or talk to me until then. Marlon". Now, the fun part, they turn the letter into the one Marlon would write. So, they changed the letter by changing Dear David to Dave and Marlon to Marl. Plus, they add "Listen Up", since that's how Marlon starts his note writing. Then they added "Lets not chat", since Marlon ends his notes with "Let's chat!" Outside Jamal's room, Casey waits hesitantly to enter her cousin's room. Inside, Jamal prints out the Marlon Campbell-version of the note.

The note reads: "Listen up, Dave, I'll pay you five thousand dollars for the videotape. Bring it to Dot's Parking Garage today at 4 o'clock. Let's not chat until then. Marl". The team loved the note, saying that it sounded just like Marlon. Ghostwriter appears on Jamal's computer screen, hoping that their plan works. He also says that he wants to be a video star. Then Casey finally knocks Jamal's door, Jamal asks who was it. It was Casey. Jamal tells Casey to come back later, but she enters his room instead. Before Jamal can say anything, Casey hands him an envelope she believed Jamal is interested in. Jamal learns that the envelope that got Casey's attention earlier was from the High School of Science, which Jamal has been waiting for. Lenni asked if he was going to open it, but Jamal was hesitant, thinking it's a rejection. But Alex encourages him. So Jamal opens the letter and shouts out that he got accepted. Everyone and Jamal all celebrated until Casey read Ghostwriter's message. Everyone is surprised that Casey could see Ghostwriter. Then Ghostwriter appears in the air with a message "Tell me another joke, Casey!" Jamal asked if Casey Ghostwriter, which has Casey questioning about their knowledge to him. They they all tell her "Sit Down!"

A while later, David arrives at the dark parking garage, it looks like to got the note. However, David sees Lenni and quickly realizes that it's a trap as Lenni's friends show up, along with Jade and the police. Jade reclaims the videotape back from David. Jade asked why would David steal the tape. David revealed that he did it out of greed. He said that he never wanted to do this to her, but Marlon guaranteed him a year of directing jobs and couldn't turn him down. Jade questions why did Marlon tried to destroy her company after the two worked together for a long time. David revealed that Marlon was having a hard time bringing in new artists since Jade's departure, which meant that Marlon's label was in trouble while Jade's was thriving. Jade heard that Marlon was trying to steal some of her singers, including Lenni, making her glad that her father wouldn't let her. Hector revealed that Marlon will also be arrested as well. As police take David away, Jade feels sorry for the fact that both David and Marlon had sunk so low.

Then Lenni express of signs relief that they got her video tape back. Jamal is enthused stating that are now on they way to MTV. Then the entire team also get enthused and heads back to Jade's studio with Jade and Lenni. Then a little while later Jade and Sonia are having a party in her studio. We see Dr. Dre and Ed Lover mixing and jamming a rap. They sing a rap to give enthusiasm. It is to let kids know if Lenni Frazier can become a star it; then so can all of them. Then they end off their rapping by telling everyone to peace out.

Tina and Alex is amazed by all of the stars at the party. Stars such as, Sybil, Daddy-O, Marissa Dane and of course their best friend Lenni Frazier. Lenni seems nervous and possibly still upset over the whole dramatic ordeal. Then her dad and Sally tell her to just relax and it is going to be super. Then to everyone's surprise Avatar slowly comes in! Then he approaches Jade and asks to speak with her. Jade is a little annoyed with him at first. She snaps at him thinking he left to shoot an infomercial for his own line of hair products. He tells her that it just finished up. Then he reveals to her, that he was the one who has been leaving all the notes for her.

Jade is confused at first, claiming to not recognize him from her high school. Avatar reveals to her that he was at one of their schools, homecoming football game after parties. In which she was hanging with all of the cool girls in their class. Then across the room with this geek, one with glasses too thick and pants too short. This geek was much too nervous to ask her to dance. Then a miracle happened, she came over to him and asked him herself. Although, it was just one dance she gave him confidence and made him feel good about himself and much less of a nerd. That geek was him!

Then Jade smiles with surprise. She addresses him as Arthur and tells him that she never thought of him as a nerd, but sort of cute. Hearing this, Hector was shocked to hear someone as cool as him was once a nerd. He says he grew out of it and then he and Jade happily starting dancing. Then at the DJ stand Leif Shaunessy sings a chorus of his once hit song "Girl". He still sounds poor from time and age and out of practice and he is annoying most of the guests. 

Then Sonia happily announces to everyone that their music is now on. They gather around to watch it. The announcer says that although Lenni Frazier may only be twelve-years-old, her song is a natural. The music video plays with Lenni singing her song and her friends singing in the choruses. They are all dancing really well and Jamal does some very impressive karate kicks. Then after it is over, Max tells his dad how proud he is off her. Lenni thanks her dad then she goes over to speak to Leif Shaunessy. He looks at his old record seeming a little disappointed. She tells that he must now how this excitement is going to work out. How her song may become a hit or it may not. Leif understandingly answers her nodding yes. He tells her that some stars fade out so fast, that in just six months nobody even remembers them. Lenni promises to always remember him, because he saved her life. Then they hug and he returns back to his job.

  • This was the first story to have featured Keith Langsdale as Lenni's father Max.
  • This marks the return of Victor Torres.
  • Rob is mentioned by Victor in this story arc.