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Gooey Gus

Jamal's cousin Casey is writing a story for a contest involving a purple slime monster doll that she recently received. The Ghostwriter Team, and GW, all want to lend a hand in helping Casey write her story before the deadline arrives. The story is funny (just like Casey, mind you), full of "gotcha" jokes and other manner of pranks. Later on, it seems the slime monster doll, aptly named "Gooey Gus," has a mind of its, er...his own. The team's fears become realized when Gaby and Casey hunt down the doll following an attack on Gaby and pour water on the toy. He grows to human-size, and now the team must really race against time to stop the attack of the Slime Monster!

Will the team finally put an end to Gooey Gus, before more innocent people become entangled in his slimey grip???

NOTE:This was the last episode produced for the series.

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